Mega Corruption story in Bolan Medical College 


It is not written by me.It is a report from somewhere i got.
  Mega Corruption story in Entry Test of BMC for Medical seats 

NTC Report (Neutral Transparent Committee Report)
Students of Balochistan have been very unfortunate that they have a single Medical college in the province,but they are even more unfortunate that the very entry into this Medical college goes through the darkest path of NTS Islamabad;an ill famed institute that was banned in punjab,banned in khyber pakhtunkhwa,has now been imposed on us to suck the blood of innocmedical students of Balochistan through it’s wicked agents and director and owner of a well-reputed entry test academy of Quetta.
In session 2015 BMC & QIMS entry test,nearly all the question (more than 85%) came from MCATs of a single academy as had already been claimed by the director of that academy in advance and had given assurance to his students that “You shall see that 85% Questions would come from my MCATs”.This raises many questions,objections and doubts about NTS and this entry test academy.This clearly shows that behind the screen NTS and this academy owner have secret links(which are no more secrets now) by which they already know what questions would come amd what not.And the Questions came exactly in the same wordings,word by word with same labelled diagrams and with no change of a single option.Isn’t it shameful????Isn’t it unjust with all the students studying and preparing for BMC outside the city and inside the city and even isn’t it unjust with the students of the same academy?

Thr story doesn’t end here,there have been stories recently with full evidences,that seats have been sold by local agents of NTS in collaboration with the owner of that specific academy at 8 to 12 lacs by giving key to students a night earlier than entry test ,how shameful,the person who the students think of as “Maseeha” is involved in such a mega corruption and we have been appreciating his efforts due to his hard work.were fees of students not enough to satisfy him financially,that he now is doing such a corrupt work behind the screen?Doesn’t he realize how hard it is for parents who wish their kids to became doctors one day.

There is a strong evidence that when the next day it was HEC test,that director of entry test academy solved 100 questions for students to see those questions with double emphasis and the very next day test conducted by NTS considerd of the same questions only.How did he know a day earlier that those questions are to come?

There are evidences that some agents sitting in Sakkar hotel Quetta made a deal with parents for Medical seat at Rs.8 lac and put the condition that deal would only be possible if your kid takes admission in Doctor’s Academy.Is not it enough for all the students studying in that or the other academies to conclude that this very academy is being used as channel for what sort of shameful activities and they havr been quite successful in attracting students,convincing them that more than 80% students move into BMC through this channel.

How is it unjust with students studying in the same academy?

If there are 6 seats of District Khuzdar in BMC and 90 students are competing for those 6 seats in the very same academy and they are told of all those questions which are to come and all of them know the correct answers in advance,then who will get seats.Of course!only those who have scored higher in FSc .Those who have lower score in Fsc can never think of seats then .There was a time when test was transparent,a student with 710 marks would cross a student with 850 marks in entry test,but now it is not possible,as students already know what paper is to come.

Isn’t it evidence that in academy currently the only emphasis is on cramming keys of those MCATs with double and triple emphasis on certain questions that he already knows would come next time .Isn’t it to suck blood of students forcing them to carm keys of thousands of MCATs that cost thousands of rupees too?How strange,students in that academy memorize questions with answers from specific leaked MCATs to give test of the same questions,so it means they are only given practice of cramming the keys and no creative assessment is doen.these students should avoid this approach as soon Inshallah there shall be no more NTS and no more of these questions repeated.

They are well documented stories of some famous doctors buying medical seats for their sons by paying hundreds of thousands of rupees using the same channel.

If,for a minute ,you say it wad a mere coincidence that he mentions 85 to 90 questions and those come as it is and have been coming for years ,then isn’t it shameful for NTS that they can’t make a single question by themselves?Isn’t it a big question mark on the credibility of the same institute?

If we compare the level of importance of Entry test;in a student life it is even more important than CSS exam and therefore the institute conducting such an important test/exam must be equally important and even more important than public Service Commission.So ,it seems really sad handing over such an important test to such an incapable institute that can even make a single question.

On the other hand even if board paper of matric exam is leaked ,it’s such a shameful story,but here the whole test paper is available and is discussed beforehand and some lucky rascals even get key from corrupt agents of NTS.

This province of Balochistan is not so rich in medical colleges as punjab,Sindh or KPK ,it has only one Govt Medical College and one private medical college ,therefore,students in the province have least possible options.

We request the principal of Bolan Medical College,Prof.Shabir Ahmed Lehri,who is the president of Pakistan Medical & Dental Council and hence all the medical colleges of Pakistan(Govt and private) are under him that he should take a very strict notice of it.Where he is monitoring corruption cases in the other medical colleges,there at the same time,so much of corruption is going on in maters of his own medical colleges seats.

We request Governor of Balochistan and CM of Balochistan along with minister of Health and Secretary health to take a very strong notice of all this and replace NTS with a standard institute that remains fully impartial and transparent.

What choices are we left with?One way is to become partners of NTS like the other academy and join them in the evil work they have been doing blindly for many years,but this is even more unjust with students who are working so hard .The other option remaining is to put all possible efforts to stop the way of NTS at all the levels in our province.There must be no single test conducted by NTS here .It must be the slogan of the year 2016 from each student preparing for entey test of medical and engineering colleges ,that We don’t accept NTS at all. If our medical college announce admission forms under NTS ,those forms must be blocked ,the administration block of BMC must be closed by the protesting students appearing in BMC test or engineering universities.

Students can call a press conference in this regard to make it public so that every body comes to know as to hoe much of unjust is being done with us.

Students should meet principal of BMC to block the way of NTS,They can meet CM and governor to change this institute that has been sucking blood of the cream students of the province.

Students can involve teacher’s association,professors association,students organization of BMC and other institutions to help them out.

Parents of students can meet the principal on their behalf to emphasize on this matter.They can hire a lawyer so that those responsible in this regard could be brought to justice and further activities of NTS can be stopped at all the levels.

NAB can be involved in this regard to probe deep into this matter so that the real situation comes to public whether it’s a mere blame or a factual story of Mega Corruption.

2 thoughts on “Mega Corruption story in Bolan Medical College 

  1. The terrible thing is that this really is practical vocational education.

    The authorities are teaching the kids the skills they themselves have found most useful to earn them money and secure their positions in society. The skills of corruption.

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