The Baloch youth says:::

images Dear readers,i am very shocked that my land is burning,blood is flowing like rivers,my lamps are being extinguished,the beauty of my face is being mother’s prayers are being ignored!Here is a story that a young baloch describes that how his life is???

A young Baloch boy says his story…. I am cherished well by my parents,i am loved from my whole family.My parents admit me in a good school to get good education.They care for me and take  my responsibility.They take care of my every thing,they know well that from which things i get pleasure and from which things i get angry.

My parents think good for my future and give me money to get admission in a good college and to get higher education.I work hard and pass my tests and exams,i also achieve my degree with good marks.The whole family feels proud of me then they ask me for my answer that whether i want to go for further studies or not, after my will they give me more money and give me permeation to study in a good university.I go and study in a well-reputed university and also pass my degree with bright marks.I also join some political parties that every civilized person does.

After completing my educational filed,i choose my career and apply for a good job with good salary. I give this good news to my parents and my parents celebrate this news.Then my parents start thinking about my marriage.They call me via cell phone and ask for my compliance.They choose a good,polite,humble and sincere life partner for me.Then my parents call me back for my marriage and tell me to come in my own town to get married.I start packing my stuff and get a ticket.I travel to my own city.I reach there and i take a car to my home.After my arrival,the all family members become happy and start the preparations of my marriage.

Before one month of my marriage,i get abducted by brutal forces of Pakistan.They jump in my house forcefully and take me out of my house.My all family members cry,wail and weep.Their condition becomes unexplained but i can’t do anything.

They cover my face and also tie my eyes with a black cloth.They drag me to a car,but i don’t see anything and they travel very long.Then we reach to a very silent place.They take me to a dark room where i see nothing.They push me near two chairs where i found two other Baloch activists and i see that their hands are tied with handcuffs and tied with ropes.They take me near them and also tie my hands. After two or three weeks,i am taken to another room.I am punished and tortured badly.They torture me with drill machines,they iron my whole body and also beat me with sticks and ropes.They mutilate my whole body.They torture me with different tools.They don’t give me food.They don’t give me water to quench my thirst.My condition becomes miserable.

My family members recite Holy Qur’an and pray for me.They don’t sleep because of my distraction.Their eyes become red due to weeping.They take out rallies for my redemption.They become very worried and cry very much.My life partner becomes turbid.The brutal forces kill me and put my dead body in a plastic bag.They take my cell phone,my check book and my money.They write one number from my cell phone on a paper,write my father name and my residential area.Then they throw and dump my mutilated body in a dirty area of Karachi or in a common place in my city.Police is informed and he reaches to my dead body.They see that paper and call on that given number.

The person who is called reaches at the address of the hospital for the identification of my body.He along some of my family members come and identify my mutilated body having one of my picture.After identification, the news of my martyrdom is telecast on news channels.My family members don’t believe this news and they wail.They don’t eat anything.Everyone becomes a dead body.But i am undone! I sleep in my own grave and my soul is called by angels. After two months,when my body is merged with soil,the relatives still don’t forget me and weep I was cherished well by my parents and i was called by Allah Almighty. ba.psd


Sir Zahir Hussain


My honest readers!Asalam u alekum.Today I am going to write about such a person who has always given good accounts. His name is “Leader of Truth Appearance”. The truth which is trust able, the name that is respected, the belief that is believable.He is not anyone else; he is our grand leader Sir Zahir Hussain Baluch.By taking his name a respect raises in our hearts and he has always been in the hearts of everyone.

In this topic I have founded three main points; Struggle, education and Sir Zahir Hussain Baluch.
At first, I will write about the king. If a person first opens an academy so it needs a leader first. Second teachers and third readers. If we want so we can also open an academy but it needs an admired and perfect leader as our leader is.
He has a firm grip on his subjects; he has addressed his students for truth, reality, struggle and education. There are no words for him, because he had not just remained a principal of a school but a father of reality. When he walked, everyone stopped; when he talked everyone became quiet, when he gave lectures so everyone’s attention was there but now no one is alert to listen a lecture. He was credible because of his charming personality and about his personality I must say that god has bestowed him such a personality that attracts everyone towards education, struggle and reality. He is a kind person, may be he had remained sometimes in aggressive mood but it couldn’t had been his real face because he has  always remained frank with his students  as frank as a father and leader. The all students miss him for his good accounts he has given .it is impossible to get such a great leader like him again. He is famous throughout the world and is regarded as an honorable person.

The second point is struggle and education or rather struggle in education.His struggle for humans is believable.his struggle for balochs is credible, his struggle for students is limited, and his struggle for students is limited, his struggle for education is real able .He has done lot of struggle(not done also doing)whether it is education,life,difficulties,nation or society. That much struggle that he has done, no one can do.

Now the educational progress, Education is the most fundamental step of a success, of our ambitions. If there is not education then that place is just like a barren land. if we talk about struggle for education and that of sir Zahir hussain so that is inexpressible. He has performed the all things in such a way that is out of minds. He has also opened many institutions in different places, he is a hopeful person and he will be! Before the past was hopeless that we should take it but now we are hopeless to get the past. There is a saying that;”Life is so  long that we should wait for our future, but also it is not that much short that we should do something better before our past calls us”(Yasmeen sana)

Sir zahir hussain did all those struggles and works at his present times when he was present in Oasis so according to the saying, the time doesn’t wait for us, we have to wait for the time. We don’t call the past but the past calls us, we don’t struggle but our hard work teaches us to struggle. I hope my points have brought you home. At the begging I stated the Leader of truth appearance, so I want to clear it that Sir: leader, Zahir: appearance, Hussain: beautiful or true. The points that I have written are also gained by help of leader. If he couldn’t be here so none could be at an academic peace .The respect, education .knowledge that Sir Zhair Hussain has given is obviously inexpressible!!
Written By:Yasmeen Sana Baloch

Lack of awareness in 21st century in Baluchistan

Raise Awareness

Living in 21st century ,Baluchistan is still in ups and downs and students are confused in deciding their careers.21st century is called the era of development,progress,awareness,freedom,technology,but still we found Baluchistan and its residents having the mind setups of 18s and 19s.
In Baluchistan,nothing is on right track,whether it is education,health,government,politics,schools,universities nor self respect.Today still public of Baluchistan is living with fear ,they know that nothing is going good,our youth is being abducted,schools are being destroyed,capitalism has taken roots,women are being exploited,jobs are for sale not for talent,the curriculum vitae of students are found on road or in shops of pakora and samosa. Everyone is dead almost because they are living in an era of fear where nothing is possible.

In this 21st century ,the parents have imprisoned their daughters in kitchens ,parents force their sons to apply for jobs but how is it possible???????
When jobs are for sale just for those people who have sources so why others should apply for job then?
If girls are on roads for demand of their rights then why the girls of Baluchistan should sit and work in kitchen ?
If education is just educating the people to be restricted till their benefits then why people are striving for that selfish education.
In this century ,parents in Baluchistan threaten their daughters not to participate in awareness events,their minds are so much restricted that if they find their daughter using facebook with a person related to a youth platform so she is expelled from the house !
This whole dilemma has confused me and depressed me that if everything is happening in front of our eyes so we are so coward?
Our brothers are abducted in front of our eyes and the second day their bullet riddled body is brought to home ,but we are silent.
Our jobs and our resources are given to others ,but we are silent.
Our females are being exploited in hands of capitalist,but we are silent.
Our daughters are being rapped,we kill that victim but we don’t raise voice because that is against of our so called honor.
Our beloved ones are threatened to death,we weep in blankets ,but we are silent.
The wages of workers are used to raise capitalism but we are silent.
The so called molvies are busy in planning for rape but we are silent.
So called traditions(If tradition is to bound the girls in kitchen so i spit on such traditions)
Religion (If religion and religious people rape the children so i spit on such views).
So much injustice,genocide,calamities,but we are sitting in homes and tolerating these all as if we are maimed.
But i ask why?
What is the reason that people of Balochistan are sitting in homes with fear?
On one hand they claim that we are equal,brothers,sisters,but when their own brother is mutilated,their own daughter,mother is exploited so why their honor doesn’t blares them.
They say that we are educated ,we are mature but where is the education and maturity when Zainab is rapped and all are silent?
They say we are Balochs,and celebrate culture day with portliness but where is that culture when their sisters are misbehaved ?
Today mostly all people are in protests and raising voices against every injustice  but our slogan is that”IT IS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS ,WE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT” .
Everyone uses social media in Baluchistan and all are aware of every single incident ,like and share the post and abuse in comments .Is it your honor?
Why we are chained in boundaries of so called traditions that are false by ground?
In every revolution there were women who first raised voice against injustice,in Russian revolution,women came in streets and stood against the government for their rights,there was unification and after Russian revolution women were given their rights.
But why people of Baluchistan are afraid of unification?
It is not education it is selfishness ,get education ,make your career and be rich ,give peaks to injustice and capitalism but the workers ,the low class family is left to tolerate and die because we are educated!!!
Education is not just reading books related to subjects and career,education is raising voice against tyranny,and if people in Baluchistan don’t possess this quality so they are uneducated.
Honestly today i see an ignorant uneducated Baluchistan,though they have earned degrees in P.H.D ,F.C.P.S,L.L.M,M.PHILL etc but if they close their eyes on injustice so their this so called education is all in vain.
It was just a current incident ,and a true story,that on 8th March Women’s day was organized in Quetta ,and i was told to be a host,that event was organized by a youth progressive platform( not an organization,when i asked my friends to participate so i got very weak answers:
Our family members have refused us to participate because it is organized by an organization but in fact it was just a platform to unify the progressive youth and give awareness.
One of my another friend’s answer was :
Our brother has told “There is no need to participate”.
I was broken completely and my mind was paused for two days ,i couldn’t comprehend what is really happening?
Is it the so called honor?
So called traditions?

Recently ,the entry test of Bolan Medical College Quetta was conducted and many blunders were noticed and students are still on protest ,but no parent,no brother,no father came and supported those students.
The girls were stopped to go in press club.
They were scolded for going there.
Seriously,i cannot figure out the conditions of this deplorable Balochistan.
People have taken guns and went on mountains for freedom but that is of nothing when from basics we are slave of our own false traditions.
It was better when girls would have taken guns and supported those all juveniles on mountains for freedom ,  it is not against honor,it is called education when people unite to fight for their rights.
Individually dieing with fear,not allowing girls to demand their rights ,It is not Education it is the least level of darkness and ignorance.
We cannot get a free nation by fighting on mountains an weeping on mutilated bodies of our loved ones,we cannot get a free nation by sitting in homes and just commenting on posts on social media.
We have to read books of revolution ,we have to break the chains of differences,false traditions,false religious views then we can be free.