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Female Education in Balochistan

Female Education in Balochistan
A speech by me in School!!
I Begin my speech with the name of Allah who is the giver of new life who is the king of the whole world and who knows the deep secrets of our hearts and knows our bad and good better than us.
My esteemed judges, honorable teachers and dear audience A.O.A.
.As you all know that today we are having results day and on this occasion I have been given an opportunity to express my notions about the title of the speech: Female education in Baluchistan.
According to the very first verses of the Holy Quran that begin with the word: Read,” Read with the name of your lord who created man from a clot, Read in the name of your lord who taught by the pen, taught you what you didn’t know.
These verses greatly clear the concept of knowledge in our minds.
Education plays a miraculous role to enable an individual to be successful and it is necessary for everyone to be educated most importantly for a woman. It is well-known that when a man gets education so means an individual is educated but when a woman acquires education so that means a whole nation is educated. The role of an educated woman matters the most for the development of a society.
And today I as a baloch student feel extremely proud that I am educated, literate and moralized.
Today I on this stage as a female feel proud that I am giving a speech without terror in front of such a huge public.
I feel proud that I am the daughter of such a father who never stops me from getting education.
Today I feel proud that I am the student of such an Academy and teachers, who gave their all efforts in making me a good daughter, an obedient student, a civilized person, responsible human.
Today if we take a glimpse on our nation so most of the females are deprived of education, they are uneducated in spite of having facilities still our females are backward. Why? Because our family members think with the minds of problems not with the minds of wisdom. Today if we are having critical problems so one of the most important reason is that our females are not educated.
In Baluchistan mostly, females are compelled to get married after their matriculation and that is a very cheap idea. Our family members who are living in 21st century but still think with the minds of 18th century so how can we promote? Today if a female who is a student of 10th in Balochistan uses internet so why it is considered wrong? Isn’t it a part of Education???
In foreign countries, one educated woman can compete a complete group of men so why we cannot, just because we are baloch? Today I ask a question to all of you: Why we often give examples of foreign students? Why? Just because they are developed, advanced, educated and facilitated so today I ask a question to all of you: Why we often give examples of foreign students? Why? Just because they are developed, advanced, educated and facilitated? if so, i ask what do we lack?
Can’t we be examples ourselves?
Can’t we fight with problems?
So what if we are balochs.It doesn’t matter at all that we DON’T HAVE facilities LIKE America. WHAT matters IS that the facilities we have,are being ignored!.”
Baluchistan that is known the land of resources minerals and beauty but it is educationally in a deplorable condition where women are illiterate in a great number and Baluchistan’s total literacy rate that is 34% against the national literacy rate of 52%like wise the literacy rate among women in Balochistan is also the worst in the country. With only 27% literate women, Balochistan stands poorly in education.
Many unfavorable hurdles come in the lives of women that stop them from getting education and one of the main reasons is Government itself that has never taken any action against the increasing problems in Women lives in Balochistan.
Today when a baloch student goes on stage, why does she fear? Why do her family members stop her from going to Schools and colleges and why do THEY stop her from getting education? Why do our parents still have the ideas of our forefathers?” If we turn the pages of history 100 years before so women were treated like animals, the arrogant people treated their animals better than their women!, She has been given the state of a useless paper in the world. Neither honor nor her mutual and due rights have been given to her .If she has been given something so that is insult, abuses and disrespect ,the rights that have never been her. Though our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) said Women should be given rights as equal to men, and he also said it is obligatory for all to get education, men and women. But still after the advent of Islam she has been physically, mentally and emotionally tortured. She has been only facing hurdles in her life. America uses it and throws it; Pakistan disrespects it and throws it. In fact women have never been given the status of a human. She has been deprived from the all luxuries of life. Her voice is pushed deeply to make her silent and I say it with pity that we are so arrogant that we don’t know the importance of women and if we know it so deliberately it is ignored. Before the advent of Islam, every baby girl was dumped alive and I think once again the same mistake is being repeated.
In Balochistan girls are told to handle and manage household works only, their parents prohibit them from going to schools, from getting education and co-education.Why??Because they think they will ruin their respect, spoil their image, they will break the traditions! And this concept is commonly generated in the minds of all parents in Balochistan.Most of the parents don’t send their Daughters in Schools, stop them from joining educational activities because they think they are balochs and Muslims. When has Islam prohibited women from getting education? And when has Baloch nation stopped girls from going to schools?”
As you all know it is a very tough time for Balochistan and instead that we should help in sorting out the problems we go back.Why??Again comes the same answer” You are a Baloch”Every time, the same harsh word is echoed in my ears that don’t do this, don’t do that Because you are a baloch, don’t go in a co-educational school because you are a baloch, don’t step out of our house for getting education because you are a Muslim so today I am answerable for those all people sitting in this audience who say that co-education is bad and who say girls shouldn’t join technological or educational activities.
Yes I am a baloch
but not uneducated!
I am a baloch,
but not afraid,
I am a baloch,
but not illiterate,
I am a baloch,
But not a fool,
I am a baloch
and I am not from week persons.
Yes I am a female
I am a Muslim
Yes I am from Balochistan
I am a Baloch
And Yes of course my religion is Islam
but before these all I am educated and I know well what my responsibilities are!.
I am a pillar of society and my responsibility is to shut the negative mouths,
I am a hope for society and my responsibility is to moralize them.
I am a student for society and my responsibility is to remove their misunderstandings.
Another devastating fact that Very few mothers are educated in Balochistan and I have to say it with great regret that they are illiterate educated mothers. And don’t let their daughters to use internet even. Is it the only responsibility of the baloch females to cook, wash, and sew cloths? No, obviously not, girls are born to shut the negative mouths ,they are born to clear the mind-setups, they are born to eradicate ignorance, they are born to finish the rumors that are brought by narrow-minded people in our socities,Yes they are born to bring revolution in the world .
***And today on this stage I am a billion times grateful to the great leader, the leader who raised the flag of education in Panjgur, of course the one and only Sir Zahir Hussain, who lighted the lamp of pleasures and successes in our lives and made it easier for females to get better Education in a fertile land.
I am thankful to Sir Nadir,Sir Haneef,Sir changaiz,Sir Rasheed,Sir Nizam,Sir hussain ,the great  Sir Amjed Shehzad and the whole staff of respectable Oasis  who taught me with full concentration and devotion to make my future bright.
I am very thankful to my great Father who admitted me in Oasis Academy and thought my well-fare. I am thankful to my father that he encourages me in every step of my life and most importantly I am Thankful to Allah Almighty who brightened my life by such a father who is a great and I must say broad-minded person. I am thankful to my father who never let me step in the world of inferiority complex and I am thankful to my father for making me confident every time. Sometimes I think if I wasn’t admitted in Oasis so how my life would have been, May be like a dangerous and destructive dream!
Last but not the least I am thankful to the land of Oasis, to the pillars of Oasis Gallery, to the classrooms of Oasis, to each and everything of Oasis that made my studies easier and I really feel very proud that I have remained a basic student of Oasis and I am very thankful to my all teachers. I know thanks isn’t enough and I also know I can never offer the loans of Oasis!
Before I conclude my speech I would like to say a few balochi words for my sisters and brothers:
“Booboo cho ama darya ya k chohl janth o kashok kareeth
Mehnat bekan cho ama zanth kara k sohbmandi kareeth
Maboo dil prosh oh nudarbar!K jahan sak umeed warenth partho
Aagah boohag lotey wath yak raje
Godah kar bekan cho ama pol’a k marg a randh ham rang kareeth!!!!
I am very thankful to you all for your humble attention.
Thank you!

Hard to put in words…

It was the farewell today in our school.
I can’t explain my feelings that how i am right now.
The school from where i got my childhood,from where i was given love.The school where i spent 12 years of my life.I was a small kid when i went to school and i wept too much,and our own principal used to drop me in my home.In our school we walked like kings.We didn’t listen to any one.
In 3 and 4 class we were very good students(the trust group),then when we came in 8th so we became very naughty.
we used to tease our teachers.
but today i am weeping while writing this post.Because today i am missing those all moments passed int the gallery of Oasis.
I am missing my all teachers,my all friends and i can’t stop my self from weeping.
We have wept a lot.when we knew that a few days are remaining so we wept a lot.
yesterday was the worst day in our class and today i can say it was the hardest day in our life to say the worst word”Good-Bye” to each other.we all wept very much .We enjoyed first by throwing inks on each other and then we wept our self.We also took the autographs of all teachers.And we also wrote on our scarfs and here is mine.Have a view:

We all were so upset and we all also walked in the whole school by singing the songs(yeh pal hamien yad aengy & yeh dosti hum nai thodengey) and all teachers were laughing on us at morning time and some of them were also upset that we were leaving.Principal was so emotional on party day.
Today at assembly we also sung the national anthem of Baluchistan but before we took permeation from principal so he smiled and said yes,we became very happy and we started preparing ourselves for assembly.Today when we went so principal called us in his Office and told us to sing it,we sung it and he said us to come with him at assembly,We went and today the whole school was standing in-front of us,but we didn’t fear and we sung it good and all teachers liked it very much.
I will miss my school very much,i know then we won’t be able to see each other and we can never meet our teachers and TOA(the Oasis Academy).
Today i really wanna thank my every teacher who cared for me,who taught me and who encouraged me.I am also thankful to my parents that they admitted me in TOA so that i got such beautiful friends and teachers.
We also sung(Kabi alvida na kehna) in our class loudly but principal said nothing.
Well i can’t write more.Bye.Have a good day 🙂 🙂 🙂