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Lost Yasmeen or New Yasmeen

Today when i woke up so i logged into word press and i started checking the comments and blogs of my bloggers,i saw many different and strange things.
I saw that once it was a time when i posted with broken English and my bloggers read my posts by motivating me .
So here is a Hello to all of my bloggers who were lost or either i was lost somewhere in this world.
I was searching many things and i was shocked by reading the comments and my posts.I searched blog of Harsha,Arindam and many more,once i realized that i am lost and it has been more than two years that i haven’t blogged.
Things have changed,environment has changed and moreover a lot of things have changed in my life .Many things have happened that have taught me lessons and many things have happened that have helped me in moving on!
When i used to blog in 2014-15 so i wrote in a different way,i couldn’t write in a good way,today when i checked those posts so i smiled and noticed the changes in myself that life is great ,many things have changed .
Before i thought that life can never be good but now i am happy and hug life with positivity ,before i thought that my life can never change but now i am living a life that i have dreamed for.
Yesterday i was a student of   intermediate ,now studying law :),
Before i wrote about social issues but now i am on the social and political platform and fighting against many things.
So far i came to know that the reason for all problems in Pakistan is Capitalism,class system and many more.And today when i read Karl Marx and Lenin so i realize that i knew nothing since i was in intermediate,i was not aware of anything but now i know many things because i started reading the right books that guide me towards a better life.
Yup things have changed and i love this change in my life because i think now i am justifying my articles into actions.
I thought may be i was lost somewhere but now i think i am changing into a new Yasmeen who has nothing to do with other things but i have many things to do for humanity on a platform .