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“The difficult puzzle…..

Hi buddies!

The fact of our today’s lives is that we are neither nice humans nor nice Muslims,neither we are performing our duties nor we are permitting any one to perform!

The puzzle is that how to be a great civilized person?The question rises up in our minds is that how to promote our society in the better way?

The first thing to discuss is that to understand the responsibilities of a civilized guy,then we should be responsible for any work and we should obey the laws and regulations of a society of the constitution.

  The second point to be pointed out is that to be that much confident that we should control the bad works in our society,if someone is performing a bad work so we should stop him instead of favoring him in that devil.

The third point is to be aware of any secret being dealt around us,and to make the wrong right,to lead the youths to heaven instead of hill!

The fourth point is that we should remove the misunderstandings from the minds of the people that create upset problems further!

The fifth  point that is the most difficult work in this world is to change the mind-setup of people ,that how they think ,how they behave,how they take the things,whether negatively or positively! 

The sixth point is this that we should try to bring a positive  change among us that should benefit the whole world!

The seventh point is to spread humanity,love ,peace and care among us ,i think that by performing these duties as a civilized person we can make a society better and we can promote the people to the way of reality.

The eighth point is that not to suspect anyone,otherwise it will be heavy on us!

I need to wrote these points because my aim is this that to remove those all misunderstandings from my society and to clear my society from the bad acts and thanks god 95% it is successful.We call ourselves Muslims,humans and citizen but do we know what are our duties,do we know what we have to do,do we have this feeling in our heart to do something for our nation.We all call ourselves balochs but do we really know what is it’s meaning,do we know how to struggle in a better way to be near from freedom?No!The answer is In negative because all have already accepted this reality,My aim is to bring those points and secrets in light that are hidden in the dark aspects.

Thank’ you & Cheerio!

Gulab Jamun!

Hey princess baloch here friends,hope all are doing fine,today i will write about one of my memorial and stupid act that i performed in a celebrity.Accident was such in this way that today i came to school and i was willing to make a dessert ,i went to kitchen and founded the packets of falooda,ferni,kheer and gulab jamun,i desired to make gulab jamun,i started making it with a great pleasure ,i read the label and i did the all things perfectly.i started frying them and they got red i  color and the smell was so beautiful my mouth was salivating at that time but i managed it.

After the preparation of the dessert ,i presented it in front of dad,today i was so keen because for the first time i made Gulab Jamun ,it looked so delicious and everyone was willing to have three or four from them,i gave all one or two,all tasted them,i looked at their mouths to notice the expressions of their mouths ,they all went outside ,i thought that may be they would prefer to eat them in garden that’s why they went outside but i received something different,i asked my dad that how was that?He replied;Great Princess,that was good.i became glad but the responses that i got from the other members of family that disgruntled me from cooking something,I will write it’s model below:

1)It was looking pretty  but its taste was so bad!

2)It was smelling with a nice presentation but it’s inner part was the same!

I want to give the all readers an advice that if you want to make something so first of all read Awooz and bismillah 30 times then star your aim,otherwise none can stop you from abuses from your members!

Why so?

we are the builder of a nation but we can’t prove our talent?Why so?

We are the roots of courage,but why we never encourage any one,why so?

We are Muslims and we think negatively,why so?

We are the futures of past but we condemn our present,why so?

Such other questions raise in our minds but we receive no answers,the reason is that we are narrow-minded and we can’t get time to think about other causes of youth’s destruction .Introducing the facts of article,it is so complicated to solve the various cases of an environment.Coming on the fact files of our political issues ,so they are matted in a bad way,with accordance of our so-called C.M,he is considered as  a joker ,not as a C.M .Whenever he comes on media he tell jokes,and people mock at him.Is it the status of C.M in Baluchistan?If such situations remained like this so i think freedom is  so far,i don’t say that freedom-fighters are alone but they need such a leader,such a supporter that should be a hope for them ,not a shameful news.On the other hand if we turn the pages of history,so such a chapter comes that is risky for our government and for our lives.That chapter is enclosed with the name of”‘Misunderstanding”,this chapter has destroyed the lives of people,in studying the pages of life,we get so curious that we become strange about those chapters that can close our units of life.Mean to say that we get involved in pleasures but we forget that how to control the difficulties when thy come?And when we do mistakes,we get tense,when we get tense,we do more mistakes,then to get replies and ideas from other ,we try to consult our friends who further misunderstand us as a result with suspect .”When we suspect it means we loss the trust ,but when we loss trust it means we suspect our ourselves” Going towards the theme that misunderstanding leads us to a part of hill which is a very hard path of destiny.In today’s era this disease is very common an i thanks  Almighty Allah that i don’t have such a mind setup that should lead me to that hill.

That is a different aspect of world that youth’s make these all problems,but  another shameful news is that our elders also think like this.Why so?

The world is the enemy of close persons and it always finds ways to blame and infamy someone but we create misunderstandings and enemies in our own surroundings.Why so?

All people leave you at lurch ,all will blame you when you want help,but why we create those causes that gives them chances to blame you?

Truth is bitter,reality can’t be ignored,lies is favor and dishonesty is policy,violence is a duty and obstinacy is a power,black money is lawful and law is waste,education is a joke and respect is temporary for appearance .Why so?

The society is a deceiver and friends are fiends,the political system+educational system is prey of corruptions  ,teachers are narrow-minded whereas parents suspect?so where should a child go to light up his sorrows!

Government is immersed in all kinds of devils,parliament is based upon lies and white lies,bomb blasting is a fashion and misunderstanding is a wish,so where should  the public go to over come his problems?

It needs a tough time  to solve these all problems and catch those thieves with red hands that destroys a person’s life to complete his intention?

We make friends to share half part of our lives,we make enemies to make our future strong,we make heart relations to listen the heart beats of each other,but we can’t trust one of them.Why so?

I hope that none has the answers,if they have i ask them,whether they are teachers,students,daughter or sons,Don’t they have negative thoughts right now in their minds or haven’t they misunderstood someone?


Ham mustakbel ke ujagar kye howe pheloon hey


Afsoos,koi phelo ka koi khas maqsad nai hotha

Hope 4 betterment guys not for discouragement!

Fathers and mothers

Parents are as important for us as oxygen,parents color our lives,parents destroy their futures for us,they forget their destiny for us,they sacrifice their pleasures for us and we send them to “Old age home”.

Our prophet ‘Muhammad(P.B.U.H)said ;i wish that i was offering the prayers of esha and my mother could call;Muhammad and i would say that,yes my dear mom,what is the order?this aspect realizes us that how much mother is precious.Mothers are the roots of our garden,if we don’t protect them so they wont bestow us beauty.mothers sacrifice their lives from the beginning of child’s birth till the child’s death but children can’t do anything for them.i have a great wish to do something for the parents of my nation,but at first i have to make strong my base then i can perform a nice performance.We have forgotten the rules and regulations of Islam,and the respect of parents,we can’t deny their unconditional love that they give us to be happy.Our parents make us realize us about the facts and lies of world,bad and good aspects of life.A mother can feed seven children but one children can’t manage a mother,i pity for those children who are glad by having no parents.there is a saying that”a parent is incomplete without mother because if mother gives her”R” to parent that becomes ‘PARTNERS” who lead us to any bright field.there is also a nice poetry,and i like to write it down”

“Jab pedah howa ,kitna majboor tha’

Yeh jahan teri socho sey b doorh tah

tuje ana tha,tho wo sirf rona e tha

doodh pee kar tera kaam sona e tha

deerey deery tho kudal jawan hogaya

zor o bazo pey tho chalne laga

ek din ek haseena tuje bah gayee

Ban k dulhan tere gar agye

beech nafrat k tho khud boney laga

teer bahto key tho chalaney laga

Yaad hey tuje,ek din maa ney kaha tha tujh se

Aab guzara nai hamara tery bin

Yeh sun kar tho tesh mey agaya

gusa teri akaal ko kaa gaya

Yeh keh dya tho ney apni maa sy

        Log martey hey kahi,tho b ja mar wahi

These are the performances of today’s children.they need to take care of their parents,and this world is going to end, If now we didn’t realize so who will answer the god.please for god sake take care of your parents and apologize for your mistakes,they gave you birth,brought you in the world and you sent them to hill!

Ham naye hen pasbah us chaman key

Jaha basta nai mamat kee anchal ka baesra(princess Baloch)


A true and real story

A story described by a girl herself:

I am a small town girl from Baluchistan, Pakistan. Six years ago, I moved to Karachi in order to achieve a better education, and a year ago I got a scholarship as an exchange student to represent Pakistan in the US.

I was obviously ecstatic when I got selected. I know that everyone feels happy when they get a scholarship, but for me it was a little different. I was not just an ordinary teenager living in the big city; my life was more of a continuous battle.

Against whom, you might ask?

It was against my own family.

So, here is my story:

My arrival in the US was an eye-opening experience for me. Having come from the small town that I belong to – where people opposed education – the change was unexpected.

My own father believed that I could never be successful.

My father is well-educated, but ever since he started living around narrow-minded people from town, he began to think like them. My mother was slightly more educated than my father and she had great aspirations for me. She wanted me to become a doctor, which was not possible – not where I came from.

I, on the other hand, being totally against the mentality of the small town folk, worked very hard at school. Realising my passion for education, my mother decided to migrate to a metropolitan city; a city with good schools, colleges, malls and beaches; a city which encapsulated the luxuries of life. We, thus, moved to Karachi.

We were all deeply excited about this decision – all of us except my father.

He was never against me receiving a good education. He always did whatever he could do to pay all of my educational expenses, but he just didn’t expect anything from me. He didn’t expect anything was ever going to come out of this ‘educational excerise.’ This disappointed me thoroughly, but also gave me determination to prove him wrong. I was determined to make him proud. This became my life’s mission.

Our move to Karachi was met by strong condemnation from people back home. They turned against my mother because she was the one who made the decision.

They would pass sarcastic comments and spread vicious rumours about her. I knew she had to suffer this slander because of me. She felt she had no choice and I felt terrible that I couldn’t do anything to help her.

I decided to throw myself into concentrating on my future and the obstacles I knew were lurking ahead. I got a form for a scholarship for the Youth Exchange and Study program to the US. I had to prove to everybody how fruitful and necessary education is for us.

As if He understood my struggles, God gifted me with a life full of surprises. I got selected for the YES program – this was how I knew I could rescue my mother from all those who taunted her.

Upon my selection into the program, we saw a drastic change in the minds of those who had gone against us. The children who used to study with me or were my friends started blaming their parents for not permitting them to study further, for curtailing their opportunities for success.

Their parents slowly began to realise the advantages of education. Recognising the importance, they started sending their children to colleges, encouraging them to join English language centres and spreading awareness.

It is not like I have a PhD or anything that great, but I now have a clear path to my goal.

My family is supporting me and thankfully, there are no more accusations against my mother. I just wanted to prove the benefits of education and getting the scholarship was my gateway.

The reason I had to go through all these social challenges was primarily because of lack of education in our society. The problems that I faced made me think of all the other girls in many other small towns of Pakistan like me who cannot do anything because they do not have anybody to support them.

I know how the YES program changes lives; I know this because it changed mine.

Today, I have written this piece to spread awareness, because I highly support the program and want everyone in Pakistan to know about it. I want everyone to know and encourage it so that it can change more lives.

I am also very thankful to iEARN Pakistan for organising the YES program in Pakistan.

I have developed leadership qualities, became more patriotic and now have a clear perspective of what I want to pursue as a career in my life. I intend to work for the welfare of education for women in the small towns of Pakistan. I hope that one day; everybody will have access to quality education and that everyone will have a success story of their own.

Modern educational sysem and past!

Hi,yasmeen baloch here! the theme of the topic is pointing towards education,education is known as a weapon,as a source for readers,but if we have a glance at today’s educational system,so it is completely smashed  ,i mean to say that respect of teachers is not given importance as if it is waste!the respect that our teachers deserve,we aren’t giving it to them,they educate us,they personally moralize us,they build our personality,but we can’t afford their one right .it is so surprising that today;s students have taken the education as a child play,if they go for getting knowledge,so they such get manners that are shameful,i don’t mean from teachers but exactly from society,society finds various ways to stop a person’s success but society is made for us,we can change it but we can’t because our elders halt us ,they think that whatever is going on that is right according to the public but what educators think about a society ,no one thinks .A teacher is obedient as well as disobedient,a teacher is honest as well as dishonest but it doesn’t means that we should torture them.they are our teachers,if we get something from them ,that will be for our welfare not for them.

The point comes to system,the modern educational system is disordered ,due to the environment and narrow minded people.The education in past was much better because there was honor,there was faith,there was understanding,now thee are all those facilities that a student needs to complete his education but  there is no necessity of anything,we have taken everything as our game,one thing i want to add that educational system depends upon the teachers and students,that how they manage and arrange it.if they are able and honest in their works so they can develop a nice society.

At other hand ,there are some teachers who favor their best and favorite students and ignore the dull students  that is against the rules in education,another mistake of schools is that the managements of schools are against of  institutions,the thoughts that a student keeps in our society they are called negative thoughts,that are as harmful as ultra violent rays,we don’t care about others and we do whatever our heart says,that further changes to our destruction.the modern educational system is narrow minded,against of managements,immersed in problems.the past educational system was in limit,it was in order,and it was like the vast and beneficial knowledge for students,although they were suffering from acute literacy and era of  difficulties but they were educated like humans and true students.

At the end i must add about getting red of such disease in an educational institution is that we should try to overcome those problems that disorder an institution and an advice for teachers that please please for god sake be broad minded and honest with your work and students.


Sir Zahir Hussain


My honest readers!Asalam u alekum.Today I am going to write about such a person who has always given good accounts. His name is “Leader of Truth Appearance”. The truth which is trust able, the name that is respected, the belief that is believable.He is not anyone else; he is our grand leader Sir Zahir Hussain Baluch.By taking his name a respect raises in our hearts and he has always been in the hearts of everyone.

In this topic I have founded three main points; Struggle, education and Sir Zahir Hussain Baluch.
At first, I will write about the king. If a person first opens an academy so it needs a leader first. Second teachers and third readers. If we want so we can also open an academy but it needs an admired and perfect leader as our leader is.
He has a firm grip on his subjects; he has addressed his students for truth, reality, struggle and education. There are no words for him, because he had not just remained a principal of a school but a father of reality. When he walked, everyone stopped; when he talked everyone became quiet, when he gave lectures so everyone’s attention was there but now no one is alert to listen a lecture. He was credible because of his charming personality and about his personality I must say that god has bestowed him such a personality that attracts everyone towards education, struggle and reality. He is a kind person, may be he had remained sometimes in aggressive mood but it couldn’t had been his real face because he has  always remained frank with his students  as frank as a father and leader. The all students miss him for his good accounts he has given .it is impossible to get such a great leader like him again. He is famous throughout the world and is regarded as an honorable person.

The second point is struggle and education or rather struggle in education.His struggle for humans is believable.his struggle for balochs is credible, his struggle for students is limited, and his struggle for students is limited, his struggle for education is real able .He has done lot of struggle(not done also doing)whether it is education,life,difficulties,nation or society. That much struggle that he has done, no one can do.

Now the educational progress, Education is the most fundamental step of a success, of our ambitions. If there is not education then that place is just like a barren land. if we talk about struggle for education and that of sir Zahir hussain so that is inexpressible. He has performed the all things in such a way that is out of minds. He has also opened many institutions in different places, he is a hopeful person and he will be! Before the past was hopeless that we should take it but now we are hopeless to get the past. There is a saying that;”Life is not so  long that we should wait for our future, but also it is not that much short that we should do something better before our past calls us”(Yasmeen sana)

Sir zahir hussain did all those struggles and works at his present times when he was present in Oasis so according to the saying, the time doesn’t wait for us, we have to wait for the time. We don’t call the past but the past calls us, we don’t struggle but our hard work teaches us to struggle. I hope my points have brought you home. At the begging I stated the Leader of truth appearance, so I want to clear it that Sir: leader, Zahir: appearance, Hussain: beautiful or true. The points that I have written are also gained by help of leader. If he couldn’t be here so none could be at an academic peace .The respect, education .knowledge that Sir Zhair Hussain has given is obviously inexpressible!


                                     PARENTS                                                                                         Parents are very important to a child’s life. They influence children in many ways. Including how they act, talk, walk, and the way they act around other people. Even when the children grow up into adults, they still adapt some things that the parents do.

The reason that even when kids grow up to be adults, they still adapt things from their parents is because they need to grow on something. Moreover, if they have kids of their own they are going to go to their mother and ask her how she raised them.

Even now, the younger generation always looks up to the older generation for advice on their own kids. Without parents, we wouldn’t know how to grow up and raise our own kids. Even animals need parents; a calf needs its mother just like a human needs his.

I would like to use this platform to thank my parents to make me what I am today!!! Further I’d like to thank God for giving me such wonderful parents!!!