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[‘)edicated to t }-{e ]\/[issing baloch brothers

Watar kan bya….
Watar kan bya pada
K tara man charan
Tai aks a naksh kana’nh
Watar kan bya pada
Tai taukan deedagan dara’nh
Tai lontan gonh sheeran’h kasan’h
Bya k tai mas tara chokee
Tai guhar tara dil a daree
Watar kan bya pada
K tho sak yad kahey
Watar kan bya pada
Kamoh tai deedara kanah
Tai amah nooren’h dema chara’nh
Taii ama malagani zaheer waran’h
Watar kan bya pada
Tai guharani cham gonh hona’h pooran’h
Tai masey dil gon’h bazagiyan oren’h
Bya k tai soorenh murada gendah
Bya k trooh tai dastha heni kanh
Watar kan bya pada
Tai baladah pa shedaha’nh
Tai kandag mey dila yan’h
TAi har gap amey dapayan’h
Watar kan bya pada
K dorha tai raha har roch charan
Yaqeen nabeeth tai begoyahi ey hal
Bya watar kan
Tai aks a charan
Tai taukan deedagan dara’nh
Tai malagani zaheer waran’h

Written by:Yasmeen Baloch
Come again
Come again
That i will see you
I will sketch your picture
Come again
That i will again love your smile
I will shine your lips with honey and milk
Come so that yourΒ  mother wants to kiss you
Come again
So that you are remembered too much
Come again,
I will see you a bit
I will see your that humble reflection
I am crazy still for your personality
COme again So that
Your sister’s eyes are filled with blood
Your mother’s heart is filled with pain
Come again that i am hopeful for your marriage
Come that your aunts will make your finger(mehndi rachana)
Come again so that
We are crazy for your personality
Your all talks lie in our hearts
Your every joke is remembered
Come again so that
All will see you
I don’t believe about your abduction
Come again that i will sketch your picture
Come again that
I will hold your talks to my heart
Crazy still for your personality!

The words from a mother and sister

Thank you !!


Thank y0u

Some how every person in this world and universe is called unknown unless he achieves great popularity.Every one who has opened his eyes in this world,so he dreams for popularity,one wants to be popular in business,one wants to be famous in his specialized arts or talents but what about my story??????
Something to be thought…
I was also a stranger,an unknown person,known only by those whom i had in my family but today i am not proud but i am too happy that too many people know my name and my talent.I am disgruntled that why my baloch nation has not supported me yet even though after telling them about my blogs myself but still no response.
How any today i am thankful tho those all friends who are my friends in my blog,who cheer me up by their comments,who make my day by their likes.I am so happy that today i am known by such sweet persons.Your love,care and humble friendship really mean a lot to me.May be you all could never know how much important you all are!!
Love all my friends Xoxo πŸ™‚

How should i???

Eid:the day of joy
The day ofΒ  excellent wows
But how should i celebrate eid
Where my all bros are in sorrows

The brothers of mine are abducted
The kings of my land are martyred
How should i celebrate eid
where every house is destroyed

The tears of blood from my mothers eyes
The pain in the heart of my sisters that lies
How should i celebrate eid
when it is too difficult to take sighs

Everywhere all are crying
All are grieved and dying
How should i celebrate eid
When no one is here smiling

The flag of freedom or the gun of death
But they are struggling with a depth
How should i celebrate eid
when the lamp of my house is in painful length

The all memories of my bros
who are not now in this cause
How should i celebrate eid?
When he is not with me in close

The house of every baloch is jeopardized
The soul of all mothers are now died
Then how should i celebrate eid?
With out those who once lived!!

Awaran is eradicated
Panjgur is pressurized
How should i celebrate eid??
When Baluchistan is targeted??

Pray to Allah i do,with silence
Grant the all baolchs patience
But how should i celebrate eid??
When all are here patients

How should i celebrate eid??
How should i cheer??
When my land is in rain
How should i celebrate eid??
When the soil of Balochistan is in pain!!!!!!!

**Black day=EID DAY**

Written By:Yasmeen Baloch

Funny and honey too…

Here are some of the pics i took while cleaning and dusting my room because tomorrow is eid and i never clean my room till an occasion comes, i sweep it,clean it but not in a better way.So here are some pics …

These are my eid bengals


And my eid dress,,,BAlochi,,,
πŸ™‚Β  πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€Β Β  Thank you

The dark moon

My childhood……
All parents want that their children should do good works and they become happy on a child’s birth.
When i was born so my father was much happier than my mother and all other family members.My father distributed sweets in the entire society.When the time came for my naming so my father wrote a list full of names,i remember two mostly because my father chose them for me but unfortunately they weren’t thought suitable for my destiny.They were:
Harisa πŸ™‚
I was a princess for my father and still too πŸ˜€
My father and my all family never calls me “Yasmeen” but they call me “mamoh” in balochi it means lovely and cute baby,and i love this name very much because when they call me by this name i think they love me very much and truly the whole family loves me too much that i have never expected in dreams even!
When i became of 8 or 9 years so dad took me with him everywhere,in shops,in his friends houses,in parties,in picnics and his friends also loved me and still they do !
I never thought that i wil get too much care and love from my loved ones.
During these days my father was my best friend.
After my childhood…..
When my childhood finished so i was as admitted in a private school till now in “The Oasis Academy Panjgur”so i was talented and a position holder and my father loved me more.But i always thought that my mom doesnot care for me,slowly and gradually as i reached to my teen-ages so i start thinking that she suspects on me,she doubts on me by using mobile and internet.But i was too wrong and i curse myself for that fault.I a a very disobedient daughter for her,i have never given her that love and respect that she deserved but now i have realized that she stopped me for my own betterment.She often halted me on using mobile,scolded me on using internet unlimited and i thought that she doesn’t trust me but i was very wrong,in fact she loves me and trusts me very much.Till now i still weep and curse myself that how could i have done that?
I am very sorry mama really very sorry.If possible so please forgive me.
I know i have been rude to her but i really regret that ….
Love you mama and baba (mom and dad)The best parents of the world.
I wrote this post because most of us think that our moms don’t trust us but that is a misunderstanding,moms can never be bad for us,if they say something and we think that is bad so exactly not,they are not wrong actually we are wrong because they have spent their lives,they know hoe to deal with the life and how to spend a life so their guidance is always true and good for us so love the moms… πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

5 October….Teacher’s Day

The great day…..Teacher’s day
After two days this day will come and regarding this special occasion our class has decided to have a party and speech contest too were some students will give speeches about teachers and education.
Commonly if we look up in dictionaries so Teacher is defined as :a person who teaches.but i oppose and i say a person who gives his precious time to his students,who put his all efforts in making a bright future,a person who changes the nights into days for making easy one topic in order to make the students understand easier,a person who always stands to support the week ones,to encourage the good ones,to praise the talented ones,to give hope to the creative students.
A teacher does his best to give the student the brightest and beautiful color in the entire world but unfortunately the students of 21st century are not mannerd well ,they misbehave with teachers but still teachers work hard as fathers and mothers to bring their child on the right track.
5 October that is known as “Teacher’s Day”in entire world will be celebrated after two days throughout the world between different people.
According to my points of view i think that will be very less to just pass a “Thanks”to the teachers who gave their whole lives to us withoutΒ  thinking about his/her future.
we(students)are very selfish πŸ™‚ because teachers do the all things to nurture one tree and they only want the”fruits” but we can’t do that single thing too.
The days will change in months,the months will change in years and years to centuries but the time will still be less to thank our teachers.
I just say i honor my teachers and i am very thankful to them that they made me what i am today!