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Peeping to the past

It was about two years ago when I used to study for an entry test.Yes!!!
After completion of my 10th ,we moved to Quetta because my parents wanted me to be a doctor.Due to the fact that I didn’t consult a career counselor, I also depicted medical as my future.After my 10th,my father took me to a couching center in (Qawary road) Quetta, named as “Quetta Professors academy” . I took classes of I and II there.Then I was admitted to an academy where students were taught and prepared for entry test.I was admitted to ” The Doctor’s Inn” situated at Metha Mal street Quetta..I found both academies interesting and informative.
I learned many things from two different environments.I had too much information about life,physics and chemicals.Then,the day was near,when I had to attempt a paper and prove my capability. I appeared in the examination ,reciting too many verses.I couldn’t control my nerves at that time and I was thinking that”what will happen if I didn’t pass?  Many questions were rambling in my mind and I had my fingers crossed. My parents and family members had a belief upon my intelligence and I wanted to maintain this reputation . I went to the hall with all weapons and bullets but life deceived me ..I didn’t pass .Yup!! a failure.I met a failure for the first time in my life when I saw my result of disqualification. It was not easy for me.I had never failed .I had been a position holder with good grades. But I failed and that was the undeniable reality.
I again stood up and started taking classes. My father and mother both wanted me to be a doctor.I didn’t know whether it was my cup of tea or not but I toiled . It was a trend in our city that girls must go for medical by hook or crook. But my parents did not force me to do so. I appeared in exam second time. I prepared my self ,I studied and according to me I left no stone unturned for achieving the goal of M.B.B.S. It was the second time when life deceived me and I failed for the second time.It was a huge lesion for me .I failed two times and I was disappointed in front of all.I thought I am useless now. I cannot pass a test . I offered prayers and asked one thing to Allah Almighty that” meri zindagi mai jo khair hai muje wahi ata kar” .I didn’t demand for anything else.
Then I decided and I told to myself  to try something else.I gave consolation to myself.I was going from a dismal phase.I thought that “may be this door is not for me”.Then I had a discussion with my parents .I told them that now I am not going to appear in a medical entry test. It is not like,I didn’t prepare well,I didn’t study but it was  not a part of my destiny.I still remember those sunny and hot days when I walked on the roads to reach to Academy. I still remember those sleepless nights and I still remember those chapters and books.Medical is a craze for girls in Makran. They ruin their everything to achieve it ,and may be I didn’t do so, that I failed.
The next year ,I devised to give a try to L.L.B. One night before the test,I opened a book of general Knowledge and the next day I gave the test.It was a tragedy in fact.I was on the merit. I got second position . That time I was a student of and I couldn’t go for five years L.L.B program.So I quiet it .Then I met my goal and I realized that it is my career and my craze. As far as my love and craze is concerned,it is a clandestine. I am afraid of envious people. They will take away my husband (My career).I am  completely in love with that.
The purpose of this writeup is to attend a career counseling session and don’t let failure fail you .