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the cute,lovely,sweet and wonderful baby

the cute,lovely,sweet and wonderful baby

my sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet and loveliest cousin named bhakhtawar ,i love her,
live long my rock star<3


Doubting disease

In life we doubt

in loneliness we shout

such process is called life

when we sit and found


a time comes inbetween

in which we start negative thinking

that is the disese

which creates a bad scene


When the ideas rise

they think they are doing nice

we don’t think about dooms

just we smile ad grow as n their size


this disease deletes our trust

it seize us in its all force

we adopt it and go with it

finally it converts our image in dust


slowly it attacks on our habits

it cheats us very cleverly

within hours it will be on our minds

and will chase us like rabbits


at least it leaves 1% of beleiving

then it tricks us quietly

and destroys our lives

but pity!we will be just seeing


it is doubting disease of a society

very harmful it is,be aware!

i told you,it was my duty

thank god i am not in ts cheating

YAsmeen baloch(the twinkling star)

My career Counseling

In fact I have no interest in Bio, maths, physics, chemistry, but I have interest in technology so I want to represent my own personal views.
When I was a child, so my wish was to be a pilot,
When I grew a bit younger, so my wish was to be a teacher,
When I grew a bit more younger, so I had the wish to be a lawyer,
When I grew bit more younger so I had the wish to be a doctor,
When I grew a bit more younger so I had the wish to be a journalist,
When I grew a bit more younger so I had the wish to be a writer,
When I am at 15th so my wish is to be an engineer,
I myself couldn’t decide what should be I? Which career should I choose for my future? I had no choice because my parents said me to be a doctor and my choice was ______________empty. I couldn’t choose any field for me because I was never guided by a teacher and career counselor that what to choose?
Actually, a student should choose his/her field/career in 8th class but unfortunately the lack of guidance in Baluchistan often compels the students to suffer from psycho, and we become psycho-patients, that what to choose? What to select?
Once we went to Karachi, so my very great personality, D.R Anis Tariq suggested me to be a doctor, although I wasn’t  interested but I thought on it after turning back from hospital, my dad at night asked me for my wish that what I want to be?
So here, I was confused because I haven’t chose anything for my future, that time I was interested in journalism so I said that, but now I want to study  technology.
I had no notion that what to do? Our financial problems were various at that time but after we recovered, but my father will send me to a good reputed college considering my wish, that was yet unknown from me.
On 25/5/2013, our computer teacher who left the teaching profession, because he had to study further so he went to IT university for BUITEMS,He was back at the given date to present” Career Counseling” after our break at school. He asked all of us for our wishes, but I said “not decided yet” that was hurting for me myself I came back to home, I offered prayers, I took lunch, I was suffering from fever, so I took few and then took my tablet, after I went for a short death. Then I woke up I switched on my computer and started searching” Career Counseling”.
Before that I searched for”YLC 2013 that I wanted to attend for a long time, but unfortunately, my age was 15th and the age required in its page was 18-24,so I went for “Career Counseling”. I watched its videos, that what actually “Career counseling” is? I got information between the time periods 5pm-8:30am.I was quite informative now and I could really decide my future, so I sat for thinking. I drew … was confused enough that I was about to weep because I couldn’t decide my career. I was a student of 10th now but still what was my future? __________________ was empty. I never gave time to it because my dad said to be a doctor, and the fact is deny that all daughters want to fulfill their parent’s wish. I also thought the same, but personally I myself had no interest in” medical”. As I thought of medical so I felt as if my future is going to be dark.
One thing more that I disliked about medical was:
All female students in Baluchistan want to go through medical. No one joins a different field. I have asked all so they have said” medical” which has made me quite angry. All female students go in medical; a few can go through different fields WHY?
Because their parents want them to be doctors, but after the presentation of our teacher” Sir Malik Mohammad”, I realized that it is something to be thought thoroughly ,before when he was in Oasis so he did many events and we got awareness from him about education ,scholarships and many others.
God sake before him, I didn’t know what Scholarship is, but now I know scholarships, internships, conferences, seminars due to him. He was the guide or me because I couldn’t decide anything for me.
I was having my hands on my head when I came from school.i was so tensed and I thought:
“Yasmoo shankee,tum ney tho abtak apna future b decide nai keeya hey so how can you be a corner-stone for your society?”
I took a glass of cold water and a short death (as mentioned before) at night 8:52 I started looking for the solution after the presentation, after watching videos of C.C, after reading the importance of C.C I came to conclusion but still my mind wasn’t clear whether it is the true option I am choosing or not and for it I had to again conduct Sir Malik Mohammad but from where? I didn’t have any source of being conducted.
I myself was greatly impressed by the presentation and I was also interested in technology, so it is career counseling which is vanished from the minds of administrations.Our management never talked to us about career counseling that how to get through your interest and to choose the best for it”Decide what to be and go be it!!! ” it was the thing that compelled me to think about my future that what really should be I?
so i decided to go to IT university for software or hardware engineering. It was the thing that I was looking for it. I am really grateful to “Sir Malik Mohammad” that he helped me in deciding my future and choosing my career so here goes a hearty, big and sweet “THANKS, from my side for the great guider, the best teacher and the ever-lasting name.
Thanks once again Sir for making my mind clear.
The day when I will get my degree so Insh Allah the first sweet will go in your mouth and the first thanks is absolutely yours.
The credit of my Career counseling goes to the one and only” Sir Malik Mohammad”


Hello my all sweet readers,i want to write about me..
I love writing poetry,articles and i want to be a writer & journalist in future,i like the people having same ideology as of mine.I want to overcome the violence and the negative notions that people are having in our societies,and i know this is difficult without support,and i kindly want you all to support me,the all anchors,writer(foreign writers,national writers,journalists).
hope you all think on it and give me a kind hand.Thanks

SOciAl NetworKings for feMAle sTudenTS in PanjgUr!!!!

Panjgur is a district of Baluchistan where people are kind usually and often dishonest.Different types of people are found here, educated and uneducated, good and bad, honest and dishonest, kind, and cruel, every one has a different mood and different personality.
I as a student have figured out that the most restrictions in females is found in Panjgur, because people don’t know much about development, and some care for respect, family status as well!
I know that I didn’t have to take action on it but as I was a student of matrik now and day by day I was listening strange words about female students who used social net workings and they were defame badly ,I kept in a clear error that why so? That time I didn’t know what social networking is but I wanted to know that what really it is that people take it so negative, I had to observe that why female students are restricted too much even being educated in a private,well-reputed school. I wanted the answer from public of my question that: Why girls (students) can’t use social networking?
So I got very strange answers that: girls have a respect, they have images, they need to worry about their rack and ruin, and I was hurt badly. I tried my best to remove the misunderstanding and still struggling but InshAllah before our last day in school this will be cleared in front of the principal, the administration and the students (female).
One thing that matched with my mind-setup was that: It is up to the girls themselves how they take its use, if she has care about her family, about her respect so she will never hold such a step that could harm her future.
I once also planned to telecast a program at Vsh channel, when I was in 9th, I that time opened an account because I needed it very much, it is the duty of every educated girl that if violence, and wrong acts are going through somewhere so she should try to overcome it but here I found the case something else, I had a group as” Trust Group”, they supported me with heartiest wishes but my other class mates they didn’t only refuse me but they threw different negative sentences but I didn’t give it up, I came to home, I carried out, I added some anchors, some news reporters, some writers and few journalists in my account that was the first attempt of my plan. I chatted with them, they gave me their contact number, I contacted with the director of Vsh Channel, and he welcomed me ,but after contacting I also saw the another fiction of the scene that if I did it now so what about my studies therefore I regretted to director and said him that I will work on it after my 10th studies, so he said o.k,no problem, I paid attention towards my studies but this question was still teasing my mind that” why it is something bad for female students to use social networking in our City?
My account still existed so I wanted to do something to remove their misunderstanding; I added some of my teachers that I knew, they were like my brothers, so I myself found it so interesting, but I was so tensed about the situations and mind-setups of people in here.
I talked with my group and decided something. We were together always, the group was my life, I had trust on them that anyone can leave me and deceive me but they can’t and I solute their friendship that they didn’t do so, they supported me in every decision and warned me when I was on the wrong track, I had one sister in my group that was not so brave, she feared too much, but I talked to her, she got me, they knew that I can’t be wrong, if ever I was wrong, so I knew they won’t let  me fall.
SO…six or nine months passed, I was also busy with my studies but I didn’t let our plan be failed, I knew what I wanted to know from people was not far, after two or four days one of my mate said me that:Yasmeen,How?How could you do like this? Didn’t you think about your family? You always preached us so what happened to you? I was confused that what have I done? So I asked her for explanation, she said I can’t say, I discussed it with my group so we altogether went to her, and asked for the answer,she explained briefly with a strong planning to defame me, I couldn’t understand it that time because she gave it such a color that I couldn’t get her. My mind as if brushed into parts, the earth stretched far from my steps. These were the worst moments of my life, I got so weak, two or three days I tolerated but then I decided to tell that person to whom they have given me color. That guy was so angry, and I couldn’t see like that, that guy came to our class, talked with them, but all were as silent as if they don’t know anything.
After the class, I was not o.k, so I went upstairs, later when I reached to class, so that person who used me, who involved me in various colors, she tried to threat me against my group, but I didn’t’ listen her.
Like wise, many months passed, I deactivated my account; I thought all the days that what is this social networking that is thought to be so wrong?HUH!
It was ridiculous, where my friendship and where their collaboration. I was good to all but unfortunately they took wrong use of my silence as one person wrote me and I really agree, that the first person who understood me much more my parents, that one sentence made me felt that there is someone who understands me:
“You expect everyone to be good with you but unfortunately all are not the same, expectations do hurt”
I wish I could understand this sentence at the exact time, but my bad luck!
it was a warning for me but I missed it, Anyways, as I was using social networking so all saw me with narrow views except my group, people (Students, my mates) tried to defame me many times and they succeeded in defaming me because I trusted the people 1000%more even if they deceived me 2000%, I gave them chances that may be they will change, but they used these chances in my against.
SO SAD!!!!
What people get by doing this? It was a short glimpse how I suffered when I used social networking. I know what is my family status, how have they feed me, how much they trust me, so how can I break their trust, I am not so mean guys!
My strange ideas disturbed the people because I wanted to remove violence and negative deeds from our surroundings but they wanted more violence.
SO readers I ask to you people: Why is it so wrong for female students when they use S.N?
Not only me but many other students were also defamed like this on using social networking.
Why people take it negative when girls use Facebook, twitter, g mail, when they chat with their teachers uprightly? Why readers?
I want your answers and your support in removing the violence from Panjgur?
I really need your support; I need the support of Balochi channels, baloch journalists, baloch writers and others.
I know some will say: we don’t have so time for such useless acts…
Dears, today it was me, my friends who suffered from these situations, tomorrow it can be another sister of us, and finally it can easily be your daughter….
We have to show that Computer, Social networking’s are not useless, but they are basic needs of a student.
>>>>><<<<<<I am not writing this all because it happened to me, but I am in fear that tomorrow another sister of me shouldn’t travel through such situations. Not only that I think like this but I fear that tomorrow society shouldn’t think something bad for our other sisters, not only that I want your support, not only that I want to know you all about my story, but I am in fear that tomorrow if your sisters needed your support so you shouldn’t reject, they shouldn’t be forced to write their story like me.
It is not wastage of time, it is food for thought!
I appeal to all journalists, all writers, reporters, anchors, that they should help me in removing this violence from our societies.
Thanks’, Hope you will think on it and support you’re this sister who is looking for a brighter Panjgur,,,,,,,,
Yasmeen Baloch;Looking for justice and peace!

Is Science More Useful or More Harmful???

Beginning with the name of  Allah who is the creator of all creations, who is the most gracious and the most merciful.
My dear readers Asalam u alekum!
Today here at this stage the topic of the speech and in front of you all I have been given an opportunity to express my views and feelings is that: Science is useful or more harmful.
Compare 19th century to 21st century, I hope you all find many changes; man was the first creation who traveled to moon, who discovered roads of success, who made atomic bomb for his safety and protection, who fought against nature for his bare existence.
He was the one who worked hard, tamed horses, invented wheel, built ships and boats, but still life was hard for him.Why?Because he didn’t have many comforts, he was helpless  but the application of science to the man kind has changed his life. He had never been so powerful as he is now. The means of communication, radio planes, trains, ships, telegraph, are all gifts of science.
In past the diseases were fatal, they killed millions of people, malaria that destroyed many lives, but now epidemics are inevitable.
Today we have much more comforts and leisure than people had in past.If today America has the power of attorney so it is just because of science .Science has made our lives easy, it has changed the world by its tremendous inventions, It invented electric bulb to shine our lives, it invented atomic energy that our lives should be relaxed, MRI treatment to overcome the disease .The biggest miracle of science is Conquest of moon which was a memorable day in the history of science along Armstrong,Aldrin and Collins who reached at moon after traveling two lakes forty thousand miles.
The knowledge, information that educates us, that helps us to fight with hurdles by a single pen; yes it is called science that has made us wealthy by such knowledge!
It is a common saying that” Life is not a bed of roses” and it was much true in past as humans faced various problems and then achieved their goals, but now without facing problems, without covering miles, we reach at our destinations and we achieve our goals, Science has provided optimums for the man kind and doesn’t let them to get entangled in worldly affairs. Science is unoffending, Science is knowledge, science is information, science is education and those who say science is useless and is a curse I ask to them, and I shall ask knowledge can be a curse.(no,no,not at all)
and even it is stated in holy Qur’an:Say!those who know can be equal to those who don’t know.
Today our country is suffering from poverty and various corruptions because it hasn’t that weapons that could destroy his enemies, not those apparatus that it could educated its students in a good way, it hasn’t that students that utilize their talents because our everything is weak, and we get fail in proving us powerful.
My dear audience: Science is a blessing rather the greatest blessing, it has taught us the way of success, it mobilizes us to face the challenges of the world.
News are transmitted in seconds via satellites, disease are cure less with in minutes via surgeries and laser operations.
If science is a curse and is useless, so I answer no one would have remained in this world after facing such dangerous diseases that were almost fatal.Polio, hepatitis a, b, and c, cancer, AIDS if their treatment is possible so it is not less than a blessing audience,
We all know that science is useful, but How?
Science helps us to understand the world, and it seeks us how to get involved in worldly obstacles .It has assisted us in studying the earth, the moon, that how the world came into existence. It has taught us mathematics, biology
Physics and it has given us good engineers, good doctors, good mathematicians.
Faitha goris, Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, all are rewarded as specialists in scientific fields. Why can’t we be someone, why can’t we be scientists, why can’t we develop formulas, because our base is weak and our base is our education and we aren’t having those facilities that should educated us,
Science is a key that generates thousands of lives, that develops a nation,
our ancestors didn’t know about solar and lunar eclipses, solar system, they thought it is only earth in solar system, Did they know why earth quakes occurs? But they gave strange ideas about them.
But now we know how many planets are that revolve around the sun, why earth quakes occurs, why cyclones occurs, why people suffer from heart attacks, brain tumors and other vital diseases, we are blessed guy coz are having the highest power ,we are informative, we have technology, we have education so Why not?
Why shouldn’t we do something that should rise up our nation?
Our bad luck is that having something but we consider we have nothing, we don’t utilize our power.
The basic idea of Qur’an: Read that you understand the universe.
It is science that has let us to be knowledgeable enough to understand the world.
It is the knowledge of physical sciences that let us to know about the universe that we live in. and to know the vast secrets of the nature, it is knowledge audience, it is science that proved this notion wrong that education is useless,
Thanks’ to Allah Almighty that he educated us with Islamic teachings and taught us the way for our bright futures through science.
I hope my words have brought you home that why science is useful and how?
Hope the conclusion for the topic ………..