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The Government of Baluchistan and Eduaction

“Degree is degree whether real or not”
By this sentence all public realized that our C.M has lost his senses .he has done nothing for Baluchistan because he fears that may be he will  get killed but what about the public, don’t they want their rights?, By his point of view we all are nothing in any field, The Pakistani government is failed as the same case is applied here, there students take actions, they are taking the good use of media, but here we are sitting silently ,there a goat dances so media is at moon’s sights, A dog dies so government takes action upon media to spread it over, but why our government is so cruel on us. Our educational institutions are next to be destroyed, neither good teachers nor good management is available but still some students keep purposes for their futures and walk, they are hopeful that if government does not do anything so we ourselves must do something, It is next to impossible that a C.M should behave like this on media, the right rounded point all over goes to our so-called leaders sitting under black monies in parliament and enjoying themselves. Thousands of student’s life is being destroyed. A student studies and gets education that tomorrow he should rise up his family’s name and should do something for his nation. In Pakistan students are performing various works and are being awarded for their performances but here a single person who made a machine without oil, water, but what he got from our so-called government. I sorry to say that our C.M deserves abuses and stupid jokes by our public. He neither gives support to freedom fighters nor  handle the matted situations of Baluchistan.In our nation a student go a head just because of these poor leaders. A student graves his wish until he himself goes to the grave. A student needs to be silent until god makes him silent himself, Whenever one stood up to say the reality so either he is tortured by Frontier corps or by our own public.
I am a student and I am fed up of our management and administration. I often think that is it our right to be deprived of everything or is it written in our destiny to bear unwanted punishments. What is our fault for which we are forbearing various types of punishments for years? This was the time when Baluchistan was tricked by cheating and then combined with Pakistan, since then balochs are deprived of their mutual, educational, political rights. We are being treated by Pakistani army and government like slaves. Unfortunately the media is not so powerful that we should utilize our talent there and we should do something that should be a good lesson for others. Secondly we don’t have those facilities that we should turn the impossible to possible. If we do so, then our society and others blames us and throw different abuses that will be thorns in our ways and we can’t go ahead.
From 1997 till 2012 Baluchistan is on the thorns of dilemma, just because of those cruel leaders who sit in parliament for filling their income and making their lives good. Our all leaders who are sitting in Baluchistan are dishonest and cruel with their own works, Day by day dead bodies are being given to us to see, bullets to eat and blood to drink. Our all those brothers who are struggling so their bodies are being thrown heartlessly in forests, so is it taking any action? No! I think our leaders are not Muslims.They belong from big families and rich casts so that’s why no one can take any action but I need to take action because I am a student and I have been trained to stand with courage, struggle with honesty and spoil the black doers.
Every student in Baluchistan gets education but seems to be unsupported by the side of government and media. If here a person was Mala Yosufzai, Arfa Kareem or Zahid hussain so he could surely set in his home with patience because no award and support could be given to her for her performance. I am all over confused that don’t our leaders feel ashamed that such jokes are being thrown at them, don’t they feel regret for the dead bodies, don’t they see the injustice being with us.hmmm! They are blind, they are money mania, they can’t do anything,
My dear readers, have you ever thought in your mind that Why our students are always backward in educational field? The government has not showed any good responsibility towards education that one of them should be able to be praised, many governmental schools which have been destructed and destroyed under several types of violence. The government of Baluchistan seems to be failed for showing it’s responsibilities towards education of students. The students who read and put their heart and soul in their work finally become fail in front of their cruel government. I am really shocked that how could they do it. They are not showing any kind of honesty and support that could encourage the students of Baluchistan towards success, Why is that like? In Pakistan although the government is failed, although it is suffering from violence and dishonest deeds but does the education seems to be failed? I can’t understand what is really wrong with our leaders.
A purpose for student raises up when he reaches to an higher class, the purpose then starts growing and changes into a wish, the wish then takes root and changes into an aim, where it need support from all sides, We often get support from our dads but deprived by the side of moms, usually supported by family but deprived by the side of government .I am mentioning Government here because a government is responsible for good deeds also for bad deeds. The all students don’t take any interest in education because they can’t compete the government but these are the words and ideas of other week students, I don’t think like this because I am daughter of brave, hopeful and talented father, sister of courageous brothers who have never trained me to go with black deeds, but they have trained me to stand with reality and courage. I don’t need to fear from anyone when i am on a right way. The students are afraid of that may be they get killed, may be they get kidnapped. The so-called leaders have done so many bad deeds that it clearly can be noticed by his face.
Our C.M Nawab Aslam Raisani, no one knows in which world he is living.Peolpe hear his name so they laugh .Should it be the status of C.M in Balochistan?He himself is not informed that how the life is so how can he brighten up the lives of others. He is gathered with the Pakistani dishonest rulers and leaders, and he can’t now move on to struggle for Baluchistan.Every time when a student shows her talent so it is hided, whenever a person does something good so it is concealed. If the situation remained like this so for sure no student can be a light to other students.
“Where hope, honesty and courage stand there all black deeds need to be spoiled over”
Written by;
Yasmeen Sana Baloch