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CRitiCal prOblEms

The government of Baluchistan and parliament of Pakistan are linked together to earn money. The every news writes; five killed and two injured, three kidnapped and two are insnare.Baloch nation is being jeopardized day by day and we all are doing just nothing.
The recently gotten news by Malala Yousufzai who was injured but I oppose this news because this whole is a planning to make us suspicious at Taliban and to weaken our faith and we are also going in accordance with their track. She was exactly shoot by an unknown person but how can Pakistani government say it with sure that Taliban have done it .Since years in Baluchistan thousands of such students have been shoot up but why they couldn’t do anything.
In lal masjid hundreds of bodies gave up the ghost but did Pakistan took any action? This all is being done at the base of a strong planning. In mand a student was teaching and studying, she was shot and she got killed so I didn’t get such a news:she has been sent to a well-reputed hospital instead they mis-state the statement and blamed her. Baluchistan is being made a mortuary .The whole baloch nation is in oppression .The P.M and president with others are here to take out oof only .Baluchistan is struggling for years to gain its rights but in place of rights we get the dead and fired bodies of our brothers and sisters. The 2007 incident in which lala muneer Ghulam Muhammad and Sher Muhammad being connected political persons were martyred so Baluchistan only rose up their names, but did their family get any reward for the work they did. The other people who are living a nomadic life in western or eastern parts of countries so does our C.M takes any action towards those who have impelled them to live a nomadic life .In mountains the freedom fighters are passing their days without food and water so what is being done here to assist them. The leaders who can mock at themselves so they can never come to assist those who are sitting under fire while they themselves sit under A.Cs .The role of women who are playing the role of brave citizens equally with the freedom fighters in Baluchistan; no one is informed of them. After great difficulties we have got a news channel so it is also sometimes banned so often claimed at something. There is a great saying:”Every nation is based up when its sun is with it to heat it in winter and to utilize its energy in summer “Means that a nation can’t go ahead unless its educational institutions and political bases are strong. But in Pakistan, whatever happens it is simulcast in two seconds but here in Baluchistan thousands of people have been killed and martyred heartlessly but their family only gets blood tears unless their own selves don’t die. Now days the News being telecasted at Journalists that they write useless and unknown biographies or news only because that is reality and they can’t tolerate it so they start blaming the person who give good accounts.
Every good circle is being given a false color either it is of political issue or educational.Everytime we get pressurized either by public or by Pakistani army.
Dear Readers, it is a lot of far time that we have been tolerating problems and facing abuses, but it is now time for students to rise up and take out their nation from hot water.
So raise up Baloch Nation(The twinkling star)
Kandeel baloch

Small amount of Understanding

  LiFe:We are called the follower of life because we never get what we want so we need to follow the rules of it:So be prepared before to get grieved by people.
Friends:all the time with us and all the time smile and weep with us but never stand with us when other suspect us:So take it easy
Family:We get birth between them,we grow in front of them,we behave like friends in front of them,we go with them,but they never understand us in spite they leave us when we need them:So never be worried of it.

Society:we walk with them,we sit with them,we laugh within their jokes,but they never  try to understand our emotions:So leave it

Shadow:Everyone leaves at lurch none supports us when we need them and no one weep with us when we want someone to wipe them:So grave it

Death:compulsory for everyone,whoever has opened eyes in this world he will close them one day:So remember it
Hope:everything dies but one thing will alive u when u decide to die:So keep it with you
Trust:Whatever we have tied that will be lost but trust is to be kept in heart and tied with spirit:So have it as a sword
Tears:Company of yours at pleasures times and sorrows:So make them your friend only,