Creativities from Yasmeen


“Behavior is the mirror that shows
what you are inside”

“A Man with education and behavior is stronger
than that man with weapons and bullets”

“Education is the key that opens
every door of success”

“Position is not the only thing,to do something
without position means something”

“Culture defines your
nationality,and behavior
decides your destiny”

“Teachers are the leaders
of a reader’s nation”

“Don’t be a cheater and a marketer
be a publisher and a maker”

“Never change yourself for others
because”OTHERS”are always
others but your
nature,attitude and behavior is

“Don’t believe in what you hear about me
Believe in what you know about me”

“Hope is always the first option
when you loose everything”

“A good friend never taunts you”

“People are not known by beauty of face
but known by beauty of soul and heart”

“Humanity is the bond that joins you with the world”

“The power of pen and women are stronger
than the other powers
of world”

“Everyone can buy everything but
all fail in buying”LOVE”

“Loneliness is better
than that company
who tries to eradicate you”

“Life is like the collection of songs in your cellphone,doesn’t matter what you like,but there will come such a song that will make you relax”

“All humans are like alphabets and numbers ,one is straight,one is small,one is big,one is bent,but collectively are known by one name”Alphabets or Numbers”

“Best friend should be like a PC where you can store everything,not a website that can only give you relevant data”

These are some camera shots while i was making a card for someone 🙂




A hand made Balochi Pen-box made and decorated by me for my principal office 🙂 ………



10 thoughts on “Creativities from Yasmeen

  1. Yasmeen this is so beautiful and really meaningful lines…I must at such young age you know lot of things and I am sure you will do a lot good for the society..

    Way to Go Dear Sister.. 😀
    But for whom you are making this Card?Special One.. 😉

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