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Books or Bullets??

Books are the most essential part of life. “Protect your books because one book can save millions of nations from one bullet”. This piece is about a story and the importance of books. Books can teach us the way of life and can show us the right path too.

If we analyze the word book so it will be like this given below:
“Education is that thing that makes an idle person an Ideal person” (Yasmeen Baloch)
The story that occurred with me:
One night as usual, I went to sleep outside on my bed as in rural areas of Baluchistan due to hot weather in nights and due to load shading, they sleep outside the houses on beds having tents.
So as I was watching T.V and it was about 10:00 A.M, I switched off the T.V and went to sleep, I took my blanket and slept. I don’t know why today I wasn’t in mood of sleeping; I took sides to sides but no chance of sleeping!
After a while I heard the voice of firing and it was on rises as if bullets and guns have been taken on sale! Then I saw those red bullets that I saw clearly on sky. Bullets from the both sides were sounding so loudly and it was all being done at our outdoors, not on the outdoors of our houses but outside of our ground and the sound was so loud, the red bullets were so near to the ground and I can’t explain how loud their voice was and how the fear was in the hearts of my sisters and brothers and other people of our area. Those moments were incomprehensible and perilous.
My two cousins went to home but I, my father, my mother, my grand father, grand mother and another cousin didn’t go!
This process was carried out for approximately 15 or 18 minutes and I was scared but not that much!
At morning when I woke up, so the voices of those bullets were loudly being repeated in my ears. I got my break fast and then quickly got prepared for school. I went there in my classroom and I greeted them, then we all sat together, 15 minutes were only remaining for assembly so they all stared talking about the yesterday’s night incident and all were scared badly!
After assembly I went to class as the first period was of chemistry so the teacher came and started teaching but my mind was not in class and I was not listening to the lecture attentively. In all those six hours I was thinking that? Why?
Are bullets better than the body of a human?
Is war stronger than referendum?
Why we are again stepping in the age of ignorance?
Many questions were questioning me and I kept in a clear error that if situations will remain like this so no one will send their children in schools for getting education and then conditions will be so matted. I was afraid that if firings, bomb blasts and the bullets captured our town so education will give up.
I came from school and I had a light headache too, I slept a bit then I woke up, I did my assignments and then went to my garden, there after looking the fresh views I became a bit happy and then I came home back.
The point is that in such situations in Pakistan how a student can read and how parents can send their children to a school?
No parent wants to jeopardize the lives of their children though after knowing the situations!
I am here struggling but I am so upset that from my town I am the single girl who is blogging and writing. As my aim is to bring the reality in front of you all and whatever passes on my mind I will write.
Education is weightless and bullets are heavy so dear students education is the weapon that we can carry anywhere without any tool or weight so means we can fight with everyone without a weapon or pistol, so take your weapon and unite to finish the violence form our city, from our nation.

Books are very important in today’s era; if we pick any book we get a lot of data. Today books are very informative. Every story describes a truth of life and also explains methods that how to pass your life.
Attacks on libraries and educational institutes are a huge warning for the destruction of nation.
If we come a bit closer to Balochistan so recently in a district of Balochistan(Panjgoor),a very disgusting act came into sights where Schools and books are still chained,students are sitting in their homes because one gun frightened the whole nation and this issue has not been highlighted in assembly yet.The underground Organization(Al-Islam-UL-Furqan) who threw pamphlets to close the private Schools,if they didn’t do so then they will suffer from very hard results.
Balochistan is in darkness and there our leaders are sitting in parliment and discussing that how to make the country  better,if education is imprisoned in the chains of bullets and weapons so how the country will be in betterment?
It is a state of shame that when a dog does a stupid activity so it is highlighted in all Pakistani channels but such a big incident occurred in Balochistan,an administrator of a school was attacked,schools are closed,students are loosing their lives but no one dares to highlight this issue in any Pakistani channel.We all (the students,teachers,civil society, kids) marched to Deputy commissioner’s office, protested there for five hours for three days and still teachers are protesting there but no one knows what is going in Balochistan,what type of circumstances it is facing. But no one dares to talk about this issue except in blogs and newspapers.
Malala Yousaf Zai who was shot on the head so she was sent to foreign country but Schools of Panjgoor are closed completely and issue is only bounded in balochi news channel(Vsh news channel).

Before signing off i would say that please try to read balochistan historically and then decide what is justice and injustice,here talent has been killed,books are burnt,students are promoted on the basis of recommendations.I request to my brothers and sisters that please break your silence.

Teen Suicide…



Girls are under threat mostly in Pakistan and all over the world. This piece is about today’s boys who threat the girls and mostly upload their pictures in Face book.

We all know that girls are very sensitive; they take everything seriously, whether it is up to their education, career, family or respect. Females are always tortured and it is a common concept in Pakistan that females are considered too week. When the point comes to a girl’s education so family members think thousand times before admitting her in a private school because the news of rapping girls is the first headline of today’s news channels. Like wise if it comes to a girl’s career so it is thought thousand times before accepting her career and if it comes to her own respect so no one thinks even for a minute that why she did like this and why she was tortured.

Here is a short story that how girls are black mailed and boys are left free.

This is a disgusting fact that today also girls are dumped alive usually when they enter a private school. When a girl enters in a private school so she concentrates on her studies but slowly and gradually when she reaches to the higher classes so boys start staring at her and then ask her for her number. She rejects to give her number and ignore him but after ignoring the boy along some other boys stop her way, send different letters through kids and threat her that if you didn’t give your number we will do this and that…Likewise the girl is black mailed and she is compelled to do what they say, so she gives the number and then you all know better that what the results will be.
The boy asks for her picture as the boy has already trapped her in lied-love, but still girl refuses to give her pictures and then boy threat her again that if you didn’t give your pictures, I will tell all boys of your society or school that she chats with me and etc. Again the girl is pressurized and compelled to do what he says. So the pictures are given, after giving the pictures now the girl realizes that she has traveled on the wrong path. The girl gets busy with her exam preparations, studies, and family gatherings so the boy sends her a message:” Why you are not replying? If you didn’t reply so I will upload your pictures in Facebook”. Then the girl claims herself for such destiny and condemns herself for doing like this. Then she thinks about her family, her respect, the result after uploading the pictures so she reaches at the last decision that is”Suicide”,and the spot of infamy is called the Girl herself.

Now here questions raise that” Why always a girl is pressurized?
Why the boy is not arrested and jailed for doing such a bad act?
Why only the girl is blamed for the infamy?

If a girl is blackmailed so that boy should be imprisoned instead of blaming the girl for all this incident. Today thousands of teenagers are black mailed and the result is “Suicide” due to which all face the infamy.

As being Muslims, the boys do such shameless acts and girls are told to be in control and limit, why no one understands that Love is natural, we don’t have any power to stop it. Females become victim of such cases and this is not a new thing, we can easily match these times with those of dumping the girls alive. That time they were dumped because they were thought
a spot of infamy and today they are also dumped for the same reason.

Girls are sensitive and such boys walk freely in our societies who spoil the characters of innocent girls and we watch and tolerate everything silently. In 2002, the World Health Organization estimated that over 15,000 suicides were committed in Pakistan, but it is estimated  about 5,000 to 7,000 suicides” annually. In addition, it is said, there are approximately 50,000 to 150,000 cases of attempted suicides. The majority of suicides and attempted suicides are in people under the age of 30 years.

Teenage is the most beautiful phase of life so why teenagers feel so stress in this phase, it is one of the phases where teenagers enjoy their life but in 21st era they are grieved that much that they can’t differentiate between good and bad. They are black mailed, pressurized and then the road leads them to “Suicide. Mostly Girls are considered mentally week that becomes quiet easy for boys to compel her.

I request to my all sisters that: please be strong and if boys black mail us so we shouldn’t be week but we should face them with courage.

The universe of 2020…A negative scenery of today’s era

We all know about today’s century that what are the situations that every mother and father faces. Parents are the first teachers.The first academy of a child is mother’s lap,today if a child gets birth,the Islamic prayers are prayed in his ears but the process and way of life is not taught to him.This piece is about the negative results of today’s upbringing.

The fact is clearly deny that we all are born from the mother’s womb and it doesn’t matter at all that we were born from bibi hawa’s ribs or from Hazrat Adam because then it will lead to a very large discussion .

When a child first opens his eyes in this world and comes out from the womb so first of all he cries very much because this world becomes quite different from the mother’s womb.For not being so much familiar with this world,with the people and with the surroundings he cries unless he doesn’t becomes familiar.After coming out from the womb,some holy verses are prayed in his ears by the head of the family(Allah hu akbar) that makes him a Muslim but before the prayers he doesn’t knows what he is,what is his religion and what is his cast?

The only point to be noted is that when first of all a child opens his eyes so he is given the name of a “Human” later,when he grows up so he discovers his religion and nationality.As soon he starts growing mentally and physically,he also begins discovering his environment,his religion and cast.Along with this,his parents seek him that he is a Muslim,seek him the five pillars of Islam as well Hindu parents also seek their children about their religion that what is Pooja,bagwan,pandith,Sanskrit and etc,likewise Christians also seek their children about their religion that what is Christianity,church and worship.
At the starting point that what a child is before maturity and mental growth,we all have to agree that before the birth and maturity he is a “Human” because a kid comes to know and discover his religion after the mental growth,maturity and upbringing so we can’t reject the reality that before moralization and maturity we are”Humans”,we all come to know our religions when we grow up,when we hear the prayer calling from Masjids,see our mothers doing pooja,see our parents worshiping in churches.we can’t deny the fact that we are humans unless we don’t grow up mentally.Our minds grow up when we see our surroundings and our parents.Most importantly the points is that before we are”Humans”,then “Muslims”,”Christians”,”Hindus”,”Suniis”,” and our nationality comes.The point of agreement and opposition is obviously must but with consideration.
In the old ages i mean in A.D or B.C,people were living their lives like animals,they were completely arrogant ,illiterate and immature,they had disputes at very small things and they were living an arrogant life.They were indulged in all types of devils,they gambled,drank wine,disrespected woman and treated with them like slaves.Girls were dumped alive,they thought that the birth of a baby girl is wrong for the family and the birth of a baby girl is a sin.Slowly and gradually,their environment got worse,they all got the wrong track but when Islam came to advent and Hazrat Muhammad(S.A.W.W)(The holy prophet) entered in the environment so he started sorting out the problems and tried to take out them from the world of darkness,at the starting,a very few people accepted Islam and became Muslims but others refused to accept him as a Holy prophet and tortured him in different ways,non-Muslims threw stones at him when he came out of his house but he tolerated the all bottomless punishments,poco a poco all accepted Islam and became Muslims.Their life became comfortable and restful.Now,they were enjoying their lives,women were given their rights,and the trend of dumping baby girls alive,was terminated.
Like wise centuries passed,19th century finished and people jumped in 20th century that was a new year for them as all Muslims were monotheists and they started living together then in 1997 the great country”Pakistan” appeared on the map that is a free democratic country for Muslims(A free nation for Muslims).
That time technology was v.poor and letters were used to convey messages to each other so people weren’t that much educated.That time Moralization was brilliant,parents and teachers gave perfect education to children.They aware them about their rights,religion and nationality.Parents took proper care of their children and children were greatly moralized.Parents had time to listen to the problems of their children,they sat and asked them that what are their problems?Do they want anything?Are they disturbed of something unusual?Is she satisfied with the environment of house?And children clearly discussed their points with them and parents sorted out the problems from which their children were disturbed.The surrounding was very dominant,girls and boys were free to live their lives but within the limitation of religion and culture.Though there wasn’t technology,that much maturity but they lived their life beautifully,though they weren’t aware of the issues internationally but they solved the problems of their houses quietly,though there was not not Television,internet and cell-phones but the gathering and family discussion made their lives easy and quite pretty,though there wasn’t electricity but candles lighted their world,though there wasn’t so much happiness but the smile on each others face blushed the all family with a heaven’s view.
Today if we compare our era with them so many things have changed.People themselves don’t know how they are living their life,why they are living?They are that much depressed that they don’t have time to share their problems,they are so much aggressive and dis mood that they don’t have that humble nature to talk with their family members.They are confused that what to do and how to do?The point is that have they forgotten their religion,social gathering or their moralization.
Why today every one is so indulged in his/her own problems?
Is it due to extra technology,media,social-media,jobs?
The first academy of a child is mother’s lap,today if a child gets birth,the Islamic prayers are prayed in his ears but the process and way of life is not taught to him.
If we compare it as a list so it will be like this:
They were gathered, now They are separated.
They shared their problems, now They are afraid of sharing their problems.
They took out time for their family members but now they don’t have time for their family members.
They spread light with a candle but now  Electricity is at high voltage,A.C and heaters are
available but still lights are extinguished.
One dish was sufficient for the whole family but now Thousands of dishes are cooked but still one house remains hungry.
Their pleasures were based in gatherings but  Now pleasures are based on internet and
social media.
Mothers took out time and listened to their children with great attention but now Mothers take out time for dramas and serials but consider the problems of their children useless and don’t give them importance.
Children followed the foot prints of their forefathers and grand fathers but now Children follow internet and even don’t dare to take a glance on the life of their grand father.
They discussed their personal problems with family members instead of an stranger but now  they discuss their personal problems with strange friends.
They had the relation of brother and sister with others in society now  They have the relation of brother and sister with others  in a society but others gave it the name of”Love”.
There was no place of suspense but now Suspense is the name of the world that we are now living in.
There were no schools and religious institutions but children were moralized and were in discipline but now  Institutions and religious schools are present in a great number but still children misbehave with others and don’t give respect to elders.

The above sentences clearly explain the changes that have come right now.Today if a children wants to discuss her problem with her mother so mother answers her aggressively that“Keep your problems with yourself,Don’t give me an headache”. After listening this point from her mother she becomes disgruntled and she starts thinking that mother doesn’t love me.
It is the era of technology and people are getting spectacular popularity and success due to this,but when students use mobiles and chat with their friends or class mates so why mother doubts at her,she shouldn’t suspect at her because she already refused to listen to her and her problems so then why she doubts at her?
When mother knows that her daughter is stuck with her cell-phone so strange ideas develop in her mind that may be my daughter is chatting with a boy so she snatches her mobile and doesn’t give it to her.After it, she starts connecting with the internet and social media,where she adds strangers and bad people,she shares her every problem with those strangers and they disuse her silence and innocence.Tomorrow a person comes and tells her mother that your daughter has done this false deed,so mother slaps her and beats her,closes her in house and doesn’t gives her food.
After two or three months mother gives her mobile,so she chats with her teacher and here i will put a question that if the mind-setup of a girl is positive and she can handle everything positively so why suspense stops her from living her life positively?Chatting with a teacher is not bad but the method of chatting,mind-setup matters.When she chats with him so mother again does the same process,again the same social media.
If a mother doesn’t listen to her daughter at first and refuses to listen her so why so much doubt develops later.If a mother refuses to listen to her children so children become compelled to share their points and secrets with and outsider by which problems and insult increases.The basic right of a mother in today’s era is to listen to her children with more attention that what he is trying to say?What is his problem?that tomorrow he/she shouldn’t go and discuss her family problems,personal problems with an outsider.Today if parents don’t have five seconds to listen to their children so children will never think for two seconds to discuss her points with a stranger.When such circumstances produce so again the children is blamed,if it is a girl so she is killed by the power of violence.
But why?????
When mother her self rejected to listen to her child and said it useless or wastage of time to listen to her/him do why she suspects at her then??? Parents should understand that time that they have lost their daughter/son at that exact time when they refuse to listen her.
If parents don’t have ten seconds to share their problems with family and don’t listen to their children attentively,let it be if she/he is saying something useless but first of all listen it first that what is her problem?In such a case the child is compelled to share her/his personal issues with someone outsider.It is not the fault of that child who adopts the way of social-media and chatting with a boy but it is obviously the fault of parents and that mother who rejected to listen to her children.
Today parents scream and shout at teachers and other people in society that they are giving bad manners to their children but why we don’t remember this thing that “Sab sey peheley apne garebaan main tho jank kar deko k ap khud kya kar rahe ho janaab”.
If i am wrong and i am not following what my parents say me so i don’t have any right to go and teach someone else to do something right.If i am right,my parents are broad-minded so i have the guts to go and teach others the lesson of goodness.
Today when mother wakes up in morning so she wakes her children with an aggressive tone and kicks him/her,the children wakes up and her/his day goes worse because her/his morning started with an aggressive tone.Mother prepares her children for school with slaps,abuses and anger,child weeps and goes to school with father.Father goes to office and at afternoon they come back.If they pray so they get busy with offering prayers and then take out dinner,after taking dinner they rest for a while and then they wake up,sweep the room,and the children take out the books to revise what they have learned today but what a mother does today with children?
They tell them to do household works and compel the daughter to sew cloths,children can’t reject so they do what their mother says,at night children get tired and sleep,homework and other educational activities are left undone,tomorrow when she/he wakes up so at early morning he remembers that he has not done his/her homework and hasn’t learned his lesson so she/he says his mother,mother slaps him at early morning and let him to do his works quickly.The child goes to school and teacher beats him for giving the home work incomplete.
Now here who is Guilty?????
I can’t understand why we are playing with our lives???
Today it is 21st century and a small child of 10 years is attached with the media that much ,if mother or father calls him so he replies in a very rude tone and again he is punished for this rude behavior.Due to so much punishment,a child becomes mentally mad,crazy.
Seriously ,i have observed it that today 99% of children are suffering from loss of temper,they are 58% totally mad and they can’t recall what they have been said because of attachment with internet and punishment given by parents.
Now the question raises what to do?
Parents should give love to children,care and attention,they should be strict with them but in a limit.If parents get tired and they can’t take out time for their children by which later children adopts the false way so why they don’t dump them alive????
If parents can’t teach them about their religion so why children should be alive?
I can say it with sure that today 89% people don’t know the history of Islam but know who won the first world cup and who was jagjit singh and Mark Elliot Zuckerberg .
It is the state of shame for us that we blame children,teachers and surrounding for the bad behavior of children.
Why parents don’t think of the final reason at that time when mother says:”Keep your problems with yourself,Don’t give me an headache”.
why father doesn’t think at that time when he doesn’t check his school dairy and doesn’t look after his daily routine???
just because parents don’t have time.
Today if children are irresponsible so it is all the fault of parents not the surroundings,because when a child takes birth so he takes birth in his/her own house not in the society,if a child grows up and walks first so he grows up and walks in the surrounding of his house not in society.Sooner or later the same child has to be a shoulder for his parents but how he will understand his responsibility when everywhere he sees corruption,violence and misbehavior.Today in one house there is one television,if father comes he turns the channel to a news channel where the news are:
Firing in X.Y.Z ,3 people injured and five killed.
Bomb blast in X.Y.Z,50 people killed and 3 injured.
A father killed his children due to severe hunger.
In X.Y.Z film X.Y.Z acts like this…
So a child doesn’t get the proper growth of the mind setup according to his age but he starts thinking that why there was a bomb blast?Who did it?How was it done?
Today we shouldn’t help each other by thinking that i am a Muslim and i should only help a Muslim,but we should unite as humans with the relation of Humanity.
If we come to Pakistan so what is the situation here?
Complete corruption and people are being killed like animals,the era of ignorance has taken birth again,girls are being dumped alive by the slogan“Be silent because you are a girl”.
Girls are not born to be dumped,they are born to bring revolution.Today there is no respect for females in Pakistan,all over the media a female is slapped and the government remains silent.
Are we so week that we should only tolerate the violence?
We are born to finish violence but we are creating more violence in the country that is leading the world to ignorance.
Lets take the example of Balochistan and Hamid Meer(the anchor person of Geo News).
The problems of Balochistan are not hidden,everyone knows what are the circumstances in Balochistan,People are abducted and killed heartlessly but no one dares to talk about the justice.Today every child is imprisoned in the world of tension and politics.Today a child watches news so he takes the track of politics,victory and if he watches dramas so he takes the track of smuggling,drug addiction,negative role.we are stepping back in the old age (the age of ignorance,illiterate and immaturity).
When Hamid Meer raised the voice of innocent people and talked about the rights of Balochs so he was shot and he was blamed that he has tried to misuse the name of Islam and his channel(Geo News) is still blocked.If he was blamed for bottomless work so in Balochistan the underground religious organization(Al islam ul Furqan)that has no name,no identity in the history of Islam,it came and closed the all private schools of Panjgoor so why the Government is blind????
It is 2014(21st century) so such huge problems are producing and children are loosing moralized character,they are forgetting respecting the elders,loving the younger and they are creating more disputes in houses because of media and surroundings and the environment.Parents don’t have time to make their children understand that what you are watching is not good,what you are doing is bad.
Now if we move to children so children themselves are confused what to do,they can’t make their career,they can’t decide what to choose and what to skip because their family members do not have enough spare time to discuss that what they want to be in future,likewise when children are sent to schools,teachers punish them instead of making them understand.
It was the negative side of Picture that we are always seeing when we wake up and when we sleep,positivity has been killed that’s why everyone writes on the negative aspects of the world.If i write against children so again the same topic comes that children are taught everything from the birth so how they can understand what is wrong and what is bad?
Children should respect their elders,love their younger.They must avoid unlimited attachment with internet and media but who will make them understand these all good points????
Our world has been a globe of compulsion,busy routine,aggressive behavior,harboring of hates,corruption, violence and the biggest thing is that we are silent and tolerating these all corruptions because we love our lives,we don’t want to die but what about other innocent people who go in bazaar to buy things and in return their dead body comes??
We have to break our silence otherwise that day is not so far that we all will be silenced by the corrupt leaders who are running our government.
Today you are afraid of breaking your silence because your family member has not been abducted,so are you waiting for the time when one of your family member gets abducted?????
Today you are afraid of going to school,participating in rallies because you don’t want to waste your time,so are you waiting for the time when your house will be exploded????
Today you are sitting in house with comfort because you don’t support the baloch freedom fighters,so what will happen if tomorrow your own brother takes the gun and goes with freedom fighters in mountains for the sake of your respect???
Today your mother beats you and scolds you that don’t discuss political issues because you are not only the one educated,so what will happen if tomorrow your education will be banned by the same mother for such political issues???
Political issues,bullets,guns,blood,nomadic life,breaking violence,bravery are the names of “BALOCH” .
I will write today because my father is with me,today i write and write without fear as a girl from a place like Panjgur because my teachers have taught me to fight for your right,it doesn’t matter if you are doing mistakes in your writing but your struggle will help others to stand against the violence.
Today i write and talk about my Balochistan because i have learned from my father that it is not a big deal if the world opposes you and stands against you but one day the world will remember you for your this effort.
Today i write for the sake of my blood because i am a Baloch and Balochs are not afraid.
Today i walk freely because Balochistan is mine and i have the guts to fight with the enemies.
Today i write and i write without the support of any leader because i am free.

Written by:Yasmeen Sana Baloch…..