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Cheating in Balochistan!!

Well!!i am very surprised that a new system of cheating has been developed and in a very strange way.
I am having my exams in my own School as a Center.There cheating is permitted but in a limit,till one hour cheating is completely banned,then it is allowed and strictly.But i wanted to visit the Governmental Girls High School Panjgoor,so i took permeation from my aunt as she was there as Deputy Superintend  so she gave me permeation to go with her.According to the date-sheet,one-day we had our paper(paper of 10th)and one day it was the paper of 9th,so i went with her next day and sat on a chair.The paper time started and girls started coming,they entered in the examination hall and started sitting according their roll numbers which were written on their disks.Teachers started distributing the Answer sheets and Question papers.After taking the question papers,the students became crazy.I can’t express the condition how was it and how was the examination hall???
After 5 or 4 minutes candidates stood up from their chairs and sat on the chairs aside to their friends and classmates for cheating their papers.The lucky series,handbooks,books,notebooks were kept in front of them and they were writing.The teachers themselves gave cheats to the students and i can’t tell that the examiners are responsible for this all because the examiners are not from the school,they come from different areas and districts of Balochistan and they are told to handle and manage the exams and papers so it is not their fault.If someone is guilty and responsible so it is the D.E.O(District Education Officer) that never takes the responsibility and especially here in Panjgur,the D.E.O is very irresponsible,she neither takes the responsibility nor she handles the educational curriculum activities,neither she takes cares of the management nor the Schools.I am shocked and i don’t know what is going on.I wanted to change the educational system but here the story is showing me something else.The students in Governmental girls High School Panjgur are so rude to teachers and they misbehave with teachers in very rude language,they don’t consider them as Examiners and teachers.When i saw this misbehavior so i went in a deep thought that is it really an Examination hall????Are these really students??Is this really a School???IS she really the D.E.O??????
I am still in a deep shock that who has nominated her for D.E.O???
I know that it is must to be strict but to respect the teachers,to respect the students is also as necessary as self-respect is!!!The D.E.O disrespected the teachers who came in the Examination hall to look their students and ask them how the paper was???
And most interesting,candidates are given full freedom that they should cheat 100% freedom is granted to students because we have started believing that “Cheating is our right”,and honestly i also cheat because i am compelled,if i don’t cheat i wont get marks and why i won’t get marks?Because the Board of Intermediate and secondary education only accepts those answers that are in handbooks and lucky series not the ones that we learn from heart.If we write those answers that our own school teachers have taught us so we get our marks cut and we become fail.The base is not right so from where the end will be right.
If from begging the D.E.O was responsible,Board was responsible and other educational centers were responsible so today cheating was not the right of the students in Balochistan.
I believe Balochistan is rich in every aspect but when i saw that embarrassing situation so i got shocked that how it should be made better.How and from where??
If i appeal to the board so what will happen.The words that will be said to me,will be like this”Go to hell”.
If i appeal to my own teachers so the answer will be”Daughter!We can’t do anything because Board is irresponsible!!
If i appeal to the D.E.O(Who doesnot consider anyone a human,and disrespects everyone because she is very proud)so the answer will be a slap almost!!
So to whom should i appeal and raise my voice,how should i raise my voice towards this wrong act that is destroying our lives,and most important thing is that the real candidates that take exams,don’t take the examinations themselves but as others to take it and teachers permit them too!!!!!!!
Well! i am in a big shock that what should i do???
Cheating has spread in Balochistan like sea and it has fixed its place in the minds of students as their right.
But i will not stop and i will do everything that will be possible in my view and i will be writing and nominating those all persons in blog who are supporting this!!and after nomination if someone tried to spoil my educational career so this matter will be highlighted internationally and i hope you all are with me.

Baloch Culture day

The baloch culture day has a very respective history and the baloch culture is admired through out the world.Baloch culture day is celebrated on every 2 March with great spirit.In this year 2014,it was celebrated through out the world and balochs enjoyed it very much. Baloch culture day varies to Moenjedaro.Balochs lay down their lives for the sake of their culture.Here are some traditional balochi pictures that i have collected:

Balochi foot wears that Boys wear in Balochistan!!
Balochi foot wears that girls wear in Balochistan!!!
Balochi utensils!!
Balochi traditional Dresses for Women!!






Balochi tradition:
Balochi Dishes 🙂
Dry meat
Dates 🙂
Balochi first channel:

Balochi:Salamat Bhatey Brath o Guharan!!
English:Stay blessed brothers and sisters!!

Proud to be a Baloch
Proud to be a native of Balochi
Proud to be a citizen of Balochistan!!