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So far I am home..

Hello my dear friends.I hope you all are fine. I haven’t been blogging for almost nine months and the reason is my studies.I went to the capital of Baluchistan (Quetta) for higher studies and i was pleased to continue my studies further. At first when i went to new academy where i was admitted for studying so i was confused a bit because the environment was different for me.I prepared myself and i went at 4;40.When i went as it was co-education so it was not difficult for me because i already studied in co-education in School so when i went i found so many boys mostly patans and in those all boys i was the only single Baloch girl so after going to Academy,I entered in my Class and sat in front of Multimedia and teacher.The first class was of Biology which was taught by Professor Allah dad i enjoyed the class ,then class of chemistry started as it was upstairs so between too many boys i managed to get in .The receptionist told the boys to clear the way for me,i started climbing the stairs  but before entering in the class there was a boy standing near the door ,he was a student too.I wanted to ask him “Is the class started”? Instead of asking him in Urdu i communicated with him in English and he was confused. I went in class and enjoyed that class too which was taught by Professor Qahir Khan.Then the class of Physics started and i went there i enjoyed that class very much because the subject that i disliked that became too easy for me.That class finished which was taught by Lecturer Khalid Shah. Now our term finished and i made too many friends because then girls took admission and i didn’t become alone.On 14 -2 -2015 it was our farewell party and contest and i participated in speech that was really fantastic. Now i am back to home in Panjgur but i will go again  because i have to continue my Second year classes.And please pray for me because i am gonna appear in first year exams on April. Picture of my Academy.10614334_1486459684973256_7445457758094566662_n