People say me, you are  a Baloch ,why do you praise patans?
People say you defend Patans ,you are dead for Balochs!
But i don’t understand that if we all are suffering from the same hurdles and problems so why we have drew lines of color,caste and nationality?
Why do we hate a common patan?
Why should we hate a innocent Baloch?
We are born as humans,and we will die as humans so why do we fill the middle with so much hates and so many  misunderstandings?
We have been divided on class system so that we couldn’t unite the masses and we are doing what enemies want!


Lost Yasmeen or New Yasmeen

Today when i woke up so i logged into word press and i started checking the comments and blogs of my bloggers,i saw many different and strange things.
I saw that once it was a time when i posted with broken English and my bloggers read my posts by motivating me .
So here is a Hello to all of my bloggers who were lost or either i was lost somewhere in this world.
I was searching many things and i was shocked by reading the comments and my posts.I searched blog of Harsha,Arindam and many more,once i realized that i am lost and it has been more than two years that i haven’t blogged.
Things have changed,environment has changed and moreover a lot of things have changed in my life .Many things have happened that have taught me lessons and many things have happened that have helped me in moving on!
When i used to blog in 2014-15 so i wrote in a different way,i couldn’t write in a good way,today when i checked those posts so i smiled and noticed the changes in myself that life is great ,many things have changed .
Before i thought that life can never be good but now i am happy and hug life with positivity ,before i thought that my life can never change but now i am living a life that i have dreamed for.
Yesterday i was a student of   intermediate ,now studying law :),
Before i wrote about social issues but now i am on the social and political platform and fighting against many things.
So far i came to know that the reason for all problems in Pakistan is Capitalism,class system and many more.And today when i read Karl Marx and Lenin so i realize that i knew nothing since i was in intermediate,i was not aware of anything but now i know many things because i started reading the right books that guide me towards a better life.
Yup things have changed and i love this change in my life because i think now i am justifying my articles into actions.
I thought may be i am lost somewhere but now i think i am changing into a new Yasmeen who has nothing to do with other things but i have many things to do for humanity on a platform .