My Journey in WordPress

I started writing while i was in 8th class when i was 12 years old .I was not so talented to put my thoughts and views so clear in terms of grammar,i still find some mistakes in my writings,as it is said “No one is complete,if he is then he is an angel” .I always tried my best to share something new to my readers ,to tell them about the brutalities,injustice and all illegal things being done here.

At first when i started writing,i honestly didn’t have any guide; how to write and how to make impressive writings.At first i was very discouraged because whenever i wrote  i didn’t get any notification from my Baloch sisters and brothers,but still i didn’t stop writing.The first one who commented at one of my post was from India which gave rise to my hopes and courage.

It is needless to say that i didn’t have any consequence to write.At that time when i was studying in 8th class ,i was very distressed due to the man-made customs,negativity,  these all factors compelled me to write and i knew i have the tact for it.It was not an easy thing for me to stand in such a society and write against those things which are mortal.My solitary ,knowledge and negative factors were my biggest weapon.At first i didn’t logged in as my real name,it was”Kandeel Baloch”. one day my friend’s article was published in one of a magazine  ,my father also saw it so he said me why you don’t write something and publish it?Then i wrote my blog address on a page and gave it to my father .When he returned from office he told me, why you haven’t put your name in Blog?This thing made my happy and i put my real name”Yasmeen Sana Baloch”.

I was bewildered to know that no body even encouraged me and i thought i am underdog but i didn’t give up.My struggle,confidence,hope were pushing me towards my goal due to which i was and still valiant.I gave my blog address to some of my friends ,they mocked at me that are you crazy ?
The biggest baffle was this that i gave my blog address to my principal even,and i received nothing,nor oral appreciation nor  notification.When my family members came to know that i am writing against such things(Mutilated bodies,injustice,killings,this and that) they became angry with me.It was a very hard journey for me to reach here . I was asked by them;”Aren’t there any other people that you are showing off your talent ?All know that you know how to write and read English so what is the need to show it off.I didn’t understand what to do,laugh or wail.

It was a calamity for the people living in our society.Whoever met me  would scowl towards me .As if i am a delinquent criminal.Everyone considered me a lunatic except my father  ,my mother appreciated me after a long time.I toiled towards my goal and a lot of bloggers followed me from India and foreign countries and i am very grateful to them that their courageous comments made me able to pursue my dream.I knew that foreigners are not uttered of any problem being done in Balochistan so i had to  illustrate everything with facts and information.I just tried to bring amendments  in wrong customs.I can remember the Balochs who commented on my blog and they were;Malik Mohammad Baloch,Iqbal Zaheer Baloch,Fida Farahd Baloch,Ishfaq Akhtar Baloch,Changaiz Baloch,Akber Notezai and recently Sanjran Baloch .But it isn’t surplus as compared to foreigners.Any how i thank them.Thanks

I am really disrupt that till now i haven’t got any appreciation from any Baloch.I sent my many essays,articles for magazines but i was rejected.I know there were mistakes but no blunders were there.If i had mistakes so also there are editors to edit them  but what to do.I don’t know what the situation is ;whether they don’t want me to struggle,they feel envy ,or they are afraid.After some months i came to know one thing that i have left and that was writing Balochi(Mother tongue),that was not difficult for me too,i tried and wrote poetry,poems in Balochi.I hardly got some comments in my that blog but here i couldn’t find any notification yet .I was threatened  even to stop writing but i didn’t.There were some obstacles that wanted to mute me but that was a vain attempt.

I don’t think being patriotic,talented and struggling is a sin.I have completed five years in WordPress and i have gained a lot of knowledge,experience.I thank my all bloggers,friends and my parents for encouraging me.

Thanks for making me what i am today.I see a big revolution in my own life and according to it i conclude my saying:

“I still talk like same i did before,i still eat the same what i ate before,i still wear my same cultural dress that i used to wear before,i still live at the same place where i lived before,But to day i am not ,what i was before”
(Yasmeen Sana)


2 thoughts on “My Journey in WordPress

  1. Keep on writing,U r doing far better and with days passing by u r getting better n better.Let ur thoughts flow through your words,never stop at anything.Best Wishes Forever Yasmeen.. 🙂

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