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I am lost….yet i am not




Yes mom!
Wake up!
Oh mom! C’mon its not morning yet.let me sleep..
After a while Yasmeen wakes up and goes to refresh herself.Then she makes breakfast,yew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Eggggggg!!she hates but unfortunately she needs to fry.
After making breakfast she prepares the breakfast and arrange them.Calls her father..
Baba..Baba….come breakfast is ready!
then calls her brother….
Wake up wake up….
All come and take breakfast…Sometimes jokes and discussions also become a part of breakfast.After it she washes the dishes,sweep the rooms,clean the rooms.Then she sets in front of her computer,thinking what to write,who has commented.
After finishing her works she sets and studies after studying watches T.V.
When night comes she sits with her mom and dad,teases her mother and then her father and she herself laughs.She enjoys a lot.
Before Yasmeen was concerned about world,confusion,sorrows,people and bla bla bla.
But now she is completely opposite of it.She is happy with her family,dad and mom.
And as Yasmeen i feel proud that i have loving,caring and supporting parents.
They have given me individual freedom due to which i can compete the customs that are destroying the lives of innocent people.

Balochi Culture and Vsh News Channel..

Well! I am not going to write about Education, motivation and politics. Today I am going to write about Balochi culture and Balochi Channel (Vsh news) On every 2nd march Balochi culture day is celebrated with great efforts and joy on the behalf of Vsh news Channel and the C.E.Oof VSh news(C.E.O Ahmed Iqbal Baloch) On 2nd March a title song is also prepared and sung by a good Balochi singer and this year a title song was also sung by singer(Qasim Amin) in his inspirational voice. People wait anxiously for this day and before two months the preparations are started for this day: Stages, shows, singers and everyone is told their dialogs, poetry for song and many other things. A huge crowd gets ready in Karachi for the gatherings in sea view (Clifton). Males wear their traditional cloth which is like frock. They wear their traditional shoes which are called (Chawat, sawaas). dress They tie a large white cloth on their heads which is called (Paag). baloch-national-dress-men-brothers Baloch culture is also rich for music and the instrument by which the balochi music is so attractive is called (Dhamboorag and soroz). Soroz: imagesg Our past singers sung with Dhambooarg and played with it in a good way which attracted many people towards them which includes the singers: Faiz Mohammad, Akhtar Chennal, Noor mohammad nooral, and also the songs Sammul thai vshen khandag o taukan, Masqat e meher o…, and many more. On 2nd March in different districts of Balochistan it is celebrated in a fabulous way. Balochs gather on a ground, with balochi traditional clothes, chawats/sawas, paags and dance on a Balochi song and this dance is called Balochi do chaapi which I like very much. 10431965_628445813908123_1642408263_a On shows and programs Balochi singers, poets and culture is greatly highlighted. Singers like: Taj Bulaidai, Kulsoom noor, Bibi ganz bano, Basit Baloch, Haroon sheikh and many more are invited for singing songs with their unique voices. Baloch Culture is also famous for bravery and Baloch brothers carry a sword which shows bravery. They also wear a hand-crafted Balochi jacket which is usually black and called (Dagula or balochi coat). Fashion for Baloch Boys imagesu Balochs put pillows by the walls of house to decorate it and pillows are also mostly hand-crafted by (Jallar). IMG_20150302_182348 Instead of Carpets Rich Balochs use traditional mats which is called (Thagird). 183939_114736915267823_107403196001195_114633_8098585_n Balochi traditional transport which is called (Olak) is Camel (Hoshtir). dsf Balochi Females are also famous for their Embroidery which costs very much and is very expensive. The real traditional Balochi dress for females is made with the help of six colors which are: Red, Green, Blue, White, Black, Dark brown beautifully. 10009864_704867246299076_2944175861174974955_n 10990665_1004983462848535_9210983293211944473_n They mostly wear their jewelries as it is the pride of balochi women. They also wear their traditional slippers or sandals which are also called (Sawas). sawas IMG_20150302_182450 They mostly wear their traditional dress in houses and I feel proud that I am a Baloch and I wear mostly my own traditional dress which is commonly worn. The jewelry which is mostly worn by Balochi females is known as (Kaidh) and (Dhors). images They also make amazing mobile pouches from their embroidery which looks very beautiful. On 2nd March Balochi Marriages norms are also shown which include the tradition of: Pochani Roch/Chete roch, Dozuki, heni bhand and Mubarak. 183256_114729265268588_107403196001195_114558_2119439_n1 Balochi food has great importance in Balochi culture and there are many delicious dishes and I know most of them and can make too. Many of them are Natural that grows naturally on mountains and people go to cut them after rainy days like potronk, limpuk and koosh. Potronk: normal_Potronk Limpuk: limpukKoosh: 10353578_446049645542004_6553425334106620186_n Kooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh There are other delicious dishes which are madhar and sheer, Saji, tabaheg, porani,peesh bhand/kori mai. Madhar: A kind of food which is made from dates. At first the seeds of dates are taken out and then they are crushed by hands in a good way after it this date is mixed with flour of sabzek and then made. sheer o urmag Saji: A kind of food which is made after slaughtering a goat and its meat is washed properly. Then it is stuck on large skewer on land. images Tabaheg: It is my favorite. It is made on Eid ul azaha.After slaughtering the goat, its meat is cut into pieces and crushed pieces of pomegranate mixed with salt are rubbed on the meat. Then a long rope is tied on two sides of wall, after it the pieces of meat are tied with the leaves of date tree and then tied on that rope to become dry. When they are dried so it means they are ready for cooking. tbhgf tbhg Porani: A kind of Bread.At first a round stone is taken and it is put in thanoor.When it becomes warm it is taken out and bread is stuck on it when it stuck on the stone completely so it is again put in thanoor.When it is fully backed so it is ready for eating. Porani:Before taking put from thanoor: ponriPoorani:After taking it out from thanoor: porani Peesh bhand/Kori mai: These are small fishes caught from rivers and fried which are very tasty and also my favorite. kori mai;peesh band

Baat o Maash: A kind of food made from rice and pulses. baat o mashBanklaink:It is a kind of food which is made from different beans. 11036082_451000528380249_4508845953796597938_n And regarding the Balochi culture, its problems and the voice of poor people is being supported by Balochi news channel (Vsh).It highlights the problems of Balochistan very much and motivates the Baloch youth. It supports them to continue their work and boost up their fun/talent.We are thankful to Sir Ahmed Iqbal Baloch who is promoting Balochs and we pray that may he gets more encouragement to promote Balochistan more: C.E.O of Vsh News Cahnnel in Balochi culture: imagesfa
Director of Vsh News:Owais Iqbal

Logo Of Vsh news: logoWebsite of Vsh News: Anchors of VSh news: Hammal Baloch: SONY DSC Aroosa Essa: ar Benish Baksh: SONY DSCAnd there are many other programmes like:bezaan,Central point,Quetta Today,MAi watan,Mai justh,Rotaak,Vshen suhb,Padgir. Host of Programme:Vshen suhb: Marjan azeem: imagesmrj Vsh news magazine: ds Many times Vsh has been banned and no one has protested against its violence except its own team: imagesh We hope this problem gets solved soon. Proud to be a baloch! Happy culture day Balochs… beautiful-typography-design-12 Mountains of Koh e suleman: ds Flag of Balochistan: ffdBaloch raj o Balochistan zindag bhath gf National Anthem of Balochistan written in Balochi: چُکیں بلوچانی ما چُکیں ‌بلوچانی — مئے ترس ءَ زمین لرزیت مئے بیم ءَ کلات جکسنت ما کوھیں ‌مزار چُکیں ‌، ما گلڑیں ‌شیرانی — چُکیں بلوچانی ما چُکیں ‌بلوچانی — ما کوپگیں ‌پِسّانی ، ما جامگیں ‌ماسانی ما پنجگیں ‌براتانی ، ما لجیں ‌گہارانی — چُکیں بلوچانی ما چُکیں ‌بلوچانی — ما نان دئے ءُ داد بکشیں ، ما سردئے ءُ نام کشیں ما ھونی میار جلیں ، ما دیما رویں ‌بیرانی — چُکیں بلوچانی ما چُکیں ‌بلوچانی — ماں گیرتءِ شیر متکگ ما ساھگ ءَ زھمانی ھون پٹ ایت چہ مئے چماں ما کومیں‌ شھیدانی — چُکیں بلوچانی ما چُکیں ‌بلوچانی ھون زرور کار ءَ کئیت یک روچے مئے قوم ءِ تاوان نہ بنت ھچبر نازیک مئے ماسانی — چُکیں بلوچانی ما چُکیں ‌بلوچانی — ما پشتیں ‌یتیمانی لاچاریں‌ گریبانی زُلم ءِ ھسار ءَ پروشیں ‌دور نئیت پدا زُلمانی — چُکیں بلوچانی ما چُکیں ‌بلوچانی چکّاسیں ‌ھزار رند ءَ تیراں ‌وتی دلبندءَ قول انت تئی پرزندءَ گوں ‌گونڈلاں ‌تیرانی — چُکیں بلوچانی ما چُکیں ‌بلوچانی چم روک انت بلوچستان نامداریں ‌بلوچانی درگاہ انت شھیدانی شھموکیں‌ سگارانی — چُکیں بلوچانی ما چُکیں ‌بلوچانی ——————— The website where Balochi national Anthem is sung by balochi singer Basit balouch:–ELM7EgI Thank’s!!