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What roses mean?and what is a Friend???


Red – Romantic Love, “I love you”
White – Innocence and purity
Yellow – Friendship and caring
Orange – Fascination (alternatively, Desire)
Lavender – Enchantment, “I am falling in love with you”
Coral – Desire
Light Pink – Joy (alternatively, Sympathy)
Regular Pink – Happiness
Dark Pink – Thankfulness; good to send to someone in appreciation
Peach – Sympathy or Gratitude
Blue – (rare) Mystery
Mixture of White and Red – Unity.
I love all flowers but yellow , pink and red are my favorite ,Whenever i enter in my garden and the first view that fells on roses that gives me a wonderful feeling that is worthy of feelings….
FRIEND???What is it??
The relation where true love lies but dishonesty dies.
The garden where sacrifice is placed and lies are graved
the hearts where care gets birth but selfishness is dead.
I never had a best fiend because neither I trust love nor friendship why, something personal!
But for last two years I had a friend whom I can say is my best friend.
If there is someone with whom I can share my secrets than it is that guy, if there is someone for whom I care than it is that guy. That guy is my life….

Friendship is a sea where if you keep it clean and close it for bad things so you will get minerals but if you keep it open for every bad thing(means, getting angry at pity things, not trusting on one another, saying her secrets to others)then you will get the whole area polluted!!!!!!

The Oasis Academy Panjgur

The Oasis Academy Panjgur

The school from where i got the hut of manners,tool of respect,sea of knowledge,honor for teachers,love of teachers,awards of my aptitude,group of my friends,reason of life,intention to smile and got the key of my future.
But today a friend told me that Yasmeen do you know something???
I guessed and told No.What is that?
She replied:five months are only remaining for us to be in this school and after this sentence i got quiet upset and my eyes shed into tears because the memories that i spent in my classes and in my school that are unforgettable,the care and love that i got from teachers was not something to be forgotten,the advises that my teachers gave me were about to make me cry because the moments that were related to me ,may-hap were related to my life too!
Today i am missing my those all moments which i spent in my school from Nursery grade till 10th were all passing from my mind like raindrops and my heart was weeping like heavy rainfall.
I know and i can say that with my full confidence that  the love,care,affection,admire that i got from this institution,i can’t get it from anywhere else.
Thank you Oasis
Thank you my Teachers!!!


“If  i die with honest deeds
so people will remember me
but if i die with dishonest deeds
so people will blame me”

My motto and my reason to live is that to do something good
for my nation and for my people
so i created this blog in order to raise my voice and to highlight educational,political and social disorders but i never knew that beside it i will get so many friends who will encourage me so frankly without suspension .I am really speechless about the love,courage and care you all have given to me.I am really thankful to you all .Whatever i expected before creating this all have done it farther than that!