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Advocate Mohammad Hayat Baloch

                                                      Advocate Mohammad Hayat Baloch

A personality that shines and promoting the balochi language.
He was born on 2-03-1937 in a town of Panjgoor that is called Chitkan,In those days makran had one district ,that is Panjgoor.
He passed his primary education from his own town.In 1954,he cleared his board exam of 10th from Chitkan boys high School with highest marks  and stood up first in makran and 2nd in Balochistan.
He is law-graduate,when one unit was breaking and the province Balochistan was about to come in existence,and during the making  of the Government of NAP(National Awami Party) in 1971-72,he was elected as private secretary of provincial Minister(Meer Gul Khan Naseer). Later on as a collector he performed his duty in lehdi,Ustah Mohd,Khuzdar,Mastung and Board of renew Balochistan(Quetta) and due to his duty he was in Kalaat for a long time too.Whereas in 1985,he resigned from Governmental job.He was inspired from Meer Gohs Baksh Bezenjo’s politics and leadership  so he thought that it is his basic right to work with him and assist him so he took active part in P.N.P(Pakistan National Party),he was the member of  Central committee(P.N.P) and the district leader of Panjgoor.
In the general elections of 1988,P.N.P decided to take part in the elections on provincial base.From Panjgoor  P.N.P gave ticket to him for the seat of Provincial Assembly as a candidate.Mister.Bezenjo, himself took part in elections from Turbat for the seat of National Assembly.The icident that occured with them was that Mister.Bezenjo along his all candidates lose or as a fact they were defeated.
After the retirement,he started Advocate practice along his other interests,From his this step,District Bar Association came into existence and he was elected as the leader of District Bar Association two times in 1998 and 2001.
In 1989,he went for a political trip in some areas of Iran-Balochistan which included(Kohag,Espandag,Sarawan,Kash Zahidan and the city of Iran(Bahmboor).He became the leader and permanent member of Izzat Academy(Registered) two times for the promotion of Balochi language.
Mister.Rehmat Ullah kept a peaceful committee for him due to his broad-vision and social works on district bases.This committee was based on 1985 that is now working,he is a very dynamic and active member of this committee.This committee solved many problems as killing,reasons of killing,blood-flow,quarrels and fights and these problems were discussed according to Islamic and Balochi culture and regulations with a nice manner.In the result of the committee the parties and groups were granted peace and satisfaction.
In this way he became the member of many committees and some are:
District Advisory Committee
District Irrigation Committee
Health Foundation Committee
Public Safety Committee
His favorite hobby is reading and writing.Diffrent books are kept in his library that are based on various subjects.He writes articles on Balochistan,it’s problems,Balochi language and culture with his hand written name”Hayatan Baloch” and his many articles have been published and are publishing in”Balochi Dunya”,”Roznama Intekhab” and “Roznama Aasaap”.
He is kind with his relatives,he loves flowers and plants very much.There is also a very big,green and beautiful garden in his house.He spends most of his time in the garden.He has strong relation and true belief on his religion”Islam” and believes on religious people.Being busy,reading books,writing articles,watching news,reading newspaper,collecting magazines,discussions,flowers and plants,discussing with him are liked by him the most.He has a record of keeping mags of”Balochi Dunya” too.We are proud to have him in our Nation.He is a very good,polite,social and active person.He is working on Balochi language very hard.
People enjoy sitting in his discussions and the don’t become bore and tried in his discussions.
Once one of his friend told him about his tiredness and boreness ,then asked Advocate Mohd.Hayat about his boreness so he answered that i don’t get time for getting bore.We are proud of him.IF Such great personalities will rise up in Balochistan so freedom is not far!!!!!!!!
We pray for his long life.May Allah protect him from all problems(Ameen).
Here is the list of his articles that he has written:

1-Dastaan-Ehsan Mandi—–March 1982
2-Baloch—–August 1982
3-Balochiaat——-October 1982
4-Ek Balochi Kahani——November 1882
5-Khwaab—–MArch 1983
6-Amal aur es ka Rad’e’amal—-July 1983
7-Gichki Qabeela(Kutch Tareekhi Haqayeq)——-August 1983
8-Mwaedy jo Balochistan ko chaat gaye—– September 1983
9-Balochistan Ba hesiat e Soobah——- December 1983
10-Qeemati Asasey(Asaar e qadeema)—–February 1984
11-Qeemati Asasey(Assar e Qadeema)——- March 1984
12-Khoobsurat Bathaien—–January 1984
13-Khoon Baha(Number 1)——April 1984
14-Khoon Baha(Number 2)——June 1984
15-Sanaha——-July 1984
16-Meer Gul Khan Ba hesiat e Wazeer——-September/December 1984
17-Daryaft——June 1985
18-Domiscile Certificate—–October 1985
19-Bayan Baazi——April 1986
20-Balochistan aur Bayan Baazi——– July 1989
21-Bezenjo-Zakhm e jigar——– August 1990
22-Pasthoon Balochistan ki chahon mey———January 1992
23-Bezenjo Na Qabil e Faramosh——August 1993
24-Baloch Qoum Parstonh k Iehtehad ka Formula———March 1993
25-Baloch Bravi sho sha(Number 1)———- May 1996
26-Baloch Bravi sho sha(Number 2)———June 1996
27-Sari Syasi Barbadi Es k mehrkaat aur Tameer e Nau——–August 1996
28-Gawadar,Gawadar,Gawadar———November 2003
29-Balochistan wasahel aur mehroomiaanh——-December 2003
30-Ya Allah Khair——–MArch 2004
31-Shabash BSO Shabash——– March 2006
32-Ek Aur Mega Project——–November 2006
33-Balochistan,Yaad e Maazi——–November
34-Balochistan Bolta Hey———-August,September,October 2013(Theen Aqsaat)

…Wet Eyes…

Eyes are sign of love,rhythm of melody and a source of communication in love.Eyes tell many things but there are a few people that can understand their deep secrets.We often use our eyes for a sweet and sincere communication with our chums and beloved ones,everything van deceive us but eyes neither lie nor deceive us.Whenever someone expresses feelings and shows sympathy or sorrows so it is clearly seen in the eyes of that person.Sometimes our eyes fail in recognizing a true person but at last they get on the right track.There is a quotation of mine below that says:
“The eyes of a person are his real face”{Yasmeen Baloch}
It means that anything can lie to us in a human,whether it is  tongue,mouth,face,smile but eyes can’t lie.Eyes are small,big,stylish but all tell truth.There was a time when eyes were considered as index of faces but now due to the eradicating era we have left the all good deeds and we have started traveling on the ways of life that have been made by narrow-minded people that is exactly wrong.We have a future and we plain our future by our eyes too,they are the director of our present and also leader of future.We are usually deceived by those persons who are close to us and whom we trust very much but we need to look and understand the eyes of that person before making any decision.
I am a young writer and my mind takes tours over all aspects and tastes of life.The life has diffrent tatses and one of them is chilled that makes us cry but at last we get a delicious result.There is another saying of mine that is given below:
“A person who doesn’t deserve your smile so he will never care about your tears”{Yasmeen Baloch}
We often cry and weep in-front of our closest people but they don’t care but they smile.The trend that has been applied in 21st century is that all people are like climate,they can change anytime.No one knows when someone will change and takes revenge so it is must for us to be careful,sometimes due to compulsion we have to walk on the roads that have been made by narrow-minded people but it doesn’t mean that we should follow them.
The eyes of a person start communicating and understanding each other like  two birds.
4_kissThe relation starts digging its roots deeper and deeper and at last sometimes the love story ends with a happy ending and sometimes with a sad ending.
So love without intention!!!

Here is a story of a girl who is blind but looks the world with light eyes and it is written by me!!!t is not a real story dears…..
Once upon a time there was a girl who was blind and deprived from sense of eyesight from birth.She thought that she is deprived from the all luxuries of life.If someone taunted at her so she couldn’t notice it because she was blind.She was the daughter of a poor father,she had no mother,she was the only daughter of a poor father and she was the shoulder of her father.Her father loved her than any other thing else in the world,but the neighbors disliked her and mocked at her.They threw stones and stole her toys but she said nothing because she thought that she is the daughter of a poor father and a blind girl who has no right to live and to compete anyone.She wept alone,cursed her life.She thought she is a burden on her father.Her father was a fisherman who caught fishes and fried them.They passed  their days  by eating fishes,when the blind girl grew up to 10th age so she forced her father to admit her in school ,she wanted to study,she was a hardworking girl,she was blind but her eyes were opened ,she couldn’t see the world but she felt the flowers  and smelt the fragrance of flowers and became happy but it was the only moment when she felt happy again she lived with the same pain that she is blind.
After forcing her father,he agreed as he loved her very much and couldn’t refuse so he went to school and talked with the administrator  and forced him to admit her in the school,after a lot of requests,her father succeeded in convening the administrator.The nest day his daughter went to the school with books,notebooks and uniforms.All   students laughed at her but she remained silent.
Likewise years passed and she completed 12 years of her education,then government sent her to a good college where she put her heart and soul to be the best,she passed the college life and got her degree with highest marks .Then she cleared the M.B.B.S test  and stood first division.She operated her eyes and got a new life.She saw the whole world but she wept at this life because after knowing that the world is too disloyal and dishonest.She considerd her old life beter than the new life.Though she was blind but her eyes told and got the truth but when she got her artificial view so she was forced to accept the rules of the world.
She married a rich man and her life was well-settled.
After five years she died and the whole world attended her condolence because she was an upright,good,pretty and honest girl.
Never judge a person by his/her appaerance because eyes can change the world.

Writer:Yasmeen Baloch