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Ignorance of Youth in Balochistan..

Millions of people studying in various private and governmental schools have the same complain that they dont get any job though getting passed in tests and interviews still they don’t appear at final lists.
As a record,there are many talented students in different districts of Balochistan with unique talents but they don’t see any supportive hand towards them.The students who study in colleges,then attend tuition and don’t eat food even but when they take tests and see they result so they become very disappoint.The main reason for this disappointment is  corruption in Educational institutes.
I really appreciate the hard work of chief minister of balochistan Dr.Malik Baloch who is building a Medical college in Turbat(a district of Balochistan),Engineering College in Khuzdar+Medical college but he doesn’t has enough money to do a lot.
According to the recent result of in Balochistan,many students were failed in many subjects although they gave their papers very well but we don’t know what has happened to the government that it is only doing corruption.We pray to Almighty that he May bless us with honesty!(Ameen)
I have been far from my house so i haven’t written so much due to my studies and here i am for few days because it is Eid-Ul-Azha.So i greet my all bloggers with lots of love and cheer.Hope you people haven’t forgotten me. 🙂