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Hello friends,
I created this page to correct my grammar and my mistakes so you can correct me here and can tell the mistakes in my writings and give the name of the article from where you take out my mistakes.
Be kind and honest 🙂


24 thoughts on “Correct me

  1. Article: Female Education in Balochistan

    “In Baluchistan mostly, females are compelled to get married after their matriculation AND that is a very cheap idea.”

    ” Today I ask a question to all of you: Why we often give examples of foreign students? Why? Just because they are developed, advanced, educated and facilitated? IF SO, I ASK, WHAT DO WE LACK?”

    “It doesn’t matter at all that we DON’T HAVE facilities LIKE America. WHAT matters IS that the facilities WE HAVE ARE BEING IGNORED.”

    “Today when a baloch student goes on stage, why DOES she fear? Why DO her family members stop her from going to Schools and colleges and why DO THEY stop her from getting education? Why DO our parents still HAVE the ideas of our forefathers?”

    “When HAS Islam prohibited women from getting education? And when HAS Baloch nation stopped girls from going to schools?”

    I hope you won’t mind my corrections. Please feel free to contact me for further clarification…

  2. Asalamu alikum waramatulae waßarkatuhu,

    Yasmeen Sana Baloch, I hope my rather humble post finds you in the best of health and spirits, Well, I’m blessed with health too by the providence of “The knower, The wiser Allmight Allah”.

    For the starters, I would like to tell you that Mashallah your curiosity to writing is certainly of appreciation: there is no gainsaying the fact that writing makes an individual (both male or female) exact.

    On the other side, as you mentioned about ur really keeness to get ideas in shape of poetries on a paper, notebook or in the drafts folder of your mobile phone, to be candid with you whenever such ideas come into my mental faculties, I do the same as U do.. I.e Write them down on a paper etc.

    Most importantly after having purused ur biographifical note mentioned above: don’t mind: You’re a very naughty, free & independent & autonomous minded girl’ that’s really goOd.

    I mean as a baloch girl, keen on writing however abonormal the circumstances are: “Shabash ßanOok” :-).

    Mashallah ur writings are good, informative, full of wit, insightfully based on social critical truths, so keep it up!

    You have created a page: CORRECT ME, that’s really very nice of you for its inculsion and creation!

    NOTICE: for conveying any message to your reader, You come to feel the need of a language, so U’ve chosen the english language, thats awesone, first that it is an international language, 2nd is that in our country it is a lingua franca: a common language ‘read and spoken’.

    English language is abundant with grammar rules, and correct utilization of words, and impeccable formation and formulation of sentences, over all ur english is good.


    Before saying anything, I’d like to introduce myself, I am Jameeljansheer, hailing from panjgur, (age 18) I’ve been an english teacher at Oxford english language Center, and currently I am one of the contributers of Bolan Voice Magazine “The Glorious Balochistan and its bleak education system” is written by me.

    SO far, Dear Yasmeen we are hailing from the same region ‘panjgur’ sO I want to help you out in shape of correcting ur articles, U can reach me at

    I look foward to recieving ur mail soon with reference to the correction of ur writings.

    @ jameeljansheer

    • Asalam walik kum brother.
      I am very thankful for your comment and advices.I will be following them and if you can help me so must correct my articles and try to publish them in Bolan voice.
      I will be thankful to you.

  3. Yasmeen Sana Baloch, if u want to, U can also reach me at my facebook address too ,
    id name: Jameel jansheer

  4. A moment passing with someone special

    Life is all about living for others, caring for others, loving others, and helping others. When people come into this world and grow up, develop ideas, make mistakes, pave their own ways, and make many friends. Likewise, I have a lot of friends: some are stupid, some are self-centered, while some seem to be soothsayers.
    When, in a society like Panjgoor, someone keeps a relationship of heart with someone, it is considered wrong; because, despite humanity being the name of love, it is disliked by everyone here. But I do not know why. I am never afraid of making aforementioned relationships. I have many brothers who are not my flesh and blood. I have many friends; my teachers are my friends, and I talk with them very frankly, even after knowing the fact that such things are not accepted here. I am bound in many heart relations .Culture is one thing, while religion has its own rules and regulations, but it does not make any sense that we should not talk with others apart from our family.
    I have got a friend, my best friend. I have met many people around Panjgoor, Quetta, Karachi and many other places, but I have never got such a friend like that person. That friend understands everything about me, cares for me, supports me and talks to me very frankly. That person is so nice that words seem to fail me while expressing gratitude. I just want to convey my heartiest thanks. Thanks a lot for being there….


    I have made some improvements and corrections in the writing. I hope it would help you. 🙂

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