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A Sweet Poem Say Thank you Teacher

Now that I am leaving
I can tell you how I feel;
My heartfelt appreciation
Is deeply felt and real.

You’re a really great teacher
That’s what we all say
And as a Thank You for all your help
I’m giving you an A

On second thoughts that’s not enough
For helping all of us.
So from me you get this THANK YOU,
As well as this A PLUS

No, that’s not enough either
For the teacher that you are
You get this Thank You, an A+
As well as this GOLD STAR


23 thoughts on “spread love

  1. I can see you have an appetite for writing (just like me) , you have a very simple & elegant style of writing , will be looking forward to check your new articles …
    all the best for your bright future dear ..

  2. That IS a lovely poem and such a gift for a teacher. I counsel youths and when a youth calls back to say “thanks you really helped” that is my million dollar bonus no corporation could ever measure up to. You described that special feeling that any teacher would be proud to read/hear. thank you as well for following my blog, WI aka Oliana

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