/-/appy peace

Dear friends,peace is the most important weapon of a world,if there is peace so any nation can get out of difficulties.the question is this how to maintain peace?Now a days peace is just shown in dreams not in reality.beside the bomb blasts,explosions there are also such other reasons that are causes of destruction for a society like misunderstandings,negative thoughts,narrow minded people,loss of trust the also destroy a peaceful environment if we want to get rid from these so first of all we should try to clear the minds of people and instead that our youths should finish these problems ,they are favoring them which is a shameful news.i really curse  such guys who favor the bad things in a society.i won’t write any thing for them,because if they are educated people and they are doing like this so they are the biggest fools!

The second point to write is that why peace cant settle in our societies?peace can never settle in such a society that is already destructing the peace itself,peace meant (aman,pyaar)before but now it means (Aaman)but not that one that we want or need.peace itself is a very sensitive  thing and if we will react like this with it so obviously it will be far from us.The current situation  so Baluchistan is so matted that it it can’t come out from them and it needs care,love,peace and harmony that is unfortunately not present.it is our bad luck that whatever we get we don’t respect that and when it goes away so we cry on the moon!

The third and last point is how to bring peace in our society?If we will consider everything positively so the world will look so nice,and if we spread love so it well look pretty,if we care for others so  it will love us and if we spread peace so it will look like a paradise by which we can fight any war!

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