Emanation of thoughts

Lafzon ki rawani kis tarah ho mumkin…

Soch kr yeh,ungliyaan meri bol padti hain….(Yasmeen)

In this world everyone loves to be heard and understood.But a few get the chance to be heard.Everyone has different skills of communication. It varies from person to person.Amongst the 99% of population ,a few has the ability to transfer their feelings ,emotions and notions in a beautiful manner.I believe there is no sweeter language than poetry and poem to say one’s thoughts.A poetry may include of two lines but if one understands the lines,it is worth than a book.
I believe that three dots explain much than words and two lines of poetry describe the whole story and pain.Poetry is the language which keep the people connected .
These are the times when no one wants to listen.Fortunately if one gets a listener so one doesn’t understands .the situation gets complex if one lacks the both persons in life;a good listener and one to understand.
I was in 8th standard when i shared the stories of school with my mother .My environment was (and still is) very different from others.My parents are broad minded and they never stopped me from doing anything.Though i was born in a patriarchal society but i was allowed to ride bicycle,play cricket,wear paints and shirts.My neighbors would often scowl towards me when they saw me riding a bicycle but my father ignored such things.I was allowed to share every single thing to y parents.I was permitted to ask everything to my parents .But with the passage of time,when my mother started taking me to the house of relatives so i found a huge difference in my thoughts and theirs.My thoughts were education based and their thoughts were marriage and social based.I thought about Why? and they thought whatever it is,we don’t care.Whenever i shared my ideas so they refused to listen.So I started writing.I started writing with maimed grammar ,having no eyes ,ears,legs and hands 🙂 .
Then the interest of poetry developed in my genes.I know I am not perfect but I feel happy to do something which makes me perfect in my history.I write poetry and poems which keep me motivated.I share my ideas in a few lines rather than describing the whole scenario.
I believe that pure and sweet thoughts come from nature,soothing breeze and greenery.The bride of my literature looks beautiful when I decorate it with beautiful words loaded with light jewelries and makeup.
I love the time when I look the nature and my fingers start communicating with the pages themselves. I feel relaxed when such a feeling comes from inside my heart.
    “I hear the song which my fingers sing with the lyrics of love and pain.I hear my finger tips when they tinkle with the strings of my brain and thus the emanation of words keep going…..

4 thoughts on “Emanation of thoughts

  1. Aslkm. I prefer proverbs from different cultures as compared to poetry. The reason being that proverbs have developed from many decades of experience and contain rare wisdom whereas poetry is expression of a person’s thoughts which is reflective of a particular phase a person is passing. Poetry many a time looks more at rhyming and being philosophical rather than looking at the simple reality of life.

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