Drawing On The Readings Discus The Relationship Between Individual Freedom And Social/Economic Prosperity. Free To Incorporate Outside Research.

Nelson Mandela once said, “For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains but to live in a way that live in a way that respect and chances that freedom of others”. Since the world came into being everyone had the same wish that he should be free. No one likes to live a dependent life because mind starts working at that when someone is completely free. If we turn the pages of history back to Stone Age so people were not independent they were not educated and they were compelled to live their lives according to others.

Even all religions have emphasized on freedom and everyone should be given the fundamental rights like; freedom in decision making, freedom in expressing one’s self and freedom in choosing one’s career.

Why people cannot boost up their talent?

The key which is suitable for this question is just freedom. According to the constitution of U.S every individual should be given the fundamental freedoms like academic freedom.

Here is one main example of freedom with reference: academic freedom which is the right of every student and teacher to choose their own methodology of teaching and studying. In America most of the students have the academic freedom and have no any burden, that’s why they are prosperous and successful in every field of life. America is advanced due to education and academic freedom. Many scientists, engineers and doctors are great example of its development like Abraham Lincoln who was very poor and he didn’t have any source to get education but he had the freedom of privacy, he used to stand outside of the classrooms and gain the lessons, due to this freedom he became the president of America.

The country in which I live, known as Pakistan, whose constitutions also describe the fundamental freedoms. The constitution of Pakistan gives the fundamental freedom of living.

According to constitution of Pakistan the four provinces (Baluchistan, Sindh, and Punjab and khaiber pakhtunkwan) should have equal rights but unfortunately none of the features of constitution is being applied there. In Baluchistan people don’t have the right to live. Abduction of youth is a full restriction on freedom.

If we see the educational system of Punjab, it is being educationally developed whereas Baluchistan has no special importance in Pakistan. The people of Baluchistan are being deprived of all luxuries and basic rights of life like education. Because of corruption and violence students are being badly disappointed from education.

According to a research Pakistan’s literacy rate is 50% as on average Pakistan spends less than 2% of GDP (gross domestic product) on education. It’s all because of lack of resources in Pakistan. Students of Punjab can get higher education and higher jobs due to all resources but students of Baluchistan cannot even study till 10th grade likewise in urban areas of Baluchistan like panjgur, mandh, and washuk people are unaware of education that’s why most of them do not send their children to get education.

With these conditions how freedom will be possible?

The part of the world from where I belong, there specially girls are not free though technology has spread all over the world, students of other countries take great advantage of technology but in our town girls are even not allowed to use cell phone. They cannot even take admission in private schools. Their individual freedom is snatched from them. They do not have the freedom to make a wish because they are not allowed to fulfil their wishes according to them. Most of the fake social accounts are of Pakistani girls, they cannot use social accounts by their own real names because their family members don’t give them individual freedom, then they use fake names and make strange friends which further result into serious issues.

Baluchistan which is the biggest province of Pakistan, just seven months ago girls were forced not to attend the classes in private schools, teachers were threatened not to teach them, just because they were not given individual freedom. Parents also don’t leave their daughter to private schools because they think if they gave individual freedom to girls so they will spoil the image of family which is an unfavorable concept.

People also hesitate in making their decisions because parents don’t give them the right to make their own decisions. In schools they are beaten by teachers which is against of law and they cannot raise their voice against violence.

According to a rough estimate 80% parents decide the marriages of their children in such cases failure or unpleasant relationships become fates of the couples.  In most of the areas of the Pakistan, girls and boys are not empowered to decide their life partners. Even Islam itself says that “girls should be asked for their wishes before marriage” if they were not asked so they will face economic and social problems and in most of the cases people also commit suicide due to unfavorable marriages.

According to the competitive era, everyone should have the right to express themselves. Like some people who hesitate to express themselves, will also lose all the opportunities of their lives too. Mostly in undeveloped societies uneducated parents don’t let their children to talk about freedom. They impose their same negative thoughts on their children which are the future of the country. Usually writers are told to be silent and hide the reality if they share so they will be killed, kidnapped or threatened to death. As Nelson Mandela talked about freedom that everyone should be given individual freedom without considering his cast, religion and complexion but he was imprisoned. He wanted to bring revolution in the world and he did due to the individual freedom and freedom of expression.

Socioeconomic prosperity is merely a dream without individual freedom. A society cannot prosper at that time unless everyone is not individually free. If everyone will be free in expressing themselves, choosing their career and free in decision making so we will get better doctors and engineers for our country. If we see, we can find everyone a decision maker, a career consular. But motivation is also needed which lacks to maintain socioeconomic prosperity. If individual freedom is given to everyone so every society will get socioeconomic prosperity if not so we will lose many shining stars.

If a country spends more money on useless things so it will disturb the economic prosperity of the country. One example of economic prosperity was former president Bill Clinton. He was able to create more than 22-5 million jobs and the economy averaged a 4 percent growth rate each year.


At the concluding point and according to my notions it is must for the progress of country at least 85% of the population should be educated and be aware about his fundamental rights. For the improvement of social and economic prosperity, every government should provide the fundamental rights that are: good jobs, educational resources, social protection and corruption should be finished from the country.


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