The Islamic republic country is called Pakistan.
But here I want to remove some misconceptions, we all read Pakistan history in Pakistan-studies that is actually not right, the constitution, the leaders, the struggle, the debates, the news all are fake!!!

Pakistan is such a country where rich people enjoy with luxuries of life and poor people die due to poverty. Where dishonesty, injustice, lies, claims, fights,street crimes are best jobs for people Here people don’t have water to drink, if there is so that might be hard water or impure. People strive to get one time meal with abuses and insult while our leaders have bulky stomachs.
The so-called ministers don’t get rid of making shoes claims. They promise to fulfill all the facilities of people whether poor, black, white, and red but when they win the elections they forget performing any duty.

When in Pakistan someone takes a pen and goes to school so he is called a student, when he dies in a bomb blast in a school he is called martyred, when he raises his voice against violence he is called a rebel. When the same thing happens in Balochistan, if a baloch takes a pen he is called a terrorist, when he dies in a bomb blast he is called a terrorist, when he writes and raises his voice against violence he is called a terrorist.

He is never called a student, if I am writing I am neither a writer nor a student, I will only be called a “Terrorist”.
When a baloch goes to school and gets education then his wish is destroyed in shape of threats and destroying his school. In such circumstances he only finds the last option to fight against the violence and brutality against him which is taking a gun.
Why BALOCH is always called a terrorist??

Balochistan is the same province which is highlighted when Pakistan need resources but neglected when it comes to rights.
The ministers of Pakistan claim to be good leaders but they don’t know how to be a human actually. They travel by air from Peshawar to kuchlak and poor people don’t have slippers to come out of their home.
Whenever a program is issued on Balochistan so the poor and miserable people are shown but not the talented,Khalida brohi being a baloch of upper Sindh has never been shown on any Pakistani news channel,Malik siraj akbar(A talented journalist)hasn’t been shown on Pakistani channels .No one writes about the brutality done on Balochs and when a goat climbs on a mountain it becomes the top news of Pakistani channels.

There are neither humans nor human rights. Every Minster in Pakistan is an animal and also provides the same rights to humans.
One of the main problems is joblessness that is found in Balochistan with a great impact. Here talented students take tests, study in colleges, schools, go for interviews ,in result their name is on top but on interview their name is taken out by ragging.
The citizens and students of Pakistan laugh on it; they curse themselves for living in Pakistan. Here nothing is good.
”Here people become famous by hanging posters on wall and become poor by tearing those posters”
(Yasmeen Baloch)


2 thoughts on “Pakistan???

  1. What can I say?

    While it is true that politicians and the media are corrupt everywhere I think it’s also true that it’s worse in Pakistan than in most places and that Baluchistan is one of the most exploited and abused parts of the country.

    If I was a Baloch I hope I would be able to be as brave and outspoken as you are in the face of the rampant injustice there. But I suspect I would be too frightened to say what I thought.

    • Haahah don’t be frightened ,you are safer than me .I am not frightened because i know if i will be tormented,threatened or killed so i have a huge community of friends who will struggle after me and people like you will talk about my justice 🙂

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