Ayesha Malik

Dear readers and friends. Here is a complaint for you all:
I am here after two years almost and I published a short piece but I didn’t receive any notification from my old friends (Arindam,harsha,white pearl,cabrogal ,lala rukh) and many more.
Well, hope you all are happy and doing well. 

This is not the story of a great personality, this is the story of such an independent girl who dreams high, believes in hard-work, culture and loves writing.She always comes with her shining qualities.We need to learn from such people and teach them too.Here is the story of a dumb girl and her life .How she protects herself from the ups and downs of life ,how she manages in this cruel and illiterate society?

She belongs from Balochistan, from the city of folks, music, and embroidery.
She performs all those duties that a responsible girl does.
Comparing me with her I am nothing in terms of house hold works. She cooks well, sews cloths greatly, knows how to handle goats and most important how to bake bread that I don’t know.
She always carries a notebook and a pencil with her copying the old writings of anyone. Sometimes I write the alphabets and tell her to repeat them. Sometimes she stands and gives inspirational speeches by her body language.

My mother usually tells me to learn from her as I don’t know any house hold work except washing dishes, sweeping and cooking what I like.I have no sister so she is my sister, she sews my balochi dresses too and I also give her gifts that make her happy 😀
She is very dear to me ,she has great keen to learn and go to school but unfortunately she is deprived from the sense of hearing and speaking.

In our society illiterate people mock at such people and say they can’t do anything but I say that Ayesha has done much more of what I am doing.

She understands people, supports them, and never laughs at a person lacking any sense.She is the dearest of my grand father and our small family.I try my best to stand with her and give her a best space to learn but unfortunately we don’t have such schools here that such people should be admitted in order to learn.

Ayesha is such a girl who wants to be like other girls and I can say it with guarantee that she is 100 times more talented and wise then the educated people in our society.I have seen her calling kids of our society and teaching those alphabets and I am very glad that she can write and read them well. She has supported me every time and even sometimes she has tried to give me hope whenever I was weak.

Ayesha’s life seems to be very complicated,in our society some people want to use such persons as toys,they don’t consider them as human.She finds it difficult to survive in the society of animals ,usually she tells me that she wants to die,she wants to escape from here ,these all point out that she is fed up of living here.
Why we can’t take the human chain together?

Why we differentiate between normal and abnormal people?
I mostly hear from elders that if we can’t be the reason of someone’s happiness so we shouldn’t be the reason of her tears too.I always find new ways to make her happy and i hope you all provide a good space to such people around you.


4 thoughts on “Ayesha Malik

  1. First of all..Sorry Dear for responding to your post…
    I am fine and hope u r also doing well…
    And as I always say I m proud of you for your efforts of helping others and presenting a brighter side for everyone.
    There’s a lot to lear from you..Keep up the good work and effort Yasmeen

  2. I am here after two years almost and I published a short piece but I didn’t receive any notification from my old friends (Arindam,harsha,white pearl,cabrogal ,lala rukh) and many more.

    I’m sorry I’ve taken so long to respond Yasmeen. I took a few months break from blogging and am still catching up with the blogs I follow. I now spend less time on the computer than I did a year ago.

    It’s very sad that society can only cope with a limited range of human qualities. Sometimes I think our institutions would rather deal with robots built on a production line than unique, individual human beings.

    Why are communities always so much narrower than the people who make them? How dare people judge others according to their own personal view of what is valuable and what is not?

    • Here people support only their tribes and people of their range not others.I’s a common observation that if we detect something like a cup on a board or paper so everyone will give his own opinion,some will say it’s a bowl,some will say it’s a cup the same case is here if someone is disable so she isn’t considered a part of society .Many people here suicide due to this ignorance.

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