The Experiences

This piece is a dedication to the experiences ,observations,compromises and many more things that i want to share.

After completing two years of my college life,i have come to know many different thing.Every time  i went out of home ,i had something new to handle and understand.Not only me ,my friends got confused sometimes with strange tragedies.
Here i am on the platform of WordPress to share some of those tragedies.
The most shocking thing that i observed mostly was that people always get pleasure by disturbing others.
This is how????
Here is a story
Whenever we entered in our classroom ,our concentration was obviously on the lecture but this happened sometimes that teacher asked us something from new chapter/lecture as we weren’t taught well in schools so we couldn’t answer but we tried our best to self study in home however we succeeded in answering sometimes. Sometimes when we couldn’t answer so our fellows(Boys) would laugh loudly that was a behavior of uneducated people.Usually we stood up and raised voice against it in classroom in front of teacher but there was no impact.Whatever we did previous day, was almost in vain another day.
The students couldn’t comprehend our lessons despite being our fellows.

The second shocking news is that ,the police is irresponsible.We always go by foot in academy because it’s near so sometimes passing near them they would blink and pass informal words ,nevertheless we had to teach them lessons too.

Thirdly,that i observed is people are shameless in Quetta ,i don’t know about other cities .We illuminated those all who teased us but they remain the same shameless people.

And the experiences that i want to share are here.
It is a glad news for me that i cleared my English language till Level-5 ,here is the certificate ,i got third 🙂


While studying in FEEL language center i was v happy because the environment that i found there was amazing.
Our teacher whose name was Professor Tahir Shahood was a great teacher .He taught us many novel things and my English language was also improved.

This was a short piece.Hope you all liked it.

Catch you another time with a novel article.




2 thoughts on “The Experiences

  1. The second shocking news is that ,the police is irresponsible.

    Umm, I hope you don’t mind me saying so Yasmeen, but if you find that shocking you must be very easily shocked – especially given that you live somewhere that the police don’t even pretend to be accountable to the people.

    Police are irresponsible everywhere – except to the tiny minority at the top of the power structure and to those who bribe them sufficiently. This is not a mistake. It is how things are supposed to work. Those stupid boys who bully you in class? Many of them will grow up to be police or military officers and will make a good living from being stupid bullies. Almost all schools everywhere are structured to create such outcomes because, more than artists, teachers or scientists, what the power structures need are bullies. So I guess in some ways even the stupidest boy in your class who still knows how to bully people has learned his lessons better than you have. Someday he will probably be a very successful policeman.

    On a slightly different note you might be interested to know that Baluchistan is finally starting to get a bit of media coverage in this country – though mostly for the wrong reasons. Up until recently you only heard Baluchistan mentioned if there was a terrorist attack or natural disaster. Sometimes the media mentioned the Quetta Shura, but from the coverage few people would have guessed Quetta is even a city in Pakistan, much less the capital of a province. Recently, however, there has been more background news on the distinctiveness of Baloch people and culture and the fact that there has long been an insurgency against central rule.

    I think the attention Western media has been giving Baluchistan lately is because they expect the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor to be important over coming years. Or perhaps because they see the province becoming a covert battleground between Pakistan’s ISI and India’s RAW.

    Congratulations on your education achievements. I hope they will repay the hard work you doubtless put into them.

    • Thanks a lot Cabrogal.
      There are many Shocking news that i still need to publish and i have still to do a lot of things to exempt people from such destruction.I hope you all will support me.

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