I am lost….yet i am not




Yes mom!
Wake up!
Oh mom! C’mon its not morning yet.let me sleep..
After a while Yasmeen wakes up and goes to refresh herself.Then she makes breakfast,yew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Eggggggg!!she hates but unfortunately she needs to fry.
After making breakfast she prepares the breakfast and arrange them.Calls her father..
Baba..Baba….come breakfast is ready!
then calls her brother….
Wake up wake up….
All come and take breakfast…Sometimes jokes and discussions also become a part of breakfast.After it she washes the dishes,sweep the rooms,clean the rooms.Then she sets in front of her computer,thinking what to write,who has commented.
After finishing her works she sets and studies after studying watches T.V.
When night comes she sits with her mom and dad,teases her mother and then her father and she herself laughs.She enjoys a lot.
Before Yasmeen was concerned about world,confusion,sorrows,people and bla bla bla.
But now she is completely opposite of it.She is happy with her family,dad and mom.
And as Yasmeen i feel proud that i have loving,caring and supporting parents.
They have given me individual freedom due to which i can compete the customs that are destroying the lives of innocent people.


6 thoughts on “I am lost….yet i am not

  1. You seem to have found some lightness in existence Yasmeen. That’s a very important thing to discover.

    It doesn’t mean you should abandon the struggle to improve your world of course, but it allows you to find play in that struggle no matter how serious the stakes may be.

  2. Dear Yasmeen This Is Najeeb now i Am a Teache in hardvard university i am from Panjgur And i was First studing in the oasis I Have Been Researching On your BLog for a long time and i am very impressed from your work and i truly like your blog you are a Perfect role Model For Every Baloch Women i Salute you From The depth of MY Heart your are such a brave Baloch girl Keep it up AT 22 April I am going To give a Speech At our university About You and YOur Hard work PLz Contact me on my E-mail and plz give me more Information about your i Will Be Thankful To You.
    OA:>Najeeb Baloch
    21-A26 AVENUE

    • I am overwhelmed my brother for your this comment and I am very glad to find such a baloch brother who has liked my work.
      Its my good luck that you have chosen me and my work for a speech.
      Thanks a lot.

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