Seventh Sense


Before writing this post i want to tell you all that this post is not a serious or political post.
Be crazy,stupid,calm and relaxed.Just immerse in the nature.
Forget the world for a while.Forget the sorrows,disputes and other problems.Close your eyes and catch the picture of a beautiful natural scenery in your mind.
wild_flowers_under_the_snowcapped_mountains_picture_165891Be stupid for a while,deceive seriousness and be friend with stupidity!
Open your eyes and see around.Explore the nature.See how beautiful the nature is and see how beautifully the birds sing.
Feel the smell of soil in air after rain that feels like the first feeling of love!
Go in the garden early morning and feel the moisture  and dew drops on the green grass.How beautiful it is??
indexIt is an immense pleasure when you think about nature.
Grip the globe in your hands and feel as a prince/princess.
globe-handsTease your youngest bro/sis and have a funny and naughty quarrel with him/her then notice that cute smile on his/her face and you will discover the real world.Recite some religious verses in solitude instead of useless music.
Take a deep sigh and see the blue sky in day that is standing without any pillar,sing and dance.Relief is in smiling and making others happy,it is not in sleeping pills .
Just go outside in a cold night and walk in the light and cold breeze.See the dark sky,the bright stars and the bright moon.
indexiSpread your arms,dance and shout.Smile and say i deserve this happiness and this moment lol!!!!!!!!!
dcUse your seventh sense,sense of ability!!!!!!!!!
Close your beautiful eyes,remember the most beautiful moment of your life and take a side,then sleep>..
no-matter-if-the-sky-is-black-or-blueno-matter-if-there-are-stars-or-moonas-long-as-your-heart-is-true-sweet-dreams-will-always-be-with-you-good-night-quoteI want that my all bloggers,readers and friends should be happy.getting sad and emotional by reading the post of other bloggers is also nature.But be sincere with your life!!!!And give a cute smile..
imagesjuTake (are ………………>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<………….


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