Cheating in Balochistan!!

Well!!i am very surprised that a new system of cheating has been developed and in a very strange way.
I am having my exams in my own School as a Center.There cheating is permitted but in a limit,till one hour cheating is completely banned,then it is allowed and strictly.But i wanted to visit the Governmental Girls High School Panjgoor,so i took permeation from my aunt as she was there as Deputy SuperintendΒ  so she gave me permeation to go with her.According to the date-sheet,one-day we had our paper(paper of 10th)and one day it was the paper of 9th,so i went with her next day and sat on a chair.The paper time started and girls started coming,they entered in the examination hall and started sitting according their roll numbers which were written on their disks.Teachers started distributing the Answer sheets and Question papers.After taking the question papers,the students became crazy.I can’t express the condition how was it and how was the examination hall???
After 5 or 4 minutes candidates stood up from their chairs and sat on the chairs aside to their friends and classmates for cheating their papers.The lucky series,handbooks,books,notebooks were kept in front of them and they were writing.The teachers themselves gave cheats to the students and i can’t tell that the examiners are responsible for this all because the examiners are not from the school,they come from different areas and districts of Balochistan and they are told to handle and manage the exams and papers so it is not their fault.If someone is guilty and responsible so it is the D.E.O(District Education Officer) that never takes the responsibility and especially here in Panjgur,the D.E.O is very irresponsible,she neither takes the responsibility nor she handles the educational curriculum activities,neither she takes cares of the management nor the Schools.I am shocked and i don’t know what is going on.I wanted to change the educational system but here the story is showing me something else.The students in Governmental girls High School Panjgur are so rude to teachers and they misbehave with teachers in very rude language,they don’t consider them as Examiners and teachers.When i saw this misbehavior so i went in a deep thought that is it really an Examination hall????Are these really students??Is this really a School???IS she really the D.E.O??????
I am still in a deep shock that who has nominated her for D.E.O???
I know that it is must to be strict but to respect the teachers,to respect the students is also as necessary as self-respect is!!!The D.E.O disrespected the teachers who came in the Examination hall to look their students and ask them how the paper was???
And most interesting,candidates are given full freedom that they should cheat 100% freedom is granted to students because we have started believing that “Cheating is our right”,and honestly i also cheat because i am compelled,if i don’t cheat i wont get marks and why i won’t get marks?Because the Board of Intermediate and secondary education only accepts those answers that are in handbooks and lucky series not the ones that we learn from heart.If we write those answers that our own school teachers have taught us so we get our marks cut and we become fail.The base is not right so from where the end will be right.
If from begging the D.E.O was responsible,Board was responsible and other educational centers were responsible so today cheating was not the right of the students in Balochistan.
I believe Balochistan is rich in every aspect but when i saw that embarrassing situation so i got shocked that how it should be made better.How and from where??
If i appeal to the board so what will happen.The words that will be said to me,will be like this”Go to hell”.
If i appeal to my own teachers so the answer will be”Daughter!We can’t do anything because Board is irresponsible!!
If i appeal to the D.E.O(Who doesnot consider anyone a human,and disrespects everyone because she is very proud)so the answer will be a slap almost!!
So to whom should i appeal and raise my voice,how should i raise my voice towards this wrong act that is destroying our lives,and most important thing is that the real candidates that take exams,don’t take the examinations themselves but as others to take it and teachers permit them too!!!!!!!
Well! i am in a big shock that what should i do???
Cheating has spread in Balochistan like sea and it has fixed its place in the minds of students as their right.
But i will not stop and i will do everything that will be possible in my view and i will be writing and nominating those all persons in blog who are supporting this!!and after nomination if someone tried to spoil my educational career so this matter will be highlighted internationally and i hope you all are with me.

44 thoughts on “Cheating in Balochistan!!

  1. Well you’ve shocked me Yasmeen.

    Since performance indicators for teachers were introduced in Australia some ten years ago teacher endorsed cheating has been on the rise but nothing like the entrenched and institutionalised cheating that you describe here.

    What to do about it?

    The first thing to do is to find some like-minded fellow students to discuss it with. A small group of five to ten people in the same situation will be far better at defining exactly what the problem is, it’s extent and how to deal with it than one person acting alone. It is probably best to keep it to fellow students but you might also like to invite a sympathetic teacher to one of your discussions to get another perspective on it. I am sure there are teachers who hate this just as much as you do, though they are probably scared of losing their job if they speak out.

    I don’t know what the media or education authorities are like in Balochistan but if I was in a similar position in Australia I would probably send anonymous letters to the media expressing my concern. I would *not* identify a particular school and would emphasise that the problem is not one school but system wide (if this is true). I would keep it anonymous not because I was trying to hide my identity – if your group becomes successful it will almost certainly attract spies so that won’t work anyway. I would do it so that my own school couldn’t be easily identified and turned into a scapegoat for what is really a problem with all schools. This should help to keep any sympathetic teachers on your side.

    If I really thought my group was starting to become effective (or large) I would progress to open protest – though from what you have written protesting in Balochistan can be insanely dangerous so please apply your own wisdom before following this suggestion. Things like placard demonstrations and sit-ins are good, but if you can get a decent number of supporters the most effective protest in this case would be if you all sat an examination and refused to cheat. If you can come up with some kind of symbol or badge against cheating that you can put on your desk or clothes while doing the exam it would let the teachers know they were being challenged and it might be enough to stop the teacher assisted cheating there and then. If not, when the members of your group get poor marks it will reflect very badly on the teachers and might force them onto your side. If one student gets bad marks because she won’t cheat she is in trouble. If lots of students do the teacher is in trouble.

    Anticipate that people will try to split your group and come up with strategies to deal with that before it starts. Everyone should agree that if they are given high marks even when they don’t earn them they should refuse to accept the results and go public with their refusal. But do not attack anyone who does betray your group. That will destroy trust within the group and make it easier to split. If someone defects offer to let them back into the group, ask them if they need more support than they had been getting and do your very best to forgive them.

    These are suggestions from someone who has had some experience in this kind of activism but who is a complete outsider who cannot really understand your situation. For all I know my suggestions could ruin your life and put you in danger. It is your own wisdom and intelligence and that of your colleagues you will need if you are to be successful, not mine. But I hope some of this helps.

    • I praise your notions and the thing that you have discussed(Group discussion),here no one is ready to support me.Here may be two or three persons that believe in change otherwise all are happy with the same dull system.
      I have discussed many ideas,in fact the main thing you discussed,i have discussed that thing with my teachers and class fellows too but no one is ready to support me.Some are afraid that they will loose their job,students are afraid that they will be beaten by family members.The main point is that the educational centers should be responsible.But again the same matter comes that no one wants change,all are happy with this system.

      • You’ve shocked me again Yasmeen.

        Surely there are students who are smarter, harder working, more creative or just more interested in the subjects than most. Don’t they realise that system-wide cheating puts them at a disadvantage because when everyone cheats even the laziest and stupidest person in the class will get the same mark as them.

        What about adults? The ones who care about Balochistan?

        Your father sounds like a smart guy. He must know that all this cheating means that the youth of Balochistan are not getting a proper education and that employers cannot rely on exam marks to find employees who can best fill their jobs.
        What will this mean for the future of Balochistan?

        Have you spoken to your Dad about this?
        Maybe he and some of his friends can offer help and advice.

        Even the teachers should know better. Why would people pay to send their children to the best schools if even the worst schools can give good marks because everyone cheats. If there are no top class schools prepared to pay top money for teachers there are no rewards for teachers who try harder. Don’t teachers in Balochistan have any ambition?

        What you describe is a terrible situation Yasmeen.
        It’s not just you who will be disadvantaged by a Balochistan wide system of cheating. Everyone in Balochistan will pay for this and your home will become more and more backwards. And no-one seems to care!

      • Well your notions are respected and i agree with you but the matter here is this that whoever talks of betterment,he/she is taken as a stupid person.
        As you wrote about hard-working and smarter students,so yes i chose the smartest students of my class and discussed it with them,instead that they should have advised me,they mocked at me,they said;”Are you crazy???”why you are trying to ruin our futures??
        They think that if we(students) take action so our career and educational life will be destroyed,they will be beaten and scolded by parents and others.
        The main that surprises me is that when i discuss it with teachers so they think for a while and then leave it by saying the words”What will happen by our actions??If the board is irresponsible then what can we do?
        Everyone in Balochistan is having the same mind-setup that if we tried to stop corruption so we will loose our life!!
        And if someone tried to talk about betterment so people mock at them as i have tolerated.
        I need the help of someone who is ready to share his/her ideas with me,someone very smart,broad-minded and someone who will look this matter seriously otherwise everything will be finished.I am alone enough as i am educated and a strong speaker but a group is needed,a leader is needed,someone elder to raise our voice.
        And you talked about my dad,so i haven’t discussed this problem only,i have discussed many other educational issues with him,we both have the same mind-setups,he agrees with me but he said the support of an upright teacher is needed.

  2. Hmmm…. well… I am concerned… You say that in your school cheating is allowed after one hour? That’s a big problem… 😦 What’s the condition of the rest of Pakistan? Any ideas?

  3. Teachers agree with me brother,but don’t support me.Even once you may remember that i wanted to give a presentation in my school,i gave it and i also gave the blog address of my blog but instead that he would have appreciated it,he didn’t check my blog even,if he has checked so why he didn’t comment?
    The matter is of”support and unity” and both are not coming together.

  4. I want to revolutionize the education system of our country too. Because it forces the students to resort to rote-learning, which I strongly despise. (Do check out my article “Robots vs Cyborgs”. I vomited it after having my matriculation exam)
    I am always grieved to know about such incidents as quoted by you in this writing. 😦
    Seriously, you had to cheat too? And I do not want to agree with your idea of the answers being accepted just from handbooks. Otherwise, the examiners are just illiterate!
    Well, students like us should join hands if we want to make a change. Keep in touch and keep writing. We will bring a change Insha Allah!

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