The Baloch youth says:::

images Dear readers,i am very shocked that my land is burning,blood is flowing like rivers,my lamps are being extinguished,the beauty of my face is being mother’s prayers are being ignored!Here is a story that a young baloch describes that how his life is???

A young Baloch boy says his story…. I am cherished well by my parents,i am loved from my whole family.My parents admit me in a good school to get good education.They care for me and takeΒ  my responsibility.They take care of my every thing,they know well that from which things i get pleasure and from which things i get angry.

My parents think good for my future and give me money to get admission in a good college and to get higher education.I work hard and pass my tests and exams,i also achieve my degree with good marks.The whole family feels proud of me then they ask me for my answer that whether i want to go for further studies or not, after my will they give me more money and give me permeation to study in a good university.I go and study in a well-reputed university and also pass my degree with bright marks.I also join some political parties that every civilized person does.

After completing my educational filed,i choose my career and apply for a good job with good salary. I give this good news to my parents and my parents celebrate this news.Then my parents start thinking about my marriage.They call me via cell phone and ask for my compliance.They choose a good,polite,humble and sincere life partner for me.Then my parents call me back for my marriage and tell me to come in my own town to get married.I start packing my stuff and get a ticket.I travel to my own city.I reach there and i take a car to my home.After my arrival,the all family members become happy and start the preparations of my marriage.

Before one month of my marriage,i get abducted by brutal forces of Pakistan.They jump in my house forcefully and take me out of my house.My all family members cry,wail and weep.Their condition becomes unexplained but i can’t do anything.

They cover my face and also tie my eyes with a black cloth.They drag me to a car,but i don’t see anything and they travel very long.Then we reach to a very silent place.They take me to a dark room where i see nothing.They push me near two chairs where i found two other Baloch activists and i see that their hands are tied with handcuffs and tied with ropes.They take me near them and also tie my hands. After two or three weeks,i am taken to another room.I am punished and tortured badly.They torture me with drill machines,they iron my whole body and also beat me with sticks and ropes.They mutilate my whole body.They torture me with different tools.They don’t give me food.They don’t give me water to quench my thirst.My condition becomes miserable.

My family members recite Holy Qur’an and pray for me.They don’t sleep because of my distraction.Their eyes become red due to weeping.They take out rallies for my redemption.They become very worried and cry very much.My life partner becomes turbid.The brutal forces kill me and put my dead body in a plastic bag.They take my cell phone,my check book and my money.They write one number from my cell phone on a paper,write my father name and my residential area.Then they throw and dump my mutilated body in a dirty area of Karachi or in a common place in my city.Police is informed and he reaches to my dead body.They see that paper and call on that given number.

The person who is called reaches at the address of the hospital for the identification of my body.He along some of my family members come and identify my mutilated body having one of my picture.After identification, the news of my martyrdom is telecast on news channels.My family members don’t believe this news and they wail.They don’t eat anything.Everyone becomes a dead body.But i am undone! I sleep in my own grave and my soul is called by angels. After two months,when my body is merged with soil,the relatives still don’t forget me and weep I was cherished well by my parents and i was called by Allah Almighty. ba.psd


38 thoughts on “The Baloch youth says:::

  1. This is so touching Yasmeen,People make crimes on crimes and the never fear the Almighty…But it is sure one day they will get their parts against their deeds…I believe serving Humankind is the way of life and those who go against it is sure to perish..

  2. That was heartbreaking…… Very touching story. It is sad how the super powers are showing their brutality to innocent people in our country… We can just Pray for things to get better !!

  3. No place in world is perfect but by reading your post it seems situations in your country is worse than rest of the world. Keep Writing and May your words brings a positive change there. Stay Safe and Blessed.

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