Support as a baloch writer

Hello dear friends 🙂
So far…I am here with a new post.I don’t know i have to express my notions or not and i may be face some hurdles.
I don’t call myself a good writer and not an intelligent student but i call myslef an optimist and a hopeful girl who has opend her eyes in this world with love and will close her eyes before doing something good.
I am really disgruntled and upset that what is the problem??Whether in my methadology or in the mind-setups of public.
I am a student from a very negative society where positivity is seen in average of 0:1,very less and i can say poor.When i started blogging so i shared it with some of my fellows in my class so they laughed and mocked at me that “Others were dead”…I was shocked that were those my friends???
Anyways,,i didn’t care but i stepped ahead.I wanted to publish my articles in”Monthly Bolan voice”as being considerd one of the most fair magazine in Balochistan.But recieving failure from there was a very shocking news for me,,i contacted Dawn newspaper’s editor from Youngly world(Azad Qalamdar)but no answer..
It has made me confused that what i write :IS that Useless?
Can you please kindly tell me about my bloging???


17 thoughts on “Support as a baloch writer

  1. Yasmeen You are doing a pretty good Arindam said at your age you are doing great,Just keep on writing,never let the enthusiasm dry up in your heart always keep the fire burning,Good things will follow up..And I know one day You dream will come true..Have faith in yourself and The God..God Bless You.. 😀

  2. Yasmeen Sana,
    Please consider “flash fiction” – these are stories between 500 words to 1000 words in length. It has a plot, characters (2 to 4), itstarts with flash bang, moves fast through plot twists and turns, and then a final resolution with an explosive end.
    A story you could rea in a toilet, or with three short puffs of a cigarette.AWARD WINNING FLASH WRITING FORMULA

    I’ve endured the birth agony of composition, survived the publisher’s raucous midwifery, surrendered my precious offspring to those breezy day-care specialists who call themselves publicists, watched my infant take its first, tottering steps. And then… this psychopath bursts into the nursery and slashes the little bundle of joy to ribbons in front of me. Or, worse, creeps up to its cot and strangles it while my back is turned.

    No writer, however great or however experienced and professional, ever quite develops the sang froid to remain indifferent to a bad review. I can put it down to envy or malice or feuding or an excess of critical zeal, but no amount of subtle rationalizing will ever quite subdue the pain of a stinker.

    In desperation I consulted a thin and sparse looking “story designer”.

    After brief preliminaries the story designer looked intently at my angst-filled face, “So, you want to be the Hemingway of flash fiction on the Web.”

    “I prefer to be Scott Fitzgerald.”

    “On the Web, people don’t really have long attention spans, so you have to keep your sentences short and avoid being overly long. The information you impart in those sentences that are very brief, concise and snappy. I mean snappy.”

    The “story designer” continued, “Why do some stories truly ring in the mind while others leave you with the feeling of ‘what was the point?’ Try to make your very short stories more effective.”


    “Have a clear theme. What is the story about? Get this right and your story will have more resonance in the minds of your readers.”

    “What makes a story compelling?”

    “An effective very short flash covers a very brief time span. It may be one single event that proves pivotal in the life of the character, and that event will illustrate the theme. It must be pivotal.”

    “Most characters get lost in my stories.”

    ”Don’t have too many characters. Have just enough characters to effectively illustrate the theme. Don’t name them Brad or Steve or Jane or Mary. Choose something memorable like Eva or Marcello. Make them larger than life.”

    “Character development can be too wordy.”

    ”Sure! Make every word count. There is no room for unnecessary expansion in a sizzling flash. If each word is not working towards putting across the theme, delete it.”

    “Must a flash have just one focal point?”

    “Focus must be sharp. What is the point of your story? Its point is its theme. It’s tempting to digress, but in a ‘very short’ you have to follow the straight and narrow. A flash isn’t a ‘GWTW’ or ‘War and Peace’ in a thousand words. It must like a laser.”

    “Got it.”

    “What about sex scenes?”

    “Oh, yes! You must have an Obligatory Sex Scene. To get more reviews you should add atmosphere, aromatic oil, mood music and heavy breathing. It is like adding spice to an otherwise bland and boring tale of boy-meets-girl,” concluded the “story designer”.

    I was enlightened.


  3. Yasmin Sana. IIn South Asia there are many stellar female writers in English. I won’t comment on muslim countries, or the role of women in islamic societies – the issues are very complicated – way beyond the scope. I was born in Brazil – Portuguese was my first language. Got my education in Europe – in French, German and English. Lived in Europe for 27 years, Middle East and Asia for 11 years, Africa and

    Latin America

  4. Hello Yasmeen,

    I believe you probably write very well in your mother tongue (own language).

    But I will not mislead you about your English. Although I understand what you’re trying to say in English, the sentences are quite often grammatically incorrect. This might cause problems with people who do not take the time to discern what you are trying to say.

    May I suggest that you read as much as you can – English books if you wish to write in English. I believe you are taking English lessons.

    English is also not my mother tongue but after many years, people understand my writing better.

    Wishing you all the very best,
    Eric Alagan
    (I’m probably old enough to be your father)

  5. Don’t ever think of quitting, my friend. Like I said before, I am greatly pleased to see someone blog at your age. You are doing really good. I agree to the fact that you are weak at grammar, but please, have no worries about it. Read a lot of quality stuff and observe. You will surely improve. If you want, I can lend you a helping hand in improving your grammar. I can edit your writings and you can improve and polish up just by seeing the modifications I will make. 🙂

    Keep writing, keep blogging.

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