Archive | 08/11/2013

Support as a baloch writer

Hello dear friends 🙂
So far…I am here with a new post.I don’t know i have to express my notions or not and i may be face some hurdles.
I don’t call myself a good writer and not an intelligent student but i call myslef an optimist and a hopeful girl who has opend her eyes in this world with love and will close her eyes before doing something good.
I am really disgruntled and upset that what is the problem??Whether in my methadology or in the mind-setups of public.
I am a student from a very negative society where positivity is seen in average of 0:1,very less and i can say poor.When i started blogging so i shared it with some of my fellows in my class so they laughed and mocked at me that “Others were dead”…I was shocked that were those my friends???
Anyways,,i didn’t care but i stepped ahead.I wanted to publish my articles in”Monthly Bolan voice”as being considerd one of the most fair magazine in Balochistan.But recieving failure from there was a very shocking news for me,,i contacted Dawn newspaper’s editor from Youngly world(Azad Qalamdar)but no answer..
It has made me confused that what i write :IS that Useless?
Can you please kindly tell me about my bloging???