Reasons for our backwardness

The main reasons for our backwardness in education????
I think the answer is quiet clear that the cheating system and by whom cheating is permitted,and teachers permit the students to cheat in exams.But Why??
Is it compulsory that we should cheat and archive high marks,can’t we clear our exams with our talent and aptitude.But how???
The all things and circumstances that a teacher has passed in Pakistan,he also leads the children to that way too,that becomes his destruction and failure.
Today we had a conference in our school,it was between us and the 8th class,there we were asked political,educational and general questions ,One of the question was that “Can we stop cheating?
So my reply was clear and i said yes we can!!there was a huge discussion then and i said if we have confidence on our selves so we can change the mountain into a road,we are not made for the society but society is made for us,if today drug-addicts are found in our society so who is responsible??of course we and who the we are???
Mothers,sisters,fathers,they don’t stop their children form doing bad works and they become habitual of robing,stealing,threatening and killing so they will become bad people and the mistake is from mother because a mother is the best friend of  a child, if she let her do bad things and doesn’t ask him what he did to hundred rupees  so it is for sure he will get the wrong track of the world.
If today people of Baluchistan are in mountains ,some are uneducated and illiterate,they go and fight in mountains ,i don’t think it is the only thing we should do for a freedom.there is a saying”If you want to kill a nation then do it with the war of education.not with the war of bullets”. I don’t think it is the solution for the problems.
Apart from it:Moral education
The moral education in Pakistan is 0%, there is no difference between the behavior of an ignorant child and an educated student.
Today if you advice a student so he says”go to hell”,i don’t listen to my mother,who are you????
Honestly,we are backward due to our own inferiority complex because we think we don’t have the ability to fight with the government and corrupt persons.
“Unity makes a river a bridge”,if we unite so cheating and all other corruptions will be finished.
The another reason is:Internet Usage
Today a large number of students destroy their most of time on Facebook and internet,so it is the basic reason for our backwardness that we ourselves are not sincere with our aims and life.Students use mobile unlimited,that also causes eye sight diseases too.
There are too many questions and too many problems but they will be solved when we unite.
I as your humble sister request you all to write your own views on this topic and lets discuss the issues ourselves.
Thank you


3 thoughts on “Reasons for our backwardness

  1. What you say is true. The basis of everything is the inner fear not to do even an atom of wrong,whether it pertains to my Creator or to fellow human beings.also the inner desire to do good and benefit the creation in any way possible. Doing wrong like cheating etc shows a weakness in the foundation of upbringing. Tarbiyyat today is lacking seriously from parents. Parents feel the teachers must sort that out. It all also starts from parents ensuring that they only feed their children totally Halaal foods and not from doubtful earnings. This has a great effect on the child. The father of imaam Bukhari, the great Muhaddith said I never ever gave my son a doubtful morsel of food.
    Secondly, like you say so much of a person’s time is wasted on frivolous pursuits. Hours are spent behind a screen and valuable hours are lost. There may be benefit of the internet but the harms outweigh it and it indirectly makes a child lose that desire that I can learn from my elders. He begins to feel I don’t need them as whatever I need to know is available. This is the downfall of any community.
    The proverb reads, ‘ If you see a young boy shoot a fruit off a tree with his first arrow, know full well that an old man has carved his bow ‘

    • Unfortunately, life has become so artificial and the basic simple human values and morals are sacrificed and forgotten in pursuit of false glory and quick richness. If you look around most things today are plastic and not meant to last. You are fortunate that at this age you are mature to see these flaws in society and have a concern for reform. Most people today feel what can we do. From all your articles I see you worry about people. It is a good quality. May Allah Ta aala use you for the benefit and reformation of the whgole of mankind.

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