Thank y0u

Some how every person in this world and universe is called unknown unless he achieves great popularity.Every one who has opened his eyes in this world,so he dreams for popularity,one wants to be popular in business,one wants to be famous in his specialized arts or talents but what about my story??????
Something to be thought…
I was also a stranger,an unknown person,known only by those whom i had in my family but today i am not proud but i am too happy that too many people know my name and my talent.I am disgruntled that why my baloch nation has not supported me yet even though after telling them about my blogs myself but still no response.
How any today i am thankful tho those all friends who are my friends in my blog,who cheer me up by their comments,who make my day by their likes.I am so happy that today i am known by such sweet persons.Your love,care and humble friendship really mean a lot to me.May be you all could never know how much important you all are!!
Love all my friends Xoxo 🙂


62 thoughts on “Thank y0u

  1. Looks like you are very Happy Today Yasmeen..Kya Baat hai?
    I pray to god that you shine in whatever things you do in your life.. 😀

  2. Dear Yasmeen, you are really great. I need your advice regarding english writing. My english is very weak. How i can learn english like you and how much time it will take.

    • thanks for the comment on my blog and dear brother Improvement in every thing is possible if you put your heart and soul in that thing ,Learning English is not difficult,You can join a language center and can improve it by reading and reading a lot e.g(English articles,magazines,the guide of an expert linguist,practicing and writing).

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