How should i???

Eid:the day of joy
The day of  excellent wows
But how should i celebrate eid
Where my all bros are in sorrows

The brothers of mine are abducted
The kings of my land are martyred
How should i celebrate eid
where every house is destroyed

The tears of blood from my mothers eyes
The pain in the heart of my sisters that lies
How should i celebrate eid
when it is too difficult to take sighs

Everywhere all are crying
All are grieved and dying
How should i celebrate eid
When no one is here smiling

The flag of freedom or the gun of death
But they are struggling with a depth
How should i celebrate eid
when the lamp of my house is in painful length

The all memories of my bros
who are not now in this cause
How should i celebrate eid?
When he is not with me in close

The house of every baloch is jeopardized
The soul of all mothers are now died
Then how should i celebrate eid?
With out those who once lived!!

Awaran is eradicated
Panjgur is pressurized
How should i celebrate eid??
When Baluchistan is targeted??

Pray to Allah i do,with silence
Grant the all baolchs patience
But how should i celebrate eid??
When all are here patients

How should i celebrate eid??
How should i cheer??
When my land is in rain
How should i celebrate eid??
When the soil of Balochistan is in pain!!!!!!!

**Black day=EID DAY**

Written By:Yasmeen Baloch


11 thoughts on “How should i???

  1. Ouch Yasmeen.

    I guess some years it’s easier to remember that sorrow too is of this world.
    Baluchistan has been getting it so hard lately.
    Maybe justice is not of this world.

  2. Celebrating is of two types. One is a personal joy and the other is a day Allah Ta aala has made a day of joy. Eid is of the second category. Yes I agree one feels sad that a day of happiness is affected by what you enumerated. Our celebration takes more the form of praying more not merry making so we use the day to beg Allah Ta aala to bring aafiyat in the earth. InshaAllah your next Eid will be a more happier one.

      • The only ray of hope for mankind is the beautiful way we have been blessed. If we and the whole of insaaniyat realise this and turn our full focus in that direction. Islaam ke elawa sub theories aur baate hai. For. allah ta aala to change the whole world into a beautiful place of peace and love, kya mushkil baat hai. It depends if we want it and are prepared to work towards it.

  3. Yasmeen my dear Sis–So beautifully written..The Pain is very well depicted but you know..Such things will always be there as long as we Humans don’t behave like Humans…And You know that is the way we are going to Perish..

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