True quote

True quote

“A person experienced from the tricks of life,is in fact the one who will hurt the most”


3 thoughts on “True quote

  1. In this light, Rasoolullah s.a.w had the best of hearts and was heart the most as he himself said in the meaning of part of a hadeeth, ‘…I have been harmed like no one else has been has been harmed..’ The ulema say a large portion of this harm was on his heart from his own extended family and relatives. Yet he persevered knowing that tolerating these difficulties is worth is if it becomes the means of the salvation of people being saved from the difficulties in the aakhirah and Allah Ta aala shows that even in this world those who heart your heart, if goodness is written for them, they will love you so much in latter life and regret over their doings, so keep having a good heart and goodness will definitely come out of it inshaAllah.

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