5 October….Teacher’s Day

The great day…..Teacher’s day
After two days this day will come and regarding this special occasion our class has decided to have a party and speech contest too were some students will give speeches about teachers and education.
Commonly if we look up in dictionaries so Teacher is defined as :a person who teaches.but i oppose and i say a person who gives his precious time to his students,who put his all efforts in making a bright future,a person who changes the nights into days for making easy one topic in order to make the students understand easier,a person who always stands to support the week ones,to encourage the good ones,to praise the talented ones,to give hope to the creative students.
A teacher does his best to give the student the brightest and beautiful color in the entire world but unfortunately the students of 21st century are not mannerd well ,they misbehave with teachers but still teachers work hard as fathers and mothers to bring their child on the right track.
5 October that is known as “Teacher’s Day”in entire world will be celebrated after two days throughout the world between different people.
According to my points of view i think that will be very less to just pass a “Thanks”to the teachers who gave their whole lives to us without  thinking about his/her future.
we(students)are very selfish 🙂 because teachers do the all things to nurture one tree and they only want the”fruits” but we can’t do that single thing too.
The days will change in months,the months will change in years and years to centuries but the time will still be less to thank our teachers.
I just say i honor my teachers and i am very thankful to them that they made me what i am today!


15 thoughts on “5 October….Teacher’s Day

  1. I am a teacher too in a madressa. I love my students and try to respect them as they should me. Their ehsaan is more on me in giving me the opportunity to teach them and earn rewards. It is so nice when the students still keep contact with you and remember you in their times of khushi. When a person teaches for the sake of Allah Ta aala and realises the students are amaanat the approach is different and it is not just taken as a mulaazimat.

  2. Religious knowledge is from Allah Ta aala who is the All Knowing and Whose knowledge is perfect hence this knowledge is certain and not theories and assumptions or philosophies. Religious knowledge has both an apparent and spiritual angle so it benefits a person in this world and the aakhirah. Religious knowledge is taught not to earn any worldly benefit but to please Allah Ta aala. The one who imparts this knowledge will also get reward for those who practice upon it and it will be a means for sadaqatul jaariyah (accruing rewards) even after death. Religious knowledge is universal and not confined to any area or people or time.

  3. Religious knowledge unites peoples by bringing them unto one way. Ilm brings humility and makes a person realise the huqooq of people so it promotes equality and justice.
    Ilm is of two types: Masaa’ll or laws and second fadha ail or virtues of actions. Both are necessary. They are like the 2 tyres on a bicycle. The back tyre propels the bike and the front one directs it.

  4. The period before islaam was known as zamaane Jaahiliyah (period of ignorance) and the time of Rasoolullah s.a.w khairul quroon ( best of times) as it was full of ilm and amal

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