Writers and Me!

Writing has always been an expensive profession,as being considered a beautiful gift from the lord and a few people can  have this beautiful gift .Many people in this world get jobs and get salary and for that they need to do many things like  taking classes,attending meetings,necessity of diploma and certificates but the single and unique profession whose talent is gifted from lord to the ones who deserve it.
I don’t say i am good writer but i am honored that whatever i write in my blog,people like them and so i become a writer thousand times as thousand times i write.
From the age of 13,8th grade i was so interested in writing and my writing was very different.
Whenever a few thoughts twinkled in my mind i wrote those words in shape of a poetry in Urdu,then slowly and gradually i started expressing my feelings,emotions and words in shape of poems,then i got the interest to write articles and stories,though i became a story-writer too.
My smile shines on my lips when people call me a “Writer”,apart from knowing that in our country it is not respected too much but i love writing very much.
I want to write my poetry that first twinkled in my mind:
“Seharao’n mey kabi neshan b koh jatey hain
Bey wafai ki halam mey ham b wafa karna bhool jatey hain
log tho aksar mukar jatey hain
ham tho batkey hue masafir hain
ham b kabi apna rasta bhool jatey hain
For those who cannot understand urdu,i want to translate it in English
In deserts,foot prints too disapper
During  disloyalty,we also forget  how to be loyal
People bend faces on telling truth
So i am a an aberrated passenger
I can too forget my way!
These were the first lines of my writing profession when i wrote!
Till now when i write so i feel a very beautiful feeling ,i have accepted it as my career in youth times and it will be as my career till the end of life.
The way i write is as given below:
Whenever a few words hurt me,a moment make me smile,friends do something silly and emotional,or about nature so i write it down in shape of a poem or poetry.
According to the title;
Writers play a very big role in a nation,as we say that parents are the base of a children as well as writers are the backbone of a nation.
Likewise,journalists also play an important role in saving a nation.
Every journalist can be a writer and every writer can be a journalist too,and it is the thing that i like most in it.
The notebooks in which i have written my poems,my poetry,stories and articles are more than four,sometimes when i am in such a place and thoughts fill in to my heart so i write them in my cell-phone or in a  page.
As all writers want to get published,like wise i have wished to write a magazine and publish it too.
Why i felt the need to choose Magazine?
If you all throw a little glance in the districts of Baluchistan,so i think you will find one magazine that is in English and that is “Monthly Bolan voice”,for more details you can reach it here:
And i choose publishing a Magazine for the talented writers in my own nation(Baluchistan),I have not seen any magazine that gives the platform to youths and students to boost up their talent but i have decided to do this and i hope it will be successful!
The books like:Three mistakes of my life by Chetan Bhagath who inspires me from his writing.
In our nation writers are so many but they have written in balochi and worked in balochi too,it is a good job but students have never found such a platform where they should be encouraged,where they should express their ideas.This thing hurts me very much,because once i asked my teacher:Sir Iqbal Zaheer Baloch to tell The editors and writers of Monthly bolan voice to publish my articles ,he tried his best,he told them many times,and after a long time i saw a piece of my article in Editorial ,i was very happy and it brought tears in my eyes,but i was very discouraged when they didn’t publish them after,that you can read here:
The title given as:burning Baluchistan.
After it was so disgruntled and after the support of you all,i thought that you people are better than them at least who encourage me.When they stopped publishing my articles,i thought may be there are mistakes in my writing,may be my titles are not according to writers,may be i am not able!
But i was never hopeless.I decided i will show those who have discouraged me by publishing my magazine.
The next aim of mine as a writer 🙂 is to develop my town from where my grand fathers and ancestors belong and that is”Rakshan”
you can know more about it on:
And i want to develop it ..My mother usually says;
“Why you dream for so big things,though we don’t know whether they are possible or not”
But i believe that my dreams are possible because i dare to struggle and i dare to face!
I am very happy to be a writer and i thank you all for your support and love,especially,
my loveliest sister:
White pearl
My great friend:
Harsha Bhuyan
My prettiest buddy:
Monika amita bakshi
I have added you in my dairy for golden friend’s list..
Love you guys..
Thank you…
Optimist,philosopher and writer(Yasmeen) 🙂


5 thoughts on “Writers and Me!

  1. I like to read your writings. I think the one of the reasons you get rejections from magazines is that you lack at grammar and punctuation. At least, I have felt that. I really admire your optimistic views. I want to help you improve at grammar. Can I? 🙂
    You are much more productive and creative than I am. I cannot get myself to write much yet.

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