“If my education goes in vain so it doesn’t matters but when my knowledge goes in vain so it destroys my future”
{Yasmeen Sana Baloch}
some facts that you should know about me in my educational field,
I never learn any exams,any lectures and any test what i do is that i”UNDERSTAND”them,
I have never tried to get positions in my class because when students here get position so they become over-confident and they do not support other students but i know i will never become over-confident because i will never try to get position.But i have remained a position holder for 8 years and i am glad about that because i have achieved them for my talent!
I have tasted the all journeys of a Educational life,
I have tasted the life of a week student,
I have tasted the life of a successful student,
I have remained a position holder
I have remained a failed student too!
But two things never changed in all these incidents,and they were “MY TALENT & MY HOPE”
I am never interested in learning ,i want to understand the lectures and give my exams in my own wordings but NO!here teachers want the same word and the same sentences by hook or crook.
Before two days my tests were going on,two papers have passed(Physics and chemistry),The physics went good but chemistry was all bad because the teacher of chemistry wants”RAT’A”…….
I am fed up of this educational system and i think now i am gonna to be a patient of Psycho, tomorrow it is the test of Biology and i don’t want to give it at all because my head is about to burst,two days have passed,i have given my piece of mind but all in vain,if i learn and i give the test so i will be failed because when ever i learn something i can never achieve that and if i comprehend and give the test so will be failed too that’s because teachers want the same lectures that i hate very much.
When tests finish so i have decided something that i know i will get very less marks in tests and i am sure for that,so i have decided to give a great presentation on”Parkinson’s Disease” and i need your help in that ,whatever you know about it please tell to me,i want to proof myself and show my School that”YASMEEN IS NOT CHANGED,YASMEEN IS NOT WEEK,SHE IS STILL THE SAME”
And i request to all of you that whatever you know about this title so please kindly support me in proving myself.
I also want scholarships please help !and i want to work so hard in my writing field that one day not only my family,but the whole world should feel proud on me and the ones who have failed me and tried to ignore me they should feel pity that”THEY HAVE LOST A TALENTED STUDENT”YASMEEN”.
Please friends i really need help,if you are connected with  editors of English magazines so please tell them to publish my poems and articles ,i humbly request to them.
Thank you!


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