Aloo kabab made by me..




The ingredients:
Safaid zeera
Green Chilli
Chat Masala
Khushk daneeya
Garnishing ingredients:
How to make aloo kabab?
Boil the potatoes but having their cells cut, and add three table spoon salt into it,boil them greatly that they should be chopped.After when they are boiled,take out the hot water from the pot and then let them cool down,then chop them in a chopper and then add safaid zerra,chat masala,imli(Tamarind,:Wash it with a little water then put the tamarind in chopper,chop them slowly that their seeds should be seen and thrown out but keeping the pulps inside,after taking out their seeds,chop them in a great way then add them in boiled and chopped potatoes,,add the all ingredients bye cutting the green chillies into very small pieces,after adding the all ingredients,mould it like how you mould the bread
then make its round balls and then make their flat or other type of kababs shapes ,after doing it,then dip them in egg(add one table spoon salt in egg)then keep frying them in hot oil.
You will enjoy it….
What i knew i shared because it is one of my best dish that i can make very well and all like it very much when i make,my Urdu to English is a bit week so if you don’t understand one thing so  tell me,i will clear that for you and the above pictures of aloo kabab are taken by my also made by me.
I enjoyed them tooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much,now your turn..


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