Panjgur(The place where i live)

imagesfThe Border Of Panjgur!!!!!
(Template:Lang-ball) is a district in the west Balochistan province of Pakistan. Panjgur was one of three tehsils of Makran District until July 1, 1977, when the district became Makran Division. Panjgur, then became a district.

Some towns within the Panjgur District are: Tasp, Kallag, Paroom, Washbood, Gramkan, Sarawan, Khudabadan, Chitkan, Tar Office, Sarikoran, Bonistan, Hiraap, Sarekalat, Isaai, and Surdoo. The British Army during British Raj used Tar Office as the headquarters of Makran. Panjgur is also home to several archaeological sites, which include centuries old tombs, an old dam named Band-e-Gillar, remnants of a fort at Khudabadan, and the historical castle of Nawab Kharan.


The district is administratively subdivided into three tehsils which contain a total of 16 Union Councils:[1]

  1. Paroom
  2. Panjgur
  3. Gichk

    Education structure

    Panjgur has seventy schools. These are divided into forty-eight primary schools (40 for girls, 8 for boys), 18 middle schools (3 of which are schools for girls), 6 high schools, a teacher training school, a cadet college and a degree college. Some of these schools are also private schools.


    The population of Panjgur district is about 380,001. Over 99% of people in the area are Muslims. Balochi is spoken in Panjgur as a local language. The majority of the population is involved in agricultural activities, revolving around dates, fishing and poultry.


    There are many small rivers in Panjgur. The main ones are the Rakshan, Niwan and Gwargo.

    Panjgur District

    Map of Balochistan with Panjgur District highlighted

    Country Pakistan
    Province Balochistan
    Capital Panjgur
     • Current Member of Provincial Assembly Rehmat Baloch (NP) haji Amanullah Baloch (NP)
     • Total 16,891 km2 (6,522 sq mi)
    Population (2005-Projection)
     • Total 243,149
     • Density 14.4/km2 (37/sq mi)
    Time zone PST (UTC+5)
    Number of Tehsils 3


4869085Panjgur Air port!


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