The best of every Muslim and  wish of every Muslim to pay a Pilgrimage once before he/she dies.
I thank that i am a Muslim …Thank you Allah Almighty…
Jazak Allah


8 thoughts on “Beautiful

  1. The greatest gift we have is of eemaan and Islaam. Eemaan is that sole light through which a person can see the reality and object of this life. Otherwise people will waste their lives in thoughts,philosophies and theories. We know that Allah Ta aala has created us and sent us in this world for a short time to recognise Him through the signs He has made in this world. Islaam means total submission to our Allah, fulfilling all His commands and abstaining from His displeasure with this conviction that He knows best what uis good for us and what is not.Daily we have to thank Allah Ta aala for Islaam and make effort and dua that the entire mankind comes out of the deception of the material life and bow down to their Sole Lord.

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