Me and Mstr.Anger

The way i get angry,is very silly.When i get angry so means dooms day has come and i ruin everything if it is  a person too,i slap him,shout at him,beat him.I do everything in anger but unlimited.
I make the house a dirty ground.
This is the anger but another anger that people have.When people get angry with their friends or fellows so they don’t care but i care very much.I say sorry many times although knowing that it was not my mistake but it is the fact that i can never get angry with anyone.
It is very difficult for me to get angry with anyone as if my life will be finished if i got angry with someone.
When people get angry so they say”If you want to get angry so go and get angry”But i can’t say this sentence even!
I am afraid of loosing people in my life,i don’t want to loose anyone in my life even you all who are my blog fellows.
Whenever i want to get angry with someone so i suffocate and my heart stops beating  and it becomes hard for me to live that day!I weep,i cry, i wail when i get angry with someone.
And the silly scene is this when i am aggressive ,when i come out after the nature of anger so all laugh and say
“Crazy Yasmeen”
And then i also break into laughter when they tell me what i have done in anger and how i have looked!


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