Books Or Bullets????

“Education is that thing that makes an idol person an Ideal person”(Yasmeen Baloch)
One night as usual i went to sleep outside on my bed as in rural ares of Baluchistan due to hot weather in night and due to load shading,they sleep outside the houses on beds having tents.
So as i was watching T.V and it was about 10:00 i switched off the T.V and went to sleep,i took my blanket and slept.I don’t know why today i wasn’t inn mood of sleeping,i took sides to sides but no chance of sleeping!
After  a while i heard the voice of firing and it was on rises as if bullets and guns have been taken on sale!Then i saw those red bullets that were being seen clearly on sky.Bullets from the both sides were sounding so loudly and it was all being done at our outdoors,not on the outdoors of our houses but outside of our ground and the sound was so loud,the red bullets  were so near to the ground and i can’t explain how loud their voice was and how the fear was in the hearts of my sisters and brothers and other people of our area.That moments were incomprehensible and perilous.
My two cousins went to home but me, my father,my mother,my grand father,grand mother and my another cousin didn’t go!
This process was carried out for approximately 15 or 18 minutes and i was scared but not that much!
At morning when i woke up ,so the voice of those bullets were loudly being repeated in my ears.I got my break fast and then quickly got prepared for school.I went there in my classroom and i greeted them,then we all sat together as t15 minutes were remaining for assembly so they all stared talking about the yesterday’s night event and all were scared enough!
After assembly i went to class as the first period was of chemistry so the teacher came and started teaching but my mind was not in class an i was not listening to the lecture attentively.In all those six hours i was thinking that?Why?Are bullets better than the body of a human?Is war stronger than referendum?
Many questions were questioning me and i kept in a clear error that if situations remain like this so no one will send their children in schools for getting education and then conditions will be so matted.I was afraid that if firings,bomb blasts and the bullets got the souvenir of our town so education will give up because as i have written it many times that our society is not so developed and not so broad-minded that it should catch everything positively.
I came from school and i got a light headache,i slept a bit then i woke up,i did my assignments and then went to my garden,there after looking the fresh views i became a bit happy and then i came home back.
The point is that in such situations in Pakistan how a student can read and how parents can send their children to a school?
No parent want to jeopardize the lives of their children though after knowing the situations!
I am here struggling but i am so upset that from my town i am the single girl who is blogging and writing.As my aim is to bring the reality in front of you all and whatever passes on my mind i have to write.
Education or bullets??????
Education is weightless and bullets are heavy so Dear students education is the weapon that you can carry anywhere without any tool or weight so means you can fight with everyone without a weapon or pistol, so take your weapon and unite with me to finish the violence form our city,form our nation(Baluchistan)
Yasmeen Sana Baloch


2 thoughts on “Books Or Bullets????

  1. So deep thought indeed Yasmeen…and you are true,these bullets,bombings ruin everything and these are carried up by some people who are just mindless not strong enough to face what is necessary for the development of the society… 😦
    Indeed education is the ultimate weapon for development and once we understand this fact the world will be a better place to live in… 🙂

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