Indian Idol Junior

One of my best program that i never miss to watch it.I watch it with great pleasure and i like the all juniors,they are so cute and they sing beautifully.The courage and the love that lies between them is really so loveable.
My favorite juniors are:
The every episode of this program encourages me every time i watch it.As in our surroundings girls are not allowed to perform their aptitude outside of home or in international countries but i am blessed that Allah Almighty bestowed me with such a father who never stops me from doing something good that is related to me ,my future,my life or my society .I really love my father and for me he is the unique and best father for ever.
Talking or writing about Indian idol junior in my society,sometimes i become very surprise that such small kids perform so well in front of such huge audience  and i have often discussed it with my fellows,with my relatives that Indian juniors are examples for us to forget the cultures of 19th or 18th century  and to move or step in to 21st century.
But as the people in here are so narrow-minded  so they take it negative and i have tried many times to change their mind setups and many times i have suffered from headaches too by advising them again and  again but no!they want to live in 19th century and i also promise that Unless i have changed their mind setups i won’t give up!
Indian idol junior is that platform that urges the small kids to boost up their talent and i like everything about it.
Care for each other
Love for each other .Everything i like about Indian Idol Junior.
And i also like the judges and hosts  who are cornerstones for them.
And the naught boy Sunkuluph who always asks questions 😉
And and and i loved the episode of Parents day that made me cry  a lot.I loved them all and i love them all.
I wanted to write about it at the actual day but as there was a disorder in internet connection so i couldn’t write but today i write a few words  for my parents:
The world was black when i came
the sun broke when you lighted a flame
you fulfilled my all wishes
you corrected my every wrong
Thank you for those all dishes
that you used to bring
I love you and will forever i do
You may live long without tears
This is my prayer i through to someone
That is “YOU”
Love you Omah(mama)Baba(dad)


2 thoughts on “Indian Idol Junior

  1. Wow I see you have lot of interest in this Program..Good to know.. 🙂
    And Such lovely lines you wrote for ur Parents..Have ur Parents seen them?

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