Bangels…..and ME???


It was the moment when i was siting with my aunts as they were present in our house because my mother was suffering from a critical situation of her health,but she went to hospital and got a early check-up,took tablets and she recovered soon.
In every summer some migrants migrate from Sindh due to hot weather and come to Panjgur(my town) to sell Bengals and other jewelries.They always came to our home for filling water into their pots .Today my aunt told me to call them because she wanted to buy Bengals for her as Eid was also about to come,so i called my cousin to call them.He called them,they came with their Bengals and jewelries ,my aunt saw them and chose a dozen for her but i didn’t,because since i was born and i got adult so i didn’t have any intrest in BengalsΒ  but today my aunt forced me but still i didn’t buy because one thing that i hatted much about BEngals was their sound as(talang,talang,teeng,teeng) πŸ™‚
And it made me more hater of Bengals.After a few moments they went back to their home.After their departure another girl came with Bengals,she sat near me and told me to buy and insisted me a lot ,yet i was not ready to wear them.
Then i don’t know how i got ready to buy two dozens for my hands not for Eid but just as!
I wore them and their colors were :
Dark pink,
she also gave me one dozen for free for she liked me too πŸ˜‰
and their color was sky blue that suited me very much…
I came to home showed them to my mother,she smiled and said


8 thoughts on “Bangels…..and ME???

  1. Hahahaha..Indeed you’re a Crazy Girl and Now I guess the Sound ‘talang,talang,teeng,teeng’ will buzz in your ears all the time.. πŸ˜›

  2. Awh it was sweet ! You know it was a strong tradition wearing bangles and having Mehndi on hands and stuff near Eid but our Traditions are changing now….We girls don’t like wearing bangles now and I hate them too for the same reason you do πŸ˜‰ But i really like those colorful traditions. It was so lovely reading this story I used to buy bangles too in my childhood from the girls selling them going house to house πŸ™‚ Love it πŸ™‚ xx

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