The Oasis Academy Panjgur

The Oasis Academy Panjgur

The school from where i got the hut of manners,tool of respect,sea of knowledge,honor for teachers,love of teachers,awards of my aptitude,group of my friends,reason of life,intention to smile and got the key of my future.
But today a friend told me that Yasmeen do you know something???
I guessed and told No.What is that?
She replied:five months are only remaining for us to be in this school and after this sentence i got quiet upset and my eyes shed into tears because the memories that i spent in my classes and in my school that are unforgettable,the care and love that i got from teachers was not something to be forgotten,the advises that my teachers gave me were about to make me cry because the moments that were related to me ,may-hap were related to my life too!
Today i am missing my those all moments which i spent in my school from Nursery grade till 10th were all passing from my mind like raindrops and my heart was weeping like heavy rainfall.
I know and i can say that with my full confidence thatΒ  the love,care,affection,admire that i got from this institution,i can’t get it from anywhere else.
Thank you Oasis
Thank you my Teachers!!!

13 thoughts on “The Oasis Academy Panjgur

  1. There is nothing to be upset as long as you keep all these memories in your Heart and Cherise it for Days to Come.. πŸ™‚
    This is Life Sooner or Later you have to leave behind things that you love in the Past so that you can take your step to the future…. :-).
    As we all Know “Chalti ka Zindagi” and I am sure you will make your School and Teacher proud one day.. πŸ™‚

  2. I had to refresh the page times to look at this page for reasons uknown, however, the info here had been worth the hold out.”

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