Short People


Many times i have observed that when we talk about short and tall people so people mock at short people but today i am here with a hard slap at their cheeks!
As in Islam our Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H)says:”All humans are equal”So who gave us this power to differentiate between the people.
Secondly;tall people proud at themselves and i am thankful to Allah Almighty that i am not having that tallness at which i should feel proud and about arrogance my religion says:At the day of judgment some people will be taken out from graves like ants by God;;Sahabas asked who are they???
So Prophet replied;those who were arrogant in the world”
And i am very glad that i am not tall and i am not involved in the sin of arrogance.
Why people mock at short people?Why they feel shame walking with short people???
Just because they are short……
So it is so shameful for them that they compare people and have such cheap mind setups….I pity at them!!!!!
And its an observation that short people are much intelligent than tall people..
So feel happy at being short friends…it is not something to be hidden!!!!


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